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Fluffy McCuddlestine

Short story By: theliteracyllama

So a few weeks ago I entered a writing competition (don't think I've got through but hey!) and this was my very last minute very cheesy very random entry :DD

Submitted:Mar 28, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"Let. Go. Of. Me!" Screeched Fluffy McCuddlestine as the cops of Carrot land dragged him into the cell. He ran towards them but didn't make it in time, and walked straight into the door that had been slammed in his face. Picking himself up he sat on a chair in the far corner. He loathed that chair, the whole room even. Fluffy had been arrested so many times, and each time he had hired the greatest lawyer in Orange Country to prove his innocence. Until-that is- he left to start a new life in Barbados, leaving Fluffy to fend for himself. Sighing heavily and resting his head on his fluffy paws, he reminisced about his most recent crime

You all know the story of little red riding hood, and if you don't then go and read it and come back later. Anyway, story goes that the woodcutter kills the wolf and turns him into a rug or something-but did anyone stop to think what happened after? This is where Fluffy comes in. Him and Wolf had been good friends, so when he found out about the situation at grandma's place, he obviously wanted immediate revenge. And what better way to get revenge then by turning his best buddy's killer into a mango? In Fluffy's opinion, none.

A few months after Mr Wolf's tragic demise, the woodcutter (or Bert as he was known by friends,) received a letter telling him he had won a free holiday to Hawaii, free of charge. Bert, being simple minded and never thinking to question anything, accepted the offer. The very next day he had got off his plane and was driving to his hotel ready for 2 weeks of sun, sea, and starfish! What he was unaware of was that the driver was none other than Fluffy McCuddlestine. Instead of driving him to his hotel however, Fluffy drove him to a lab he had set up just down the road. He only had one opportunity, as he was renting the lab and it was costing him by the hour.

When he got out, Bert realised there was something wrong, but by this time he was being blindfolded and led into the lab. Once inside, he was strapped to a table while Fluffy prepared the injection that would turn this hero into a fruit. Adding mango juice and toothpaste together with just a hint of wall plaster created a most strange concoction that when injected would instantly turn the victim into a mango. But just as Fluffy was creeping towards a terrified Burt, there was a loud bang and the police caught the rabbit just in the nick of time. As it turned out the police had actually been looking for an illegal pineapple transporter, but someone had reported seeing a rabbit driving a car, which is apparently not the norm in Hawaii. The police had used other witnesses and found him within minutes.

And that's how it ends, a rabbit in a prison cell, a law suit filing woodcutter and some very confused tourists.


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