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The Official Rant.

Book By: Massacre For Two

I was bored and pissed off with the cliques at school.

Submitted:Aug 31, 2010    Reads: 95    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

In your school, you get cliques, yeah? Like, emos/goths, slags/populars, nerds/geeks, etc. I mean, everyone does.

Okay, unless you are a slag/popular, then you would hate them. I mean, they wear short clothes that leave little to imagine, you got their brittle feeling straight hair and the orange face with the obvious fake tan. All these weird fucking fashion styles. Gladiator shoes, fucking floral prints and what the hell, jumpsuits? Seriously, stop playing Barbie doll and get a life. And stop getting fucked and actually straighten yourself out. You'll be pregnant before you hit eighteen and you'll be stuck working in Tesco all your life with six kids all old enough to be your own siblings.

Next, nerds/geeks. Hey, I got nothing wrong with your studying thing, I mean you're the one's who are gonna get the good jobs and exeed in life 'coz you actually bothered to study to get good marks. But hey, you don't have to do this 24/7, I mean you're just making it easier for everyone to bully you. Live a little, hon. Get drunk, go to some random, wild party. I dunno, just do something different for a fucking change. Plus, the way you dress? Please, I don't care, just untuck your shirt, get your hair out of those pig-tails and get some decent sized glasses.

Thirdly, yes, I shall rant about the emos/goths/loners/scene. Personally, I love this clique. Probably 'coz the music and the way they dress is just unique and different from all the other shit that happens. I love how logical they think, also. The hair style and heavy eye makeup is different from your powdered face whatsit. Plus, they have attitude and don't give a fuck what others think. But they could be a little more happy. Plus, personally I think unless you deserve to be, don't be one of the four. I guess I'll just rant for them now. Not every fucking emo slits their wrist, not every goth is the anti christ, not every loner has no friends at all and not every scene is some stupid drunken whore.

Then the wanna be's and the posers. Okay, please... get a life. You're not doing any favours for yourself pretending. You think you are and you do all this shit but no, babe, no. And the wanna be's. I guess it's alright to want to be like others, to look up to them but seriously, stop crying over it please and get unique.

Anyone I missed out? Oh yeah. The hippys or whatever you want to call them. I know you love the world and environment and want everything to be happy clean but just shut up. Please, just shut up. If you want to get the word out then find a less annoying way to protest against stuff. But I understand about your animal rights thing. That's some true shit. Pill popping, cigarette smoking hippys. Aaaah, the fun.

And now, my favourite one's to rant about, the chavs and gangsters. No mate, you don't look cool in your track suit bottoms, your ''No Fear'' hoody and cap and your Addias trainers. You look like a dick head. And the way you speak? It amuses me but seriously, learn some real english. Now our gangsters. Or rather, wanna be gangsters. No, you could never beat that dude up, you have never been laid, you've smoked since you were twelve and you live in a rough neighbour hood which you will never be able to survive. Hey, your mums fault for raising you that way, huh? Some slut assed bitch who had you at fifteen. Hah.

Now, our resident bullys. Honey, that's not a real tattoo. No, your not ''ripped''. You're just fat and you take your anger out on any other kid as long as he/she is smaller than you and you know they won't stand up to you. Seriously, emotional or physical bullying, your really hurting them. Especially emotional bullying, that's the worst. You could be pushing them towards their suicide. So shut the fuck up, leave them alone and go fight some idiot the same size as you with the same peanut brain. Thank you.

If I missed anyone out, please leave a suggestion below. I'd be happy to add them to the list.


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