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Dispensable Innuendo's

By: Russ Teed

Page 1, You\'ll never wash your hands the same again.

"OMG here he comes, it's my big boy! The anticipation is besting me, the yearning and desire is overwhelming.

Come on, you know you want me, you know need me, come and get it!

Yes, here it comes, oh I can feel it now, here it is, yes... YES ... OMG YES!

Oh my, that was incredible you insatiable hunk of man you".

My impression of a soft soap dispenser while performing it's one and only purpose, if they could talk, and I believe they can.

"HEY, I'm drooling here, wipe me up you idiot! Not like I have arms you big galoot, and PICK UP THAT TOWEL!" - I feel so used...

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