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gold eel.

By: sweet agony xo

Page 1, lol, me and my friend \'zelda xx\' wrote this, a sentence each at at time. lol

once upon a time there wasa gold eel.

his name was ed and he loved to steal.

one day he went to k-mart and stole an angry lepricorn.

but the lepricorn turned into a fairy, so he hopped to channel court.

in channel court he bought a big, purple, vibrator and gave it to ashleigh.

she loved this, because of her boyfriend hugh.

so that night, ashleigh got home and was laying on her bed with it when our teacher mrs western smith walked in.

why was she there, nobody knew, but because of her we all eat poo.

so there we were, ashleigh, mrws western smith, me and chelsea, eating poo when a pink giraffe named mitchell saw us.

he didnt know what to do so he joined us in eating the poo.

after we'd eaten all the poo we started smoking weed and making balloons.

its our new favourite thing to do..

yeah so....


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