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The feel of love

By: Priyanks

Page 1, It\'s about how a person feels once he/she falls in love.

The Feel Of Love

The scene of sun rise,
The dew on the rose,
The place filled with greenery,
And the world filled with happiness.
Everything around me,
Seems so beautiful these days.
While this has been the way,
The world moved everyday.
The likeness towards flowers,
The unusual patience to wait,
The addiction to favorite numbers,
That seemed to tune my life,
With al notes right in place.
It feels like a new birth,
With unused boons of happiness,
Still at hands to deliver,
What I had dreamt to give this world.
Its al cause of you,
The only you,
Who made me learn,
How to laugh,love and live.
You have been the reason for my life,
And I promise,
You will remain to be so,
For till I leave this world,
Its you,my love.

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