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By: PinkRosey9

Page 1, These jokes are funny and wonderful for young kids! Please read.

1. The robbers joke

Sammy- What do you call two pairs of robbers that nick stuff?

Robin- I don't know.

Sammy- Two pairs of nickers!

2. The sweet joke

Popcorn- What country did sweet come from?

Candy- Sweeten.

3. Milk chocolate joke

John-Howcanyoukeepfromgettingasharppaininyoureye whenyoudrinkchocolate milk?

Doctor- Take the spoon out of the glass.

4.The overweight golfer joke

Sam- What do you come across an overweight golfer and tight pants?

Kathy- A hole in the pants.

5. The cruel cook joke

Chole- Why are cooks so cruel?

Rachel- It's because they beat the egg and whip the cream!

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