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Omgle.com: I'll Pray For You

Miscellaneous By: L D Sexy

so i told a bunch of lies but its ok jesus is gunna help me out

Submitted:Sep 11, 2009    Reads: 1,103    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

L DSexy: hey
Stranger: hello
L DSexy: how are you
Stranger: good! u
L DSexy: im terrible
Stranger: oh i'm sorry why?
L DSexy: im on bedrest
Stranger: i'm so sorry
L DSexy: ya its ok thats why im on here so bored i cant do anyhting
Stranger: o well still
Stranger: so hobbies?
L DSexy: uhm music
L DSexy: writing
Stranger: coolness music
Stranger: play instramunts?
L DSexy: aha piano
Stranger: same here and also trumpet
L DSexy: im a rapper
Stranger: epic
L DSexy: so i write alot of lyrics
Stranger: asowme
Stranger: i also write music
L DSexy: my new song is about how i ended up on bedrest
Stranger: lol
L DSexy: not rly
Stranger: o sry
L DSexy: my little cousin was being gang beat
L DSexy: like 5 guys were stomping him
Stranger: oh no i'm so sorry
L DSexy: so i jumpd in to help him
Stranger: good did you win?
Stranger: or at least get him out
L DSexy: i got stabd below the ribs
L DSexy: and then they ran off
L DSexy: hes 12
Stranger: ouch
Stranger: what happned to him?
Stranger: and why were they beating on him?
L DSexy: broken arm lasserations they fuckd him up
L DSexy: cuz were white
L DSexy: and we live in a black nieghboorhood
Stranger: i'm sorry
Stranger: thats gotta be tough
Stranger: i live in a compleatly white town
Stranger: i have no idea what its like
L DSexy: ya its rly hard stuff liek this happens all the time
Stranger: i'll keep you in my prayrs
L DSexythank you
L DSexy: today was a rly rough day also for us
L DSexy: 9/11
Stranger: yea for everyone
L DSexy: my uncle was in the towers
Stranger: i'm so sorry
Stranger: i was lucky and had no reletives
Stranger: but an ulmni from our school was there
L DSexy: ya
L DSexy: its a very sad day
Stranger: yes it was
Stranger: well on a different note
Stranger: gender?
Stranger: i'm a guy
L DSexy: male obvs
Stranger: and 14 u?
L DSexy: 17
Stranger: jeeze i feel so young
L DSexy haha
L DSexy i guess so
L DSexy: so what are you doing on omegle
Stranger: just bored and my friend told me to do it
Stranger: cuz its cool to have intreasting conversations like this one
L DSexy: yea for sure
Stranger: that don't end in like 5 seconds
L DSexy: i come on alot because i have anoter side to me that i cant express in my nieghboorhood
L DSexy: so i talk to strangers
Stranger: well it must help
L DSexy: some are very understanding
Stranger: its good to do stuff like that
Stranger: yes
L DSexy: ya well im a closet crossdresser so if people in my nieghboorhood found out
L DSexy: i would prolly be murders
L DSexy murdered*
Stranger: i'm so sorry
Stranger: can't you move? not to be rude but there must be some reason
L DSexy: all my family is here
Stranger: o
L DSexy: wish i could
L DSexy: we take care of my cousins also
L DSexy: since their dad my uncle in the towers
Stranger: o i'm sorry
Stranger: well i have to go i'll pray for you
L DSexy: o thank you so much
L DSexy: but one thing b4 you go?
Stranger: if i can i'll get my whole youth group to pray also
Stranger: ya
L DSexy: i lied
L DSexy: about everything
L DSexy: all a joke
Stranger: r u serious
L DSexy: yes i am serious
Stranger: not very funny
Stranger: but still lol
L DSexy: actually
L DSexy: its quite hilarious
L DSexy: imm gunna go pray for you
L DSexy: i died
Stranger: lol
Stranger: good one
L DSexy: did you know
L DSexy: jesus wasnt real
Stranger: good bye


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