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Life Enchantment Script

Script By: NellyNel

A small school written script of a fake potion. We had to present it as it was a paid progamming anuoncement. It was very funny when we presented it.

Submitted:May 25, 2012    Reads: 148    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

  • · Nelson- Hi, Daniel D. Collins here from Better World Corporation and today I will be showing you our latest and most popular product. It's easy to use in one, two, three and voila! Tired of seeing your celebrities on TV, wishing to meet them? Wishing to be them? So here is the solution for you. This is one of our testers and one of our unpaid interns, his name is Luis and as you can see he looks up to one person.
  • · Luis- God?
  • · Nelson- No (smiles) The Incredible Hulk.
  • · Luis- What?
  • · Nelson- Even tough changing a body part is not easy without surgery, our scientists have proven that it's much easier with a sip from this potion (Takes out potion) and voila! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Life Enchantment!
  • · Luis- Will this makes me less ugly?
  • · Nelson- I can't promise you anything, but yes, so here's how it works. First drink the potion, (Luis drinks it) then wait. You must drink the beverage before going to sleep. After 2 hours, you will feel agonizing pain.
  • · Luis- (screams in pain)
  • · Nelson- After a long night without any sleep, after sunrise, look yourself in the mirror or in Luis case here (shows a mirror)
  • · Luis- Woooo!! I'm the Hulk!!
  • · Nelson- See? We make kids dreams true. (smile hypocritically)
  • · Luis- But will I ever change back to my normal, hot super funky self?
  • · Nelson- No, not unless you buy the reset potion, which costs double what you paid for this one. By the way, this ones coming out of your paycheck.
  • · Luis- But you don't pay me!
  • · Nelson- We do now. (smile) Even tough people hate what they have once they get it, we will send you this reset potion free. That's right absolutely free! We call it Body Clean, and here's how it works. Just drink it and in seconds you'll go back to your regular self.
  • · Luis- Wow! It really does work!
  • · Nelson-Also, if your still not amazed, will include a new thing we like to call 'Quiet Al Fin!' Are you tired of people like your parents bugging you? People you hate won't shut up? With the Quiet Al Fin! they will. Just combine with water and done. To prove it…
  • · Rafael- (enters scene, he will be playing the character of a father and he will argue with Luis as he was his son.) Get me a glass of water!
  • · Luis- (gets water) (sarcasm, pours potion in the water) Here dad, have a drink. And shut the hell up!
  • · Rafael- (mouth is shut)
  • · Luis-Thanks Better World!
  • · Nelson- To order now this exclusive package call the number on this piece of paper. You won't regret it!
  • · Rafael- Come to us and Voila!
  • · Luis- Side effects may include: Becoming an Albino, Baldness, Cancer, horrible acne, small wiener, and probably death. This package has a price of $25. 99, shipping and handling $10.99, and insurance if it breaks $49.50.
  • · All- Call now!


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