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Patty Kilati's Worth Life Adventures

Short story By: scaza

Here is short story that I planned to be published at out school magazine. If it doesn't, well no worries. Worth a try though.

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Patty Kilati's Worth Life Adventures:

Hi! I'm Patty Kilati. Yes, I know my name sounds weird and a lot of people find it funny. But I kind of like my name. Sometimes, I make it sound like a superhero. Up, up and away Patty Kilati!...though I know it sounds really embarrassing saying that in front of many people. I mean I'm not superman (seriously, Superman is a guy!) and I'm not running around with a red underwear! Okay! Okay! Don't look at me like that! I know you're not here wanting to hear (or reading as a matter of fact) about me fussing over my name. Right. I'll get almost to the point. So, uhm, yeah. Let us begin…
Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. Hi, I'm Patty Kilati (Again with the introduction, I know). I'm seventeen and yes, I am a little childish (admit it, a lot of you are little childish sometimes). I'm not tall (though I wish I was). I have no plans to tell you the exact measurement and since you're just reading this, I'm not really worried. Alright, as you may have noticed already, I talk, a LOT! With capitals. I do have a slight problem on keeping my mouth shut. Anyway, I'm the girl in school who always wear my hair in a ponytail and mismatched colored clothes (Yes I know, I'm weirder than my own name). And yes, I go to the same university and college as you do (How do you think I got this published at Banwag?!) In totality, I'm a loud, talkative, overconfident, energetic and mostly reckless person you'll ever meet. But I'll admit I', quiet brave, I'm not gonna lie to that one. So this story (well not entirely, more like my opinions and minds written in a diary, hehe) is all about what I call "Worth Life Adventures" that I lived through that I want to let people know. Some of them can be dramatic, funny, weird or probably scary (not that I met vampires, but I would love to meet one. Yes, I'm a total Twilight fan). Life is already a little scary already, you know.
So…this Worth Life Adventure is what I called: "Core Values: Is it Worth our Attention?". I know what you're probably thinking: Boring, boring and boring. What were you thinking Patty? The Core Values?
Well, HONESTLY! It even took me quite a while to probably think I can cope with the core values. We're going to start by Excellence. We all know what excellence is, right? If you don't, drop out of school (*joke*) but seriously, it has been in our line since last year: Excellence at Forty. But what really is excellence? You're probably going to look it up on a dictionary, Well, it's always about being the best! MSU-IIT is one of the universities known to the country. So here's one:
I have two best friends: Elsa Rivera and Anna Espiritu. Elsa is this serious person who likes to wear t-shirts and jeans. She carries a lot of things (you should meet her, 2 full sling bags and a hand carried green folder, Really! I'm not lying), She always gives me advice, corrects me and even tease and calls me names for being so reckless but I know she cared (Isn't that right Elsa? I know you're reading this!). And Anna is this sweet person who's really shy. She likes to wear long flowy skirts (talk about girly, no offence Anna!). Then there's this feeling close Kyle Santiago, a proud, boastful guy I know yet he's not boring to hang out with (not that I have a crushed with him. Seriously, I don't!)
KYLE: I'm tired of this hot place! (He complained while facing the electric fan) I mean, hasn't the college thought of fixing the darn transformer yet?
ELSA: Nope. There isn't any budget. But I don't think it's nice to complain things without proper facts. You can't really blame the college.
ME: What does that mean?
KYLE: Yeah, I mean look at it? Aren't we supposed to be an excellent school? Shouldn't we have excellent facilities? Classrooms? I mean even our air coned rooms is killing me now!
ANNA: Really huh? (doubting), What about you?
KYLE: Me? What about me aside from being handsome? (grinning)
ME: Handsome? How can you be handsome? No girl in there right mind would think of you.
KYLE: (laughing), Oh you're just jealous!
ME: (growling) I have the urge to kill you right now.
ELSA: (wasn't pleased with the situation) It's as simple as an example. What happens to you when you get a grade of 3.0 in lets say in Econ 60?
