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The hard of hearing Genie

Short story By: Arturon Gillespie

This short story is of the be careful what you wish for kind,and is based on a joke that I heard a long time ago. I take no credit for the idea. All I have done is run with the general premise and tidied it up a bit.

Submitted:Jun 12, 2014    Reads: 184    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

In a waterfront bar the kind where the bitter go to drown their sorrows, and sailors meet women of negotiable affection, the barkeep notices a young sailor who is downing glass after glass, of the local rotgut. Although hardened by what he has seen of life, the barkeep is not without compassion, and filling up the sailor's glass, he asks what the problem is.

The sailor reaches into the kitbag besides him and takes out a tiny music stool, and then a small perfect replica of a grand piano and places them on the bar, Once more, he delves into the bag and produces a box a little over a foot high and standing it on end he places it on the bar. He taps gently on the boxes lid and it opens. Out comes a foot high little man dressed in formal tie and tails, he walks over to the piano, cracks his fingers sits, and begins to play. He plays Brahms, Tchaikovsky, finishes with Chopin and then he walks back to the box enters and closes the door.

Moved by emotions long dormant, the barkeep takes his bar rag and wipes a tear from his eye and blows his nose, he then asks the sailor why having such a wonderful thing, he is so unhappy.

The sailor still looking at his glass says, "I was down on my luck walking a foreign shore, when I kicked an old bottle, the cork flew out, and a column of smoke climbed high into the sky. Within the smoke was a huge and angry genie, who said,"

"Ten thousand years I have lived in that bottle captured and imprisoned by a Sorcerer long dead. Now I am free, free to roam the universe once more. You who have freed me I shall give three gifts the first, eternal youth, the second, eternal life the last, I will grant any wish you choose to make."

The sailor took a deep swallow from his glass and with tears in his eyes said, "Well, I could not believe my luck, so I asked for the one thing that would make any young mans eternity even sweeter, but I guess the Genie was kind of deaf. So here I am, cursed to spend an eternity, with a twelve inch Pianist."


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