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Willy Maldonado

Short story By: Steven Hunley

A womanizer with no regrets is described

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Willy Maldonado
Steven Hunley
To be read exclusively by men, after Hemmingway, and with the accent of Antonio Banderas
He has his way with women. Not because he's mean or strong (though he is strong) but because he's handsome. To a woman having him is like having a male trophy-wife. He walks well and attracts women. All kinds. All colors. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. Because, as I have said, he can't help himself. He attracts them like flies, like fleas. At various locations like the food market, the mall, the park on Sunday, the night club parking lot on the Saturday night before. At their house and at his house too.
He has no pick up line. He doesn't need one. It's all in the walk he walks; in the way he presents himself. Perhaps in the way he smells. He's confident. He's had many successes with them. (the women) Many babies in the neighborhood look like Willy Maldonado. His women don't smoke, go on diets, watch Ophra, or even read. He just has them, right there, right then. On the spot. As soon as the sun goes down he starts calling them. Once they hear his voice it's all over. Then he goes onto another. Fat, skinny, long hair or short, it doesn't matter to him. He likes all varieties, all flavors of women. With him they are never stand-offish. They never play hard-to-get. No, they understand. They know how it will be. They don't know about "devices." He doesn't care about protection. He cares only about passion. So do his women. They think of nothing else. That's why they are the way they are. That's why his name is Willy Maldonado. Unlike many males he gives his name meaning. It doesn't give meaning to him. So he has them. In the moonlight and in the shadows. In the backseat if the car is open, on the hood if it is closed. He leaves his sweaty prints as a souvenir, as proof they have done it there. I know you don't believe me, but think back. You have seen them. They were his. They were the prints of Willy Maldonado.
But enough of how he acts. Enough of how he is. Here is how he looks. He is not so tall, about average height. His hair is not too long, and not too short. Just the way his women like it. His eyes are green. The color runs in his family. He's trim and muscular, and places his feet well. Whiskers may not be in today but he wears them anyway. Going your own way is what makes you a male. He has a talent. He can move his ears in most any direction. His tail, I reckon, is about nine inches long. They like that too. (the women) He's about the most handsome Tom I know, for a Willy.

So when you see speak of him speak with reverence. Say his name with respect. For he is one of us. He is the male of males. Un hombre de hombres


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