ME: I'll be jumping for joy! (Kyle agreed)
ELSA: (raising her eyebrow) Why?
ME: (staring at Elsa like she's crazy, who wouldn't be happy with a grade of 3.0?) Well, I passed right?
ELSA: But have you at least study every day or at least a week before the exam or the night before the exam?
ME: (Ouch! That really hurts! I don't study much except the day before an exam) *silence*
ELSA: (Seems to have read my mind) See? You complain about the excellence of the school, yet you yourself do not give you're up to it to be excellent!
KYLE: So? A lot of us are like that.
ANNA: It isn't the school that makes a school excellent. It's the people in the school. The faculty, the staff, the security guard, the custodians even the most populated, the students.
ELSA: Yes, it's what you give to what makes you excellent and because of what you bring yourself that made this school excellent. Majority of us thinks that as long as we get a grade of 3.0, we'll be fine. But that's not right, The reason majority of us got that is because we didn't care. We go to school, go home without even knowing what the last thing our lesson was. We just scan or skimmed through our notes thinking: "I'll just pass". What about "I'm going to get a high score? Or I'll make my mother proud by getting the top on the honors list? Or what about I'm going to study hard to be number one for once? I know a lot of people have great potentials and are wasting it up to spending on the internet and hanging around more with friends. There is a big reason why Excellence is one of out core values.
ME: Hey! I'm the narrator here!
ELSA: (smirking) Well, you got speechless on the speech. I know a lot of people got themselves hit on my words.
ME: Oh shut up!
Though honestly, Elsa was right. It has been common behavior among students to be "Just Students" not "Excellent Students". Like me for example. We complained about how difficult the exams are but then to think about it, we just studied the night or even an hour before the exam. If we did our best, even if we didn't get to be on top, it still feels like you're number one. We give on lame excuses such as "I'm just not smart enough like him or her". We're all smart! How do you think you got into MSU-IIT? It's because you got potential. (Unless you just copied off from your seat mates during SASE). So what are we? Are we just students or are we excellent students? Our being excellent is what makes our teachers happy to be educators because they did their very best to be excellent at teaching. It's what makes our school excellent. Not the facilities or the laboratories or the libraries. It's us. So if you excuse me, I have some studying to do.
Next stop…Teamwork. We all know what teamwork is right? There's teamwork in basketball, there's teamwork when a group of men pulls a stranded car to the right road and there's even teamwork where a group of friends sit together during an exam so they can help on each other (to whoever gets hit by the stone, please don't throw it back on me. I'm definitely not encouraging this).
ELSA: Oh really? (snorting)
Stop interrupting me! I'm in the middle of discussion! (*growl*). So where was I? Oh yes, teamwork.
ME: I hate this! I have Nella, Cairo and Bromski as my group mates for the project! Why didn't the professor let us choose our groups?!
KYLE: (shrugging) I don't care as long as I got the Elsa on my side. I'll just sit this one out. OUCH! Why'd you hit me on the head?
ELSA: Because you're an ajo!
KYLE: A garlic?
ELSA: No! That's Japanese for idiot! What makes you think me; Kyla and Mike are willing to accept to get all the dirty work? We're supposed to be a team!
KYLE: So? I'll just pay it off! (covered his head for an expecting slap)
ELSA: (hands on hips) Paying us isn't gonna help as much as what a group effort can give!
KYLE: What's the point? You know I'm still useless?
ELSA: Actually not…you can carry the boards.
KYLE: What?!
ELSA: You want to pass don't you? Carry the boards! After all, you are a guy!
ME: (watching Elsa and Kyle leave) *sigh* At least Kyle got the diligent ones. Who do you got Anna?
ANNA: Lisa, Joe and Emma.
ME: You got the crazy ones?
ANNA: I don't think they're crazy, I know that teamwork is all about working together to finish off a goal or a project. But I think it's also think that it is also about how to work with others whom you don't like to work with.
ME: What? I'd rather work alone! I can't live with people I don't like!
