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Overcoming OCD

By: Skye Bagshaw

Page 1, Raising awareness for the most common type of OCD, the ignorance of society and how it affects the sufferer.


Note: I have OCD, I am just raising awareness and helping achieve closure. This is in no way an attack at peoples assumptions, or self pity, it is just a means to try to get people to understand about the most common form of OCD, and a way to express how it makes me feel.
Here is something supposed to help my OCD: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But I rarely thought I was going to kill myself. I thought I was going to kill you. Does anybody know of a saying:: "When you realise that it is your irrational thoughts that are making you feel like a psychopath responsible for accidents and peoples deaths, it makes you stronger?"
How many of you have heard that OCD is extreme perfectionism? How could feeling like a criminal who should be arrested by the police make you an extreme perfectionist? I would think iy would make you feel too rubbish to try for perfection, but what do I know?
What is the most common kind? No, it's not cleaning, although it is represented the most. It is the obsessional feeling of responsibility about thoughts. My kind- if I say that 3 times it sounds like a new religion.  Yeah, this kind. Despite feeling like you and your thoughts will contaminate and damage people, it isn't about cleaning. Well, how is being so trapped inside your head that you can't wash hygienic?
"Are you alright? Are you alright? Are you alright?" I should just be glad I haven't murdered you, or assaulted you.  Not thinking that I am a psychopath is the peak of happiness. That and knowing that nobody in prison for a sex crime has OCD.

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