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It Came From The Shower!!! (Dah Dah Dah)

Short story By: writersbug

My crack at one of those old fifties horror films, set in script form.

Submitted:Oct 9, 2011    Reads: 17    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

(A darkening sky, a full moon. Camera sweeps down to a one story house, bright yellow( even in the dark) with a white gate around the green lawn. We move in closer to the door, and into the tidy living room. There a blonde girl( somewhere between her mid-twenties to early thirties) is turning off her black and white television and heading upstairs. She unbuttons the top clasp of her floral dress and takes off her high-heeled shoes as she walks to the bathroom (a little tease for the audience).

(Camera moves into the bathroom, where our heroine is now presumably naked( only her beautiful face is visible in the mirror, and the suggestion of her bare shoulders tells us that she is unclothed) She has started the shower, and the warm condensation is now fogging up the mirror. She's humming a tune (perhaps Buddy Holly's "That Will be The Day" or Chubby Checker's "Twist") and checks the water temperature with her hand, then climbs in to the tub).

(We are now in the shower with her( still no nudity, of course), and see that she is merrily cleaning herself off. Camera zooms onto the drain, where water is starting to build up, and bubble. Flash back to the girl, who's disappointed face lets us know that she is now aware of the clogged drain. She still hums to herself, knowing that the next time her boyfriend comes over ( you know, to watch a movie or go out to dinner, no sex, of course, that's reserved for when they get married) she will ask him to fix the drain. She continues to scrub herself off)

(Camera flashes back to the drain, which is bubbling even more. Suddenly, the borders of the picture darken ever so slightly, and a hand reaches up out of the drain( dripping wet and covered in something green). It brushes against the girl's bare ankle, and, predictably she screams, holding her hands to her face. She jumps out of the shower and runs from the bathroom( somehow, miraculously, grabbing her towel first).

We are back in the living room, the bathroom door is shut, the water in the shower still running. The girl is scared, possibly crying. She reaches for the rotary phone. Then, a loud bang rattles the door. She screams again, and yells "Leave me alone!!" There is another bang, louder this time. The girl's shaking finger presses in the "9" slot and twirls the dial. She waits for it to spring back to its original position, then moves her finger to the "1". Another bang from her uninvited guest on the door, a light moaning coming from inside the bathroom. The girl is openly weeping now, her one hand clutching the towel around her( pulled up so just her bare shoulders are visible) and the other hand is poised above the "1" to finish the call to the police. She is breathing very fast.

BHAM!! The door cracks open, pieces of wood go flying in every direction, only a dark silouhette visible behind its shattered remains. The girl screams even louder than before, and drops the phone. We hear the busy signal of an unfinished call coming from the receiver. The girl backs up to the couch, her eyes wide. The thing comes toward her( misty screen) and reaches out one hand. In that hand, we see something dangling, but its out of focus.

Close-up on the girls face, as she's now turned into a steam whistle, screaming relentlessly and cowering like a frightened child. The thing's shadow looms over her.

"Lady?" it asks.

"What do you want?" she yells, her eyes firmly closed.

"I just want to give you the bill." it states.

The girl looks up with wet eyes, her face instantly relaxing as she realizes it's only the plumber. He stands there, dripping in his blue outfit, a brown cap on his head, a belt of tools danging from his waist. He is about her age, good-looking, with a gleam in his blue eyes. The girl takes the bill from his outstreched hand and smiles at him warmly. "Thank you," she says. The plumber nods his head, "Any time," he says with a cheerful wave good-bye. He walks out to the paved driveway, where his late-model truck is waiting for him. He waves another good-bye to the girl and pulls away. Camera now focuses on the girl once more, who shrugs indifferently and smiles (oh, silly her for getting scared). She heads back into the bathroom, and closes the door( whole again, what the hell!!!)

Flash back to the bill she placed on the counter, next to the bottle of white milk and an orange. Zoom in, until it fills the whole screen. There, in another hazy and wavering shot, we see something black crawling across the clean white sheet, wriggling like a worm as it slides off the counter. It lands on the kitchen floor with a plop!! and opens its green eyes.

(Dah Dah Dah, fade out, that's a wrap).


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