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jesus is coming to kill dajjal

Novel By: alienrainbow

jesus is great alien rainbow is greatest View table of contents...



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when jesus flew a warplane it exploded as gunmen shot bullets on the warplane shooting the missile this killed jesus in the sky.
when jesus was in cover having plenty ammunition to shoot away the gangs in a gun battle the gang threw a grenade it landed near jesus and killed jesus as he was alive with wounds with no ability to shoot his weapon the gang entered jesus cover position and killed him.
when a gang is ready to assassinate jesus they look for him and attempt to kill jesus if they see jesus escape the gang continue to look for jesus if jesus is found by the gang it will be a earlier death date for jesus as jesus has a healthy body that will live for years only violence and accident can kill jesus as he has no disease or ill health.
if jesus had no water and food he did a miracle to make food water appear on his dish and glass.
when jesus flew his warplane he flew high to prevent bullets shooting the missile on his plane as the bombs on his plane will fall to the ground from where his warplane is flying.
on the battlefield jesus wanted a bath looking for a home where the family fled as refugees then jesus put the latch on the door to make it locked so no gangs entered the bathroom killing jesus.
when there is no electricity gas supply jesus made the sun become summer hot during the winter.
jesus can defeat all the gangs without appearing on earth fighting them as one day every gang member will die of old age.
instead of flying warplanes jesus had birds flying in the sky watching earth disasters to tell jesus where natural disasters and chaos happened then jesus commended a miracle to end the disasters i saw the hurricane go back towards the sea before it struck the town and a rain of flood move with the cloud far out in the sea away from the city.
let the rain of flood fall on the sea the wind of gale blow above the sea the fish saved the lives of humans and buildings infrastructure from disaster.
jesus is great i witnessed these miracles happen before my eyes on my human body. jesus can perform miracles on earth when he is in heaven know jesus did this how he would when he is human on earth.
when jesus is in heaven he made all the blind see on earth he issued the eyesight miracle to work when he was not on earth if anyone disbelieved he was jesus when he came to earth jesus made a human appear blind then the human was eyesight restored and the crowd knew he was jesus.
when jesus miracles happen on earth alien rainbow ordered porn star world to enter earth to play sex games with beautiful women.
if jesus looked like a man then that man is jesus as only one man has the identity of being jesus.
the engineers making military weapons in the weapon factories are doing this to cause world war to have all the missiles, bullets, missiles, bombs, drones be used for shooting to kill people destroy buildings. the military weapons are not made for peace is to create war.
jesus said while people are arrested for drugs and carrying weapons it is done by the army that wants weapons to kill people who reject following the army as jesus was arrested for drugs this army was handling military weapons they took jesus self-defence gadget off him but the army remained in possession of weapons then the army put jesus in jail for a longtime for having drugs and self-defence weapons but the army carried weapons with freedom out of jail.
jesus said you are carrying weapons out on the street dressed in uniforms but i am being locked up in jail for carrying my weapon for self-defence because i do not wear your uniform nor follow your killing spree.
while jesus was arrested for the drugs and weapons he was told he must not ever carry a weapon but the judge allowed the military factory to create weapons to give to its army they killed people causing war or forced people to be arrested having weapons ready to massacre any person not following the rules of the armies officers.
jesus said Alien Rainbow is alike me he is a messiah for aliens a sex god a sexy angel i want to have his identity and perform the miracles he has then Alien Rainbow said i wish jesus looked like me i want to perform the miracles that jesus has he is greatest.
when jesus went to war it was to free prisoners and give them a sex life with partners for love and peace. jesus arrested no criminals he resisted and fought them that attacked him but gave rehabilitation to every criminal to restrain their evil acts if a human is dangerous jesus made that insane person not live with any vulnerable or victims.
when a child is a sex target jesus knew putting that sex offender in a place where it can have no children would stop sex offenses on children jesus gave no freedom to evil as jesus attacked evil to make the bad stop.
one day Alien Rainbow will die why to be living as a new body being healed from any body damage to appear young from a old physique if Alien Rainbow is killed by gangs his death is not eternal he has a new body on a planet where the gangs have no access to kill him.
when Alien Rainbow is killed is because the enemy attacked him the murder has no control over my spirit it is out of my dead human body to be given new life your murder attempt is failure i live forever after every death before i died i am living this is how i appear after i am killed i am seen alive as a ghost and body.
jesus is my best male friend if am blind my eyes are given eyesight by jesus hands or my new body it has eyes to see.
jesus likes music he dance with genre. jesus would have a haircut to appear bald then his hair grew long.
jesus asked why is he being arrested for murder if he had not resisted the fight he would be the dead person then the army locked jesus in jail for murder and the army killed everyone they attacked and had no jail sentence it was the government killing its people the government that built jail to arrest us for crime that jesus can only murder for the government or allow a fighter to kill him or be sent to prison for not escaping the violence that is searching to kill jesus.
the army recruited people that wanted to kill for the army they was given freedom for their violence and jesus was locked in prison on charge for murder as he did not fight for the government rules it killed people using military and torture weapons.
jesus issued prisoners be freed for sex rights every lover keep away from the sex rapists no children, vulnerable and victims go near sex abuse suspects.
jesus wanted every military factory making weapons destroyed to end the production of all the armies weaponry this stopped war fought with guns, bombs firing out explosive fire and injury death.
jesus arrested no people to live with the same sex or be locked in jail jesus prepared for the fightback of people resisting criminals who attacked victims during freedom.
jesus loves the sex life with beautiful women for prison is not the place built by God or Goddess as it forced people in to same sex lifestyle no sex when locked up for how much time. the custody buildings was built by the satan devil demons to stop people having a heterosexual lifestyle taking away are freedom for not fighting crimes for the armies oppression.
jesus condemned the arrest of a women that murdered her rapist suspect jesus said this court wanted her to be raped or locked up in prison for self-defense because she resisted being raped the court wants her to be raped they locked her in jail to be raped by staff to charge her for another murder in jail jesus warned set her free this is my wife i will fight to free her and end your authority she is not to be raped or arrested by your attacking criminals.


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