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FML Story One

Short story By: Sammie Lee

Tags: Fml, Boyfriend, Boss, Sex

One day while sitting at my computer, I was bored. Nothing new there. This time was different. I decided to go to fmylife.com to see if there were any hilarious ones up. The bolded part at the beginning is the actual FML. The rest is what I pictured happened. Hope you giggle.

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Today, my boyfriend renamed all the contacts in my phone to see if I'd notice. Thanks to him, I've been sending dirty texts to my boss. The worst part is my boss was responding back. FML

Oh hey, Tyler texted me back. Took him long enough.

I want to feel your ass pressed against me tomorrow.

Oh, hell yeah. Lets see, what's a way to one up him...Eureka!

Well, I won't wear any panties.


I layed there waiting for him to respond. My fingers frantically clicked through the channels trying to find something good. Figuring it was late enough for some dirty flick to be on, I looked through the movie channels. Nothing.

My phone buzzed.

Tyle says, I want you in my office naked when I get there.

Wait. His office? Then I'd be late for work. Unless he wants me there early...

You name the time big daddy! ;)

This time the response was almost instantaneous.

Lets make it a lunch date

My home phone rang.

"Hey you sexy little devil."

"Hey Big Daddy, so what's going to happen in this lunch date tomorrow?" My phone began to buzz from a new text message. I ignored it there were more important things at hand.

"What lunch date?"

"The one you just texted me about. You know. You told me not to wear panties?" Tyler liked to play games with me. It was fun, most of the time.

"I haven't been texting anyone all day," his voice was tinged with confusion.

"Yeah right Tyler, come on now, I'm getting hot, tell me what you're going to do to me," I layed back on my sofa and untied my robe.

"Tori, I'm serious. I've been on the road home from that work convention. I haven't been on my phone except for now."

This wasn't funny anymore. If Tyler wasn't texting me, who was? No, it has to be Tyler, no one else was with him. He was just kiddding around.

"Come on Tyler, this isn't funny. Just say haha ya got me."

"Tori, honey, I'm serious. I was on the road all day, I just got back and decided to call you."

"Then who in the hell has been texting me all day?" If he couldn't hear the anger in my voice, then he was deaf.

"I don't know. It wasn't me."

"Whatever, maybe it was a different Tyler and I just didn't look at the last name."

"Ok, well sexy, how about we have a date tomorrow night? Your favorite restuaraunt?"

"Sure you just tell me the time."

My phone buzzed again.

It was from 'Tyler.' You didn't like that? I'm sorry I must have over stepped my boundries.

I went back and read the last text...

I want you to lay out naked on my desk and let me lick and suck every inch of your body.

Oh I liked the thought, but who the hell was this guy?

I looked at the number. It wasn't Tyler's. And I only had one Tyler in my phone. Before I could figure out who it was, my home phone rang again.

"Hey you. I forgot to tell you I renamed all your contacts in your phone!" His laugh filled the angered silence.


"I renamed all your contacts sexy."

"Then who is Tyler?"

"Uh, I think, hold on, I wrote them down don't worry. Tyler is, your boss."

"Huh, ok. You are an asshole Tyler, I'm sick of your stupid jokes. you'd think being forty that you would be able to act mature. But apprently not!"

"Listen babe, don't get mad at me. It was just a joke!"

Oh the joke would be on him.


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