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She's Angry, He's Clueless #2

By: Tesseth

Page 1, A new addition to my 'Female/Male Perspectives' short stories. Serious relationship issues/scenarios, at least, to those living them.


Ok, now if I stop cleaning up all his morning coffee cups, how many do you think will accumulate?

Times up!

The answer is: ALL of them.
Well, ok, not ALL of them. There is one left.

Do you know what happens with this last one?
No? Well, here's the thing. This last, precious mug miraculously reappears over & over (we're up to 2 weeks here folks) right back in the cupboard. It's amazing, it's a miracle. It's ridiculous!

Do you see what he's doing? All the cups are dirty so in order to have his morning cup of coffee, he has HAD to use this last mug and put it back in the cupboard when he's done. Dirty. Yep. He's not even rinsing it out! There are actually lip prints. Yes, coffee brown, sticky, gross LIP PRINTS!

Please tell me what he's thinking?

He is obviously aware of what he's doing here.
Rather than take care of the 9 (yes! 9!) other cups scattered around our home (3 in the bathroom, 3 on the dining table, 2 in the bedroom, and one next to the front door) he is now reduced to re-using this nasty mug, over & over.

Now, who here doesn't think that if YOU were in his situation, you might go gather up those mugs and, AT LEAST, put them in the sink? I mean, he IS going to the trouble of walking that one, precious, last mug back to the kitchen AND it's finding it's way back into the cupboard, right? So, tell me, where IS the LOGIC here?



Hmmm, last mug for coffee in this here cupboard. Well, I'll have to keep this one handy.
Got to get ready for work (mug in hand)... Ok, ready to head out the door (mug in hand)...
Last stop, the kitchen (mug in hand), to the cupboard, and
"there you go little buddy, right back where you belong. I‘ll see you tomorrow.
Oh, and note-to-self:
Buy Sheila coffee mugs for her birthday".

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