ANNA: Think of it as a challenge Pat. When you get to work and assuming you're going to work with a group of people you're not really going to like? How do you handle it? How do you handle them for that matter? You're job will probably on the line.
ME: But we're all different. That's going to make it a lot difficult.
ANNA: That's the fun part of being a team. We're all different. We just have to learn how to make the different notes make a harmonious music. (pat me on the shoulder and left with her earphones on).
Though Anna almost sounds like Elsa but quite calming (ANNA: Thanks!). Hey! I'm in a dramatic moment here! (ANNA: Oh, sorry). Okay, so…there a lots of teamwork. But the hardest part is where you get to be paired with people difficult to handle or you really dislike. Come to think of it, there are a lot of ways to make the lazy person move their butt, the proud one to take trust on his or her teammates and the loner to make friends. Every one is different. Yet, how'd a group of different people managed to create an organization? A town? But better yet a civilization? One of it is a goal but the thing that we mostly overlook is how we work together despite our differences towards our goal and how harmonious it was when we were doing the work, that despite that it failed it makes us really happy because to think that as a group we did our very best and we have fun to it. So…I have to meet with my group mates, see you soon.
The third is commitment. What is commitment? The thing between a girlfriend and a boyfriend? How to keep a certain promise? Seriously? Is that the only commitment you can think of? Commitment is all about being responsible and being determined on something you think is important.
ELSA: Hey! That was my line!
Will you quit it! It doesn't matter. At least you made an impact on me! (ELSA: You'll probably going to forget it sooner or later!). Quit it Elsa!
KYLE: Hey! Could we stop with all these live acting for these people to understand? I'm getting tired of it.
ANNA: I like it!
ME: Will you guys let me finished off my work?!
ELSA: I think you should hurry up! The longer you make it. The lesser the probability that the Banwag staffs are willing to published it.
ME: What? They'll better be! I didn't got this working out if they aren't going to!
KYLE: They'll not going to publish this. You couldn't shut up!
ME: Fine! If I'm going to be famous, you guys will not be part of my life story!
YOU: Will you guys be one with it! Majority of us don't like the idea of reading!
ME: Aha! Gotcha! We were just pretending to do that.
YOU: Huh?
ME: Yup! That's right! Majority of us didn't like the idea of reading. The more readings hand out from our teachers. The more we complain about it. We just don't like the idea of being responsible.
ELSA: (murmuring) You hate to read too you know.
ME: Elsa, nobody knows that!
KYLE: Haha!
ELSA: You too Kyle!
ANNA: Anyway, being committed to your work is being responsible, determined, hard working and loyal.
ELSA: Yup. That's what makes the world move. You wanted something, you put yourself into it. You'll do anything to read, you'll study, and most of all, you never give up. (Unlike Patty).
ME: I heard that!
BANWAG STAFF: Excuse me Patty but the line is really over the limit.
ME: What? But I'm not done yet! What about Accountability and Integrity? Which happens to be the one of the most important?
BANWAG STAFF: But the line is over the limit. They are other writers here too you know.
ME: Huh! Will you please let me finish!
BANWAG STAFF: Well you have to wait for the next issue.
ME: I can't do that! I still have loads to say.
BANWAG STAFF: That's what I'm worried about.
ME: *CRY* You can't do this to me! (***********)
ELSA: Well everyone, I believe our line is over. I think you should wait for the next issue to come up. Thanks for reading. We hope you'll read us next time.
ME: Hey! I wrote this! I'm suppose to end it!.....
ALL: *sigh*
Dear Readers,
Because of Patty's behavior we have to cut this. Hope you enjoyed it and hoping to wait for another issue. Thank you for reading.
Banwag Staff
> Banwag is the name of our school publication
> The setting is in MSU-IIT (A university from the Philippines)
> There are 5 core values in our university: excellence, teamwork, commitment, accountability and integrity
> Patty Kilati is just a fictious character, so are the names in the story
> Any similarities are purely coincidence.
> Thanks for understanding


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