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Stuck in Wonderland!

Short story By: esilva01

Tags: Funny, Joke, Fiction

I fall in a world and the craziest things happen...

Submitted:May 20, 2010    Reads: 130    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

"Excuse me that's my role!" Who did she think she was. Alice, a blonde who can just interrupt my dreaming. She was like oh no you didn't and I was like oh yes I did. She wasn't even chasing the right character. I was chasing Bugs Bunny and she thought it was that rabbit who was always in such a rush. He was always saying the time, the time, the time!
"Excuse me, your chasing the wrong rabbit or bunny whatever you want to call it." She then nodded while I pointed towards the other hole the other rabbit had gotten into. Anyway, I followed Bugs Bunny into a hole. There was a table and on it was a bottle that read drink me. I drank it and instead of becoming small I was made much bigger.
"The heck with this!" I kicked the door with my oversized shoe and it broke. I kicked it a couple more times until it was big enough for me to pass through. I fell into a sea! I swam for only 5 seconds and then spotted a ship. Pirates pulled me overboard to help me. Boy, was I wrong! It was Captain Hook!
"Finally, we have caught you Wendy, " Captain Hook said in a rough voice.
"Excuse me, I'm not Wendy one plank to the left." I turned my head and there was the actual Wendy tied to an anchor. Oh well, I thought. Maybe Peter Pan wanted to go to the movies instead of saving a damsel in distress. The Pirates untied me and I jumped in the ocean and swam towards the shore. In the island there was a forest. I followed a path and soon encountered a sign that said big bad wolf (the rapper) tonight in concert. I then spotted Bugs Bunny and he leaned against a tree.
"What's up Doug," said Bugs Bunny.
"Again? Wrong character the person you're looking for is over there. Although, I was chasing you, but my legs are like so tired so see you later!" I stopped for a quick rest. I decided to explore the rest of this magical place. This place was amazing because it was just like a forest with different paths leading to different directions.
That is when I ran into a sign that had arrows pointing in all directions. That is when the treasure cat appeared. He seemed to be just an illusion. He was fatter than I remembered, but to tell you the truth I was just happy to see or find someone to guide me considering the fact I was surrounded by forest.
"Treasure Cat! I am so happy to see you!"
"Stay quiet! The mafia is looking for me because of something I did."
"What did you do," I questioned.
"I pulled a prank on them and let's just say that they got so mad they turned red, "he said.
"You what?" The conversation continued until he gave me directions to the village. After that I walked towards the village. Why did I just say that? It's obvious, if he gave me directions to some other place then it's obvious I'd have to go there.
While I walked to the village I spotted Rapunzel on top of her castle. That charming Prince was climbing her hair when all of a sudden. Rapunzel's hair couldn't lift his weight so she fell off the tower landing on top of the Charming Prince. I could tell that he would need surgery on his face after what happened today.
Next, I saw a beautiful house made of candy. Next to it was a sign that read 'kid soup for sale.' No! She had eaten Hansel and Gretel. I hate to admit it, but this place was just wrong. There are usually suppose to be happy endings, but in this place there was nothing but bad endings.
"I want to go home this place is terrible!" Then from out of the bushes came the red queen.
"Off with her head," she screamed.
"What did I do wrong now?"
"You cry baby, drama queen, brat! Everybody knows that if you cry you die!"
"You know what, shut up! Don't call me that hot headed queen, you're so fat that people sometimes mistake you for a apple," I screamed back. She snapped her fingers and all of her guards were onto me. I ran past the candy house and that didn't work so I ended up in a court where they were discussing how I would die.
That's when I woke up in horror and realized I had fallen asleep while reading a book. What do know you actually have fun while reading books, well by sleeping in them actually!


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