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She's Angry, He's Clueless #3

Short story By: Tesseth

True Story! 3rd in Series. Relationship "drama".

Submitted:Dec 10, 2006    Reads: 398    Comments: 10    Likes: 1   

Come on! This is disgusting!

All I wanted was a nice relaxing shower. A moment of peace.

I've vacuumed, mopped, dusted, did dishes, the laundry, wiped every counter, sink, & toilet...I did the bills, made the kid's doctor's, dentist, haircuts, & orthodontist appointments... I did the grocery shopping AND made every meal for everyone in this house today.

Like I said, all I wanted was a nice relaxing shower. I think I deserve it. A few minutes without a dog following me around for a treat, a few minutes without scrubbing, wiping, or picking up, a moment alone??? I mean, I don't even get to pee alone...I'm with our toddler all day...the door's always open...he follows me, he watches, he plays in the dog's water, he hands me the toilet paper! I love everyone but, I just want to take a shower, all by myself, with no chores, no responsibilities. Is that too much to ask?

But, wait was is this?
What do we have here?
Is this a dead kitten in the drain?

He knows damn well I can not stand hair...HIS hair in particular.
You know there's cat hair, there's dog hair,...they DO need a good brushing, that would help. But, I can't exactly expect them to clean up their own hair.
But, HIS hair? HIS HAIR? Yes, I really do expect he could take care of this ONE thing himself.

Am I alone here? Please tell me that I am not the only woman completely & totally frustrated & disgusted by this???

Yes, I've tried to ask nicely. "Dear, when you are finished in the shower�could you please�take care of the drain?"� Oh, but, wait...sometimes he does "take care of it".� Except, it doesn't quite reach a trash can.� He will actually pick the hairball from the drain & deposit it on the edge of the tub.� Yep.� There it will sit.� There, he wiped out the drain didn't he?

I mean really, he doesn't have a whole helluva lot of responsibilities in this house...this ONE thing can't possibly be that difficult, can it?

To top it off, he knows I have to clean it up. I can't leave it there. I'm not only compelled to clean it up, I HAVE to! It will scare the children!!! It will. It's happened before. Our daughter will get to the bathroom before I do, she'll get her towel & clothes ready, she leans down, whips open the shower curtain to go for the knobs and "UHHH! What is that? MOMMMMM!!!" I hurry to her but, I already know what's freakin her out....the "dead kitten" on the edge of the tub!���

Yea, and it's not just the "drain kitten"...there's hairs splattered all over the shower walls, curtain, and don't get me started about the floor! After just ONE of his showers you can�walk into the bathroom�& ta-dah! you've got yourself some slippers.

Is this anything like the cat's bringing the mice to the front door? Is this like "oooo, look what I did. Aren't you proud of me?" Good Lord, no man, it looks as though you couldn't possibly have any hair left. It can't be growing as fast as it's coming out!

Or, is this like "marking his territory"? Just in case I try to have any men over while the baby's nappin, they'll surely go use the bathroom and back right out sayin, "whoa, no sir, I see one very manly man must live here...I have to leave!"

Oh, and as for "His side" here?
He showers,
turns off the water�and shakes off like a dog,
steps out shakes some more,
...and bitches that there's a hair in the hairbrush!


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