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The Wedding's Debts

By: lytriphat

Page 1, The pair, husband and wife. They both have debts from the people after the wedding ceremony of their son. They argue with each other about the debts. What will happen to them? Will they be able to pay all the debts?

The time is afternoon at 1:00 PM. There is an old man who is standing in his backyard and cutting down the leaves on the tree. He has a very muddy face. Something must have happened to him, which is why his face is so muddy. He looks very dejected, and despondent. “WHY I AM SAD THAN THE WORD SAD! THERE IS NOTHING TO CUT!” He screams out and walks away from the tree he is cutting. He then heads toward another tree and continues cutting down the leaves. “WEDDING, WEDDING CAME LIKE A LAME!” He keeps yelling and he is still torturing the trees by cutting down the leaves, and small branches. From inside the house, there is a woman. That woman is his wife. She stares at her husband and wonders what he is doing. She pours the tea into two small cups and brings them out from the kitchen. “Hey! Want a cup of tea?” She brings one cup of tea to her husband and asks her husband whether if he wants a cup of tea or not, but she doesn’t sound really nice to her husband. “You DRINK it! I do NOT want to!” The husband turns around and yells at his wife. His wife then places the cup of tea on an outside table. “Here, I put your cup on the table.” She talks to her husband. She then walks to a chair and sits down. “What happened to your face? No spring season on your face at all. A dog just bit you or something? I don’t know why but after the wedding ceremony. We only have two trees, but you take them out and you torture them. Now they are almost bald!” She talks to her husband about the two trees and his wizen face. “This means! Hates the fish but chops the cutting board!” He shoots the words back at his wife. "It wasn't just a dog but it was a crazy dog that bit me! Plus that if I’m done with these two suckers but still not satisfied my needs. I’ll bump at you and cut your neck off IMMEDIATELY!” He nags at his wife very horribly. I agree that he got bit by a very crazy dog, his wife. That is why he is so mad. “Why cut my neck off? The wife quickly asks back her husband. She knows everything but she acts like she didn’t do a thing to the wedding ceremony. “Why? It’s all your faults! You were so disconsolate at that time! You were the one who made me feel sad!” The husband cries in his misery and yells in his enmity at the same time. “What did I do?” The wife glances at her husband with her two stubborn eyes and asks him again. She is still pretending that she knows nothing. “How can I ponder about this? For god’s sake! White roses are still decorating but why our faces are like devastating? Hah? You planned the wedding ceremony; you need to know that you have limits. This time you planned the wedding ceremony! COMPLETELY, and UTTERLY out of line! Dou you know the word ‘limitation’ and what does it mean? The guests they ate the less but now we pay the more!” The husband’s mouth is chopping the words apart. He then sits down on the chair and continues nagging at his wife. “You ponder about that. Is it wrong or right?” “Well! It’s out of line but it’s still on the line. Your son at least got a wife and YOU at least got a new daughter in law. Why are you nagging at me? Huh? I know that we have debts from the people! After the wedding ceremony, I know we've wasted more than 40,000 dollars. Right now, yelling isn’t going to help you!” The wife doesn’t agree with her husband’s complaints. She argues back his complaints. “What thing can help me now? You? I’m afraid not! Even god doesn’t think so. AGAIN! I once told you! It’s time for me to list your crimes out so the public can see them! Here, open your two ears and listen to me. I told you before the wedding ceremony, we lived in the countryside. Not so many people are living here and our relatives from the city are also not much. Twenty tables are enough, ‘NO! NO! I want the honours from the people!’ You put in ten more tables, thirty tables for the total! But those ten tables, nobody sat there! The foods were still on the tables. The guests were too full to eat them at that day and I told you to give all the foods to the guests so they can bring home and eat. You still said, ‘NO! NO! NO! Wrap them up! I’ll eat them later!’ Eat what? Three days later, the foods were rotten! This forenoon, you dumped all the foods to the fishes, chickens, and ducks! How much were the ten wasted tables cost? Hah? Not to mention that if tomorrow, my animals are getting a vomit from eating too many foods and then die! I swear to god if I don't kill you, I will become your son! You are the mother of the new daughter in law! Right? You get your son to marry a daughter in law not to marry yourself! Look at you, just like a broken spatula. Chop front, chop back, completely flat. You have gone through half of a lifetime! More than fifty years old, almost sixty now! But you told the tailor to make for you a four colours dress. Pink, yellow, orange, and peach. That’s just one part, okay. You also told the tailor to make for you a tight dress. I was like…, you are not eighteen years old! If you put that dress on you, you will become a woman with two backs. Thanked god that you put that dress somewhere and forgot it or else, if you put that dress on you. I would kneel in front of the guests and beg for their forgiveness. You looked even worse than the animals! In