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It's About The Snake...

Short story By: Victoria Reid

Um, you need to know that I like snakes. It's important.

Submitted:Sep 7, 2009    Reads: 378    Comments: 6    Likes: 7   

Well, now that I've been here for a bit, and you seem to think I'm mostly okay, I've decided to go back to my old Avatar, with my favorite beloved Burmese Python, Ka.

I was looking at the headshot I originally chose. I used it when I was writing a lot of Kiddie Lit, because I didn't want to scare the Pee Waddin' (I don't know what that is, but I like the sound of it) out of the wee ones. Our images were frequently projected on large screens, and I could envision hordes of screaming tots flooding the aisles in a mass exodus, so I went with my comfy mommy schoolteacher shot. But I don't like it.

If I am to be true to myself, and my soon-to-be-massive and loyal following here, I need to let you know about the real me. Yes, I am a comfy mommy. Sorta. My only kid's in college now. I am not a schoolteacher. I cannot perpetuate this fa├žade.

However, I am honored to be part of a wonderful organization known as the Reptile Family. As such, we do library and classroom visits, birthday parties, special events at parks and what not...you get the picture. My son actually works for the company, owned by my best friend, who has her master's degree in early education. So she is a REAL schoolteacher and genuinely likes little kids. She's the one who swung my visit with Archie, the baby Orang. (Story on this page, if interested.) Back to the reptiles. I am a "helper." This means I assist at the reptile shows. This means that I work with the animals and not so much the kids, which is fortunate - both for the animals and the kids. Don't get me wrong...I have done shows by myself and pulled them off without anyone getting bitten or anything. And I haven't made anybody cry. Yet. But I am the "B" team. No doubt about that.

I am an animal junky. Always have been. I have two semi-geriatric cats (13.5 years old), two young Sulcata tortoises, 7 years old, who weigh 50 pounds each and growing, and I raise baby corn snakes for the group. Old animals eventually depart this earthly plane, and I'm raising the next generation. Cute as the dickens - 6 of them. Attached is a photo of my son working with adult corn snakes at Ren Faire. I have a nifty shot of my face covered with baby corns and only my nose sticking out, but it appears that some people find it kinda icky. So we'll go with the "easy on the eyes" photo as opposed to the "cheezy horror flick" photo.

Gotta tell ya, having a really big snake draped over your shoulders is an awesome feeling. Once-in-a-lifetime for many, frequent for me. Lucky me! I also get to play with lizards, giant scorpions, tarantulas, tree frogs, turtles and a buncha other stuff.

So, now that I've shared this information, I sincerely hope you will not hold it against me. If we're going to form a lasting relationship, I felt it important to let you know. I mean, what if you were working under the misconception that I was only a fan of mammals? Like Orangutans? I simply could not spring such critical information on you at a later date. I hope this will bring us closer together on our journey through Booksie.

Sincerely, Victoria Reid

Evan at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire,
Working with Adult Corn Snakes



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