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Ienzo Darkness

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Country: Australia
Favorite book: Misery by Stephen King.
Member Since: Apr 29, 2012

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Short Stories for a Cold Morning

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Aug 28, 2014
Whether you want to try and find a realistic piece,...

Just A Game

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jan 9, 2014
*Stating right now; This is not a love story in the...

Only Hope

Poem by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Nov 1, 2012
Poem about my best friend. It's bad I know,but I was...

Sign up For: Shallow Heart: Change of Life (title shall be changed later)

by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Aug 26, 2012
Well,like the title said,this is the sign up for my...

What Happened?

Poem by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Aug 5, 2012
Does anyone ever feel like something is up,and they feel...

Potter Puppet Pals-Muggle Style! :D

Script by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Aug 2, 2012
Well,this is a script me and my friend are working on....

Which Ouran Highschool Host Club host are you?

Article by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 29, 2012
Well,this is what the title says. It also shows my...

The Heartless (will probably change name when I actually think of one)

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 24, 2012
"I have no need for this sort of pain. For this sort of...

Characters for an Unwritten Story

Article by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 21, 2012
These are characters of wolves that I came up with. But...

Once again,no name yet!

Poem by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 16, 2012
Tell me what this should be called,and what type of...

I'll think of a name later

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 11, 2012
Alright,so,to get things straight,this is a Harry Potter...

What I can Never Have

Short Story by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jul 8, 2012
Ok,dunno what genre this is,and I really don't know what...


Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jun 28, 2012
A dead ghost meets a young boy and tries to help him...

Just Another Day

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jun 24, 2012
Just another ordinary day for me at my school. No...

The Tale of Thumbly and Draco

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jun 18, 2012
Well,I apologise if I do not update this quickly. It is...

I Hope you Know That

Poem by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Jun 18, 2012
The truth. No paragraphs.

Pained Guilt

Short Story by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: May 7, 2012
Well,this is something I came up with when I was thinking...

Bright Moon

Novel by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: May 2, 2012
Wow,I get worse and worse. This one is about wolves....

Angry Pain

Short Story by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: May 2, 2012
Milo is mad that his friend/boyfriend (it's your choice)...

I'd Come for you

Poem by Ienzo Darkness
Posted: Apr 29, 2012
Someone who has lost someone very dear and special to...

How amusing is this? That I was once so immature and stupid, pathetic and dumb, rash and insecure? That I even managed to be-friend those on here, with my misspelled letters and my stupid grammar, and the fact that I was actually a terrible writer? That I was so insecure, I was willing to put myself down about anything and nothing at all, constantly wanting pity and attention? That it appeared that I was always fishing for compliments, always wanted someone to say something nice to me? Isn't it stupid, that I couldn't even realise how I was destroying my body both mentally, physically and emotionally? Isn't it all stupid that I was so rash and immature I dived head first into problems that weren't my own? How terrible a person was I? Stupid, more so?

Of course though. You do not know my real name, do you. You know me as Ienzo Darkness, not my true alias. Well then, I think it's about time you knew.

I am not Ienzo Darkness. My name is Reality Loser. And, as my name suggests, in reality, I am a loser. Does anyone have a problem with my honesty and pretty bloody cool name? No? Yes? Because I honestly don't care.

It's taken me a while to realise I most certainly do not care what people think, especially complete strangers I will more than likely never meet.

Am I insensitive? Check.

Am I sarcastic? Check.

Am I easily irritated? Check.

Do I get suspicious easily? Check.

Am I blunt and honest? Check.

But I am also a great listener, and I am very willing to give advice coming off of things I have experienced myself. I am a bit lazy, but I am very determined and compassionate about things I really care about. Once you force me to do something, I won't stop until it's done to my best standard or until I'm dragged away from it.

Though I did mention I have matured and such, that doesn't mean I can't have my 'moments'. In fact, I have quite a few of those. Do I care? Of course not.

I am very honest and truthful, but I stick to a promise. I will hold a secret to the grave. I take things very seriously at times, and often find myself in a situation where I am drawling a sarcastic and witty remark to some fiend who once found it nice to step on me like dirt.

