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Its raining at night. 2 man standing at the back alley of a building. One of them pointed a gun toward the other man. And the story goes like.............

(This is my first work. Please do comment me)

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It was a long rainy night that day. The rain was falling down cats and dogs. Most of the people will avoid staying and hanging around outside the house unless they have too. At this hour, people are relaxing and sleeping (except for people who have leaked ceiling problems, you know what I mean).

In the long raining night nobody realized that in the back alley of some unrented building lies two men with what are about to occur on them could shatter the whole neighbourhood surrounding.

Winston was pointing the gun at Langston with rage. His hands was shaking with anger like he was about to eat Langston. Langston, feeling scared, cannot help but standing in front of Winston with the gun pointed directly to his head.

Winston started the conversation ``this will be the end of your life Langston. I'm gonna avenge what u did to my family''. Langston with a shaky voice said ``I don't know what you're talking about Winston. Please, spare my life. Let me go". Langston was about to cry when he said that. Almost.

``Shut up!" cried Winston. He shot Langston on the right leg. Langston collapsed with his hands holding his injured right leg. The gunshot sound together with Langston's moan could not overcome the loud noise of the heavy rain. Blood was splattering around. Washed and drifted away by the heavy rain.

Winston neared Langston with the gun pointed at the injured man and said ``Goodbye". Bang! The bullet ricocheted through Langston' s skull. Ending his life instantly. Suddenly, Johnston, Winston's friend come and with a shock expression said ``Oh my God! What in the name of good people have you done man?".

``Does it looked obvious to you, my dear friend? I killed him. You said that he killed my parent. So I killed him. That's it. End of the story". Johnston wipe his wetted forehead then scratch the back of his head (although his head doesn't feel itchy) said with a hesitant expression ``actually....ummm... he didn't killed your family''. Winston suddenly looked at Johnston with a face that was to say `WHAT!'.

`` I purposely pointed at Langston with the intent to stop your blabbering about your family's death and your intention to find the killer. Well, it annoyed me because you talked about it every day. If my ear have a mouth , it will puke with that words. Never thought you are stupid enough to fall for that. Well, let's just forget about that. Come on, let's go for a drink. My treat . Maybe someday we will laugh when we talked about how stupid you are. Shall we?"

Winston replied `` You my friend , have a foul mouth. Do you realize that?" Johnston answered back`` Well it's in my nature and it is my self values. FOUL MOUTH AND PROUD!" cried Johnston.

The next day, the television broadcasted a news about a murder of a two young male at the back alley of an unrented building. It is said that both of them were being shot to death. The victims were known as Langston and Johnston. The death of Langston is unknown but many speculated that the death of Johnston was cause by his foul mouth. However, the police did not have a clear confirmation about the speculation yet.


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