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X-trim X-cercise

Short story By: Steve Balsky

Stephen King put out a short story compliation called "Just Before Sunset". In it is a short story called "Stationary Bicycle". This super-short one is loosely inspired by it.

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X-trim X-cercise

I think I'm starting to hate my job. Actually, that's not entirely true. I don't mind it…it's just like most jobs - has its good points and bad.

I've been at X-trim X-cercise now for about 7 years - pretty long time. I see all the regulars and the newbies and the one-timers who think they're gonna get in shape and then never return.

We're open 24 hours but I don't work that entire shift, you crazy? I would burn out. Nah, I get my times, sometimes late at night, sometimes early. It really depends on when I am needed.

The owner, Mario Balista is a pretty nice guy, treats us all well. I like when he grins like the Cheshire cat signing up a new client (with personal training sessions!) and then later on I see him in his office running his hand through his hair with a calculator wondering why the numbers aren't up to snuff.

Some of the people I work with are great - serious exercise fanatics that don't put a lot of pressure on me or have unrealistic expectations. Hard-bodied females sucking down their vitamin water as they shake their booty to their iPods - doesn't get much better than that.

Then you get the other guys. You know the ones I mean. Heavy-set guys wearing shirts that are too tight presenting old Mario with a doctor's note saying that they are at risk for a heart attack it they don't lose some weight, improve their diet and start hanging out at the gym more than at Pizza Hut.

These guys attack the equipment with about as much finesse as a gorilla at a tea party - slamming their weight down and sweating so much I get drenched with their body fluids but I can't do anything about it because my job would be on the line.

I don't want to be forgotten...become irrelevant..thrown onto the proverbial scrap heap like others before me - believe me I've seen it. But I guess time has that effect on us all. Soon as something younger or better looking comes along they forget about you and the good you provided them in the past.

One more good thing about the job - I like my position in the club. My station is right across from this gorgeous Stair-Master gal - long, slender arms, beautiful body. When you see her at work it's like going to the ballet, it really is.

So that's basically my story. Not the most exciting job in the world but it gives me a purpose in life. I never really thought about it before, but being a treadmill is not much different than a can-opener or a microwave or even a bulldozer - we all have our time to shine.


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