I am rather loud about my opinions, but I do not care what your opinions are. Think what you think, I honestly won't care. If you don't support Gay Rights, I don't care, we can still be friends.

I am surprisingly shy, but with that comes a huge amount of confidence with my friends where I'm ready to take chances for them. I am extremely loyal to my friends, though sometimes I find their problems rather petty and stupid. I also have difficulty explaining and venting how I feel healthily, something I am being forced to work on.

I have a short temper. You want to piss me off to no ends in person? I will make you pass out with a move I learned from a relative who worked in the War. You wouldn't believe it, but I don't like fighting. This often makes me  out as a coward or someone with a big ego, though I am much the opposite. I just know my flaws and I embrace them.

I am very insensitive, as already mentioned. I will listen to your problems, give advice, but I will not pity you, or feel sorry for you, because most of the time, those problems are stupid. Real. Stupid.


I am very much into World War One, and I and my class are trying to get a grant so we can create a brand new World War One Memorial for our ANZACs. Don't you dare insult them. Even if you're Turkish or German, or whatever. Because I'm flippin' Jew, but I'm not going crazy over the fact that the ANZACs killed, because so did Germany, and people died. That's all that should matter. The ANZACs didn't just save us, they saved Britain, and Franch. They were pawns, destined to die by the Britian. They knew they were going to die, but they still ran out from the trenches that day at Gallipoli.

Those brave diggers are true heroes.

Say whatever the Hell you want, but if you dare put down any soldier who fought in any of the Wars, be it an Australian, British, German, Vietnamese, ect. you will gain an enemy in me.

I don't exactly enjoy songs that include something along the lines of "I'll be your soldier" or "Will you be my soldier?" either ever since I actually found out what they went through.


If we also have to know, I am questioning my sexuality. A lot. It's confusing, I don't really enjoy having to piece it all together, so I go by as I please, not really bothering. Whether I am straight, gay, bi, asexual, pansexual, or perhaps even a panromantic asexual or biromantic pansexual, I don't care. Because no one else should, either.


My gender is... Well, either one of a male or female. My gender shouldn't really matter to anyone. I enjoy crossdressing a lot, I find it extremely fun.

I also like to act, sing, write, contribute in Philosiphy, research about historic events, read, and be a sarcastic git.


Do I have a big ego? Surprisingly, no. Much the opposite, but you could say it's hard for others to see that. I honestly don't blame them.


I love horror movies and I look up to Stephen King a lot. I've started collecting his books and the movie adaptations of his books and these are the ones I've read/watched/gotten so far:



The Stand.


Four Past Midnight.



Pet Semetary.

The Shining.

Salem's Lot.



Doctor Sleep.


Lisey's Story.

Duma Key.

Wizards And Glass.




The Stand.


The Langoilers.

Pet Semetary.

The Shining.


Carrie The Remake.

Stand By Me.

The Green Mile.



Storm Of The Century.


The Mist.


Riding The Bullet.



Neatly Sorted Profile:

Name: Unknown (more so, none of your bloody concern).

Nicknames/Aliases: Bluemoon, Ienzo Darkness, Moshi Monster, Cherry, Cherrykit, Nerd, Hobbit, Reality Loser.

Preferred Nicknames/Aliases: Bluemoon/Reality Loser.

Gender: Unknown (AKA none of your concern).

Age: Let's just say around the 13-17 age range.

Appearance: (I'm obviously not going to go into detail about this one, but eh. I digress) I have extremely curly dark brown hair with blonde highlights running through out it. My eyes are a dark brown, and my friends used to joke that when I got angry they would almost turn black. I have incredibly pale skin for where I live, and I'm really darn short, standing at five feet (152 cms). I've done my research, and I've figured out that I am literally around the same size as an unnaturally tall hobbit- I'm around the same height that Merry and Pippin were in Lord Of The Rings. I have small hands, and a really big grin. I wear 'Hipster' glasses, not because I want to seem cool, but because I flippin' need them.

Nationality: Australian.

*More shall be added*


Questions you should think about:

The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.



Questions you should think about:

The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.  



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