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Jokes 2013...

By: Pranav5

Page 1, well, not so perfect....there\'s a few.

(1) Manu to his friend:

- If you have a sweet in your pocket and your dad gives you a sweet, how many will you have?

- Zero!

- Perhaps you don't know Maths.

- Perhaps you don't know my dad.

(2) We do not say 'Pirate' but that pie has a good overall.

(3) Mastress to lazy pupil:

- Did you know the difference between you and a slave.

- No!

- A slave has already worked.

(4) Mastress to pupil:

- You will have to write an essay having the words 'Green', 'Yellow', 'Pink'. For tommorow.

Next day, the pupil came in front with his essay and read aloud:

Once, the telephone was ringing Green Green. I picked up and said 'Yellow'. As there was no one on the line, I cut it, Pink.

(5) Who says 'Ho ho ho, yummy!'

The santa claus who was eating cookies.

(6) In the north pole, a polar bear to another:

- Beware! A giant vampire!

- It's a walrus, idiot!

(7) In India, english man to indian:

-Hello! My name is Bond. James Bond. And you?

-Oh! My name is Iyer.

Venugopal Iyer.

Parambatur Venugopal Iyer

Mutuswami Parambatur Venugopal Iyer

Punuswami Mutuswami Parambatur Venugopal Iyer

Chinuswami Punuswami Mutuswami Parambatur Venugopal Iyer

Vrindlall Chinuswami Punuswami Mutuswami Parambatur Venugopal Iyer


-GODDAMN-IT.....!!!! SHUT UP................!!!!!!!!

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