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Facebook Fakebook

By: Russ Teed

Page 1, Irritations on Facebook

Personally, it drives me through a wall when Facebookers have the inclamation to use catch phrases, mispronunciationses, invented worditure, or the ingrammatically incorrect to get there point acrosst to cast the mirage of interlecktual levity.

With all dew respectfulness, this is literarilly my pest peeve 24/7.

Keep your eyes peeled for these ignoramooses, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

I just wanted to touch base and pick your brain to flesh out any fairly unique fokes that have this reoccurring problem at this point in time.

Thusly and lastly I must say, if you've tolerated these impactfuless Rachel-Ray-isms, I feel for ya, nuff said, just sayin' lol.

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