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Country: United States
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Favorite book: The Dreamer, by Peter Sis
Member Since: Jan 28, 2010

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Butterfly Daydreams Entry #1

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Jan 20, 2015
Tern daydreams of a butterfly! Enjoy!:)
Tags:beauty, child, friendship, boy, nature, butterfly, flower, flowers, daydream, wildlife, camellia

Writing Portfolio

Butterfly Daydreams Entry #2

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Jan 27, 2015
A boy whose name is Farid, sees a butterfly and some...

Butterfly Daydreams Entry #1

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Jan 20, 2015
Tern daydreams of a butterfly! Enjoy!:)

Farid's Little Whirlpool

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Jan 17, 2015
Farid enjoys a whirlpool in the pond while at recess:)...

Infinite Lakeshore

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Nov 20, 2014
Fabiola; she admires a lake shore which is seemingly...

A Tiger Lily, A Water Lily, And A Petunia

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Nov 17, 2014
Tern, a boy who likes flowers, receives some flowers from...

Cute Little Froggy

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Nov 13, 2014
Well, what can I say? Tern found a frog during recess at...

Among Thistles and Orchids

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: May 23, 2014
Tern sees a skipper butterfly among thistles and orchids....

Behind That Old Shack

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: May 19, 2014
Fabiola sees a butterfly in the countryside:) Enjoy!

A Little Bit of Coriander

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Feb 28, 2014
Tern, Farid, and Fabiola enjoy preparing some coriander...

Fall is Here!

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Feb 24, 2014
Fabiola and her friend Tern stand in the middle of a...

Butterfly Crossings: Sparkling Erratic Blue

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Feb 16, 2014
Fabiola finds a butterfly in the 'blue' family. She is...

Butterfly Crossings: Exotic Swallowtail

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Dec 2, 2013
Tern sees a swallowtail in a forest clearing.

Butterfly Crossings: Little Skipper

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Nov 30, 2013
Tern sees a skipper butterfly in a grass field.

Farid's Little Sand Castle

Poem by JoelatRpg
Posted: Nov 3, 2013
Farid builds a sand castle in the Sand Desert of Takaaki...

A little about me:

*I like drawing little children

*I am autistic

*I like riding bicycle and walking

*I love flowers!  They are so pretty!  I've liked them ever since I was a little boy!

*I like reading

*My favorite book is 'The Dreamer'.

There are approximately 4 hours worth of reading time I have written of short stories, and a few poems, but I would like to say that without help, I would not have been able to write these stories.

*Thanks to God, for giving me the opportunity to develop my talents

*Thanks to Booksie, which has given me the perfect enviroment to share my stuff.  Thanks, Booksie!

*And, thank you for my readers, who make it possible to share my stuff!:)


Now for Reading Requests: I love reading requests, because that will give me chance to read something new every day!  But, please do not ask me to read anything about politics, sex, westerns, or horror.  If you do, I will simply delete your request.


Now for Characters!!!:)


Fabiola Waterlily:

So what about this girl?  She loves pretty things, of course, and she likes to look pretty.  She is really into flowers.  Her favorite color is pink:)


Tern Phalarope:

Who is this sharp kid?  This is Tern Phalarope, and he loves plants and flowers!  He is often energetic, too.

This boy's name is Farid Mist.  He's quiet, and he likes butterflies.  His favorite color is blue:)


Would you like to read these stories and poems on a kindle?

Kindle (Mobi) Files:

Butterfly Crossings: Exotic Swallowtail


Wait! Before you go, there's some authors who I recommend reading!


Maggie has written 'The Lottery Ticket'.  It is one of the best stories you'll ever read:)

Emily (Evferree) has written amazing poems!  Be sure to check her work out:)

Liam Strong: He has a talent for poems, short stories, and novels.

Amoridere: Meet her characters Doki and Toki.  They are unforgettable.

AbstractKash: She has written a beautiful short story 'The Unspoken.'  It's truly one of my favorites on this website, because it is so heart warming and nice.

Adelaide Bellerose: She is writing an awesome science fiction story called 'Double Opposites.'  Feel free to give it a try!:)

Smircle is writing a special story called 'The Woodside House.'

AbstractKash has written an deeply touching story called 'Death'.  Feel free to check it out:)

Eden L has written a beautiful short story called 'The Day He Confesses!'

Ally has written a heart warming new poem  called 'The Spider and I'!  Check it out!  She also has many other poems:)



Dear Bullies,

That boy you punched in the hall today; he's shy and he's never had one friend.  Not a single one!  Be his friend!  That boy you made fun of for crying?  His mother and father just got a divorce.  What about the girl who you called stupid?  She has learning disabilities, and she spends several hours a day hoping she'll at least get a C on her tests.  How many of you will actually copy and paste this onto your profile, too?  1 percent?  5 percent?  30 percent? 100 percent?  Stop bullying and spread the world!

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