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Captured! A true story

Short story By: VampireDoll

Originally for english but it was too good to waste, a story of being kidnapped... kinda.

Submitted:Aug 1, 2010    Reads: 90    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I looked around the room I was being held in for the hundredth time, but this time movement in the corner of my eye made me jump, I turned my head slowly and held my breath and sighed when I realized it was only Kenny my best friend and fellow cellmate.

"What can we do?" I asked.

"I don't know, we are locked together in a room." Kenny winked, he was trying to make light of the situation that was making me nervous.

"I'm serious Kenny! How did I get myself in these situations?" I groaned and put my head in my hands and remembered my mistake.

"Cassi, Kenny!" I looked up as Jesse ran towards Kenny and I as we sat on a park bench talking about nothing.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning my attention to my 18 year old friend.

"There is like a giant spider in my bedroom, you have to see it! Its awesome." He said, breathlessly.

I jumped up, "Show me!" I demanded as Kenny got to his feet. Jesse lead me to his house. As we walked up the stairs to his room I heard him laugh and I was tempted to ask why, but I didn't and now I regret not noticing that something was up.

"Where's Vixxen?" Kenny asked, referring to another friend who is Jesse's brother.

"With Derek." Derek is my blind friend, Jesse opened the door for Kenny and I to enter. "Ladies first."

"That means you should be going in before me Jesse." I giggled and walked in his room.

After Kenny walked in the door shut and clicked as Jesse locked us in.

"You know what? I think Jesse lied to us about the spider to lock us in here." Kenny said slowly as he turned towards me.

"That's the last time I trust Jesse." Kenny muttered pacing back and forth bringing me back to reality.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked softly.

"I don't know do you have any ideas for an escape plan, like the only way we can get out is through Jesse" Kenny said.

"Well, we could smother him with a pillow." I pointed to the pillows on Jesse's bed.

"Not good enough. Oh! How about knocking him out with a chair." Kenny suggested.

I looked at my friend with a raised eyebrow. "But how do we sneak up on Jesse holding a chair." I asked about the obvious problem with Kenny's idea. "Stab Jesse with a fork?" I suggested.

"This is just stupid." Kenny sighed and sat next to me.

"You're the one who was going to sneak up on Jesse with a chair." I pointed out.

"Window?" Kenny said suddenly.

"What?" I asked.

"We can get out via the window." Kenny said.

"Two stories love." I reminded him.

"Oh! That complicates things."

"Maybe, if we called someone we could get out!" I said, remembering my mobile in my jeans pocket.

I handed to phone to Kenny who knew Vixxen's mobile off by heart.

"Hey, Vixxy, your brother locked us in his room, could you like help?" He asked.

After a moment of silence, Kenny looked at me.

"Only Jesse has the key to his room." Kenny said.

"You're kidding me?" I asked and Kenny shook his head and listened for a few moments.

"Good idea!" Kenny said enthusiastically.

I jumped up and put my head next to Kenny's so the phone was between us, but I didn't hear much so I flopped on the bed again.

Soon I heard the phone slid shut and Kenny threw the phone to me.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"Derek is distracting Jesse while Vixxen tries his lock picking skills." Kenny said.

"I hope it works." I said after all Vixxen had managed to get into Kenny's house many times using lock picking.

After ten minutes I heard a little knock on the door, and Vixxen whispered that he was there and it shouldn't take him too long to unpick the lock.

I sat on the edge of the bed in silence listening for a click of the door.

After five long minutes there was a click and the door opened.

Vixxen was kneeling and Jesse was behind him with the key.

"Uh, thanks Vixxen?" Kenny said tilting his head.

"Uh, thank Derek, he was the one who talked me into letting you two out." Jesse said.

I walked out and headed home, as I got to the bottom of the stairs I gave Derek a big hug.

"Thanks for that. I knew Vixxen wouldn't be able to unlock the door." I said softly. Before waving to the others.


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