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Foghorn Leghorn meets Yosemite Sam on Facebook

By: Russ Teed

Page 1, Typical Facebook posts by cartoon charactors, and me.

Facebook: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Facebooker Russ Teed. His intemperate mission; To explore strange new posts, to seek out new likes and new messages, to boldly think where no Facebook man has thought before! 



Foghorn Leghorn (FL) Meets Yosemite Sam (YS), on FB:


FL - Sam boy, the snow, I say the snow’s so deep the farmers have to jack up the cows so they can milk’em.


YS - Rassin frassin SOB... yo mama's coup was a rooster haven!


FL- lol, well doggy, that boy's as timid, I say as timid as a canary at a cat show.


YS- I'm a-gonna womp this cock-a-doodle don't, I hates chickens!


FL- TMI, That boy's so dumb he thinks a Mexican border pays rent.


YS- What in Sam Hill are you spouting off about?


FL- That boys a gibberin' idiot, he does a lot of choppin' but no chips are a fly-in'. LMAO


YS- Rassin' frassin' €?|£#%@&!


Russ Teed- I bet no one ever put their nose to a grindstone, more than once anyway.


FL- Eh boy, what's up with, I say what's up with that Teed feller on FB? Odd ball that is.


YS- He's a £¥€#|$& $@¥#€ |& £¥€ @$$!


Teed- Note to self: All Billy Goat mothers breast feed their kids yet few discuss the topic.


FL- SMH, Boys gotta cannon mouth, always shooting it off, Teed off that is. 


Russ Teed- The number one cause of death for geese flying into turbine jet engines is geese flying into turbine jet engines.
FWI: The most popular methodology of suicide for unhappy geese is flying into turbine jet engines.
BTW: The most popular reason for turbine jet engines stalling and causing planes to emergency land is geese flying into turbine jet engines and geese flying into turbine jet engines to commit suicide.
Note to self: The most popular reason for geese committing suicide by flying into turbine jet engines is FB Russ Teed exposing them.


Bugs Bunny- I dream of Jeannie she's a light brown hare.


YS- What in tarnation... You got a hare across your @&& rabbit?

Get on outta here rabbit, you ain't in the script!




PP- Bah deet, bah deet, bah deet, that's all folks!






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