the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the ugliest animal is the rat. But you still can’t even compare it to yourself then tell me what animal you can compare it to yourself? The colours were so ridiculous and hideous. Plus that your hair, you brushed it up! You are only 5’4 feet; you blew one shot up to 6’0 feet! You went through the door, slammed against it, cut down 0’6. You know of you know who and how out of line you brushed your hair up to there! You want to become another Lady GaGa? What were the points of those things? Hah?” He nags at his wife about the wedding ceremony's plans that she planned. All she can do is sitting there, drinking tea, and listening to her husband’s complaints. In her mind, she is trying to think of some ways to defeat her husband’s complaints. “Are you done?” She asks her husband with a loud and mad voice. “Done what?” He replies back to his wife. The wife then brings both cups of tea and heads to her husband. She tells him to drink both of them to cool him down a bit. “Here! Drink both of them to save your breath.” She walks to him and gives to him two cups of tea. “Okay! Get out of this seat; it’s time for me to sit on this seat you are sitting on the whole time. It’s time for me to publish your crimes to the public and the society! Oh! Plus you are about to become my son. Do you think that I am the only one that is at the faults? You too! GEEZER! You were the one who broke the line barrier but you said that I am utterly out of line! I admit that I wanted thirty tables back then but each table cost 200 dollars. You jumped up, jumped down the table, and yelled, ‘NO! NO! NO! I want each table to be 500 dollars! So the guests can eat a lot and they will know that we are rich!’ Do you think I dumped the foods to your fishes and your animals that I’m happy? Let me tell you! Those ten wasted tables, each one was 500 dollars! 500 dollars time to ten tables, how much is it? 5,000 dollars! Plus with twenty tables, 15,000! Money from the sky falls down or something? 15,000 dollars for thirty tables! That is not a small number. Am I happy? When I threw the foods to your animals, my bowels were ribbed apart like PAK! PAK! PAK! PAK! PAK! Tomorrow if your animals are gaining weight. I’ll count one by one and you pay me back the money! About the clothes, am I the only one? Four colours in one dress? You? Seven colours in seven dresses! Like a rainbow! You look at yourself! The twelve Chinese zodiac signs, I don’t even look like a rat. Then tell me what do you look like? You are not even a rat, you are a frog! Eaten by an eagle! What the heck were you thinking? Your body is so skinny. Chop front, chop back, completely no meat! Just a gust of wind can carry you from United States to Antarctica! Think of what colours for your dresses? If those colours were dark like black, brown, or gray then it would be okay. But no! You know what colours? Blue Neon-light! Green Tea! Turquoise Sea! Yellow Shiny! Orange Orange! Purple Eggplant! Red Fire FLARE! You were the stand out person of all the people at the wedding ceremony! That is because everyone was wearing black and white formal dresses. Half an hour you changed a dress, half an hour you changed a different colour! You said my hair slammed the door, cut it down 0’6? You? You put on your hair a bottle of gel and you pressed against the sides in the middle! You let go, god! People thought that, you are a horse or something! Huh? From the day the debts pushed our heads down; I am the only one who tried to find a way to pay all the debts! All you did is complaining!” She yells at her husband with all of her breath. She finds all the ways to fight the arguments that her husband stated. “WHATEVER! By the way! You borrowed the money also for your daughter in law! You wanted to buy some jewelries, earrings, and rings for her. Her parents didn’t want us to buy anything for her. But you still ‘NO! NO! I want to! I want to!’ Thanked god that you only hit four ounces of gold and diamonds. If you hit one gallon, I don’t know where to shield! What kind of earrings did you buy for her? She wore them on; the two earrings pulled down her two ears to the chin. God! Just a wedding, now look how much money we have wasted! Another thing I wanted to mention. About mother, you just bought for mom an iPod Touch 6th generation right? Yesterday, someone got into our house. They were yelling to get the money for the iPod. It was like 399 dollars or somewhat money! When did you buy it and why I don’t anything about it?” He yells at his wife until the last drop. Then he mentions about the iPod thing his wife got for his mother. “Oh! Funny! What a dotage old man! I did ask for your permission and you allowed me to buy for mom an iPod!” She justifies that she was not the one who does thing without thinking or someone’s permission first. But why in the crap she wanted to buy for the mother an iPod Touch? “I don’t remember when I did allow you to buy for mom the iPod!” He still insists that he was not the one who allowed her to buy for his mother the iPod, “more details please! I am confused.” He wants to hear more evidences. “Okay! Remember when you were busy at organising your beautiful coloured dresses, and got ready to wear them on. Remember? I went in and asked you about the iPod for mom. You said, ‘do whatever that pleases you.’ I went out and went back in again to double check your reply. You still said, ‘buy whatever, I don’t care!’ Remember now?” She recalls all the memories to her husband the day he allowed her to buy for the mother the iPod. “In the busy and the excited time, I didn’t know what you are asking! I was in a chaos of busy!” He cries that he was innocent at that time when she asked him about the iPod for the mother. “BUSY WHAT? EXCITED WHAT? This was your son’s wedding and he wasn't even busy! Why did you have to be busy? Your wedding or something?” She stands up from her seat and points at her husband’s face. She nags at him in the face so bad. “But I am an elder! I am representing for the dad's family!” He still insists upon his wife’s arguments. “ELDER WHAT! You were so sick at that time! You made me even sicker than you!” She irritates her husband even more. “SICK WHAT? There is something even more shock than the word sick! Mother right now, she is more than eighty! How could you tell the tailor to make a dress with a glowing big butterfly in front of it? Plus the hair, it was like curled noodles! Put the headphones on, tight, colourful dress with a sparkling butterfly, wore high heels, painted fingernails, and curled noodle hair! Imagine what she looked like at that time! ALIEN! Goodness, plus the sun glasses! My god!” He insists his wife in details about the iPod and then he moves on to his mother’s appearance while at the wedding ceremony back then. “Alien? Mom wanted to be like that and she liked it. You know what? That glowing butterfly in front of the dress. The tailor and I sat down, we both made that for mom. 24 over 24! Continuous of a week! You said ALIEN! If mom is out here and hears you say this to her. I’m sure that she will strangle your neck off!” She keeps yelling and against her husband’s words. She brings the mother in as a shield to deflect all of the complaints from the husband. “Strangle the HECK of IT! I don’t care!” He screams. Suddenly, from inside the house. The mother walks out to the kitchen’s door. The husband and the wife both turn around and look at the mother. “AHHHHH! JESUS CHRIST!” They both scream in terror when they see their mother. The mother comes out with a tight dress plus with makeup, curled hair, painted fingernails, high heels, and sunglasses on. “What happened?” She asks the two and she turns to the wife. “WIFE OF WILLIAMS” She yells at the wife for not answering her question. “AHHHHHH! MOTHER MARY AND JESUS! WHY IT’S SO CREEPY? I REMEMBER IT WASN’T THAT CREEPY BACK THEN THE WEDDING CEREMONY!” The wife cries and screams when the mother yells at her. She is very afraid of the mother’s look and yells out. “WHAT?” The mother screams, she can’t hear the wife’s words. “Oh my god mom! Please take those off of you. The neighbours they see you like this, they will laugh to death behind their guts. If it’s a wedding ceremony back then, you can wear it. But now it’s just a regular day. Why did you put that butterfly dress on MOM?” The husband yells at the mother but the mother can’t hear anything because she has her headphones on plus she is kind of deaf. “HAH?” The mom screams, “YOU SAID WHAT? WHAT YOU SAID?” “CAN YOU HEAR ME MOM?” The husband screams at his mom’s left ears, to make sure that she can hear what he is saying. “HEAR WHAT?” The mother replies and still she can’t hear anything. “Why did you buy her the iPod?” The husband asks his wife, “every-day I talked to her. She could understand my words. Now she has the headphones on, I talk to her. She becomes silent!” “Hello mom,” the wife whispers to the mother’s right ear. “Can you hear me?” “I CAN HEAR YOUR WIFE!” The mother looks at the husband and yells out. Wow! She can hear the wife! What a miracle! “Oh god, these two earphones has an opposite effect.” The wife says, “I bought her the iPod and she put on the earphones. In order for her to hear through the earphones, I have to whisper through the earphones. God I never knew about this method!" “This dress, what made you think of this dress huh?” The mother then complains about the dress. “You let me wear this on, when I went outside. The strange children; they surrounded me and looked at me. They said that I look like a monster. I don’t know what the heck those kids were saying to me. I felt so embarrass. This big sparkling butterfly in front of this dress, it’s kind of heavy. It pulled me down all the time.” “I know but you liked it,” the wife whispers to the mother. “I know I liked it, but you know what. I think I will wear it no more. In my mind, I ponder a lot about this dress. I wear this dress on today so you guys can see it for the last time. Now I think I should rip this dress. The bottom part, I’ll cut it and make two pillows. The top part with the butterfly; I’ll cut it, and make a curtain for my room. Is that okay?” The mother talks to the wife about how she is going to deal with the dress. “Oh god, mom…,” the wife hesitates to tell the mother how she feels. “SEE! DO YOU SEE IT?” The husband tunes up his loud voice, “YOU BOUGHT THE DRESS, YOU MADE THE BUTTERFLY! FOR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED DOLLARDS! NOW SHE RIPS THEM OFF APART TO MAKE PILLOWS AND CURTAIN! DOES THAT STATIFY YOU? HOW CAN YOU THINK OF IT? YOU WASTE, YOU LET OTHERS TO WASTE TOO! YOU HOLD THE WORD WASTE ALL BY YOURSELF!” “What did my son say wife of Williams?” The mother asks the wife. “He said that you are ancient but afraid of old.” The wife whispers to the mother. She doesn’t repeat what the husband said but instead she makes up fake one. “YO PAPA DARES TO SAY I’M OLD!” The mother yells at the husband. “SON! DID YOU SAY I’M SCARED OF OLD?” “NO!” The husband screams but then he whispers to the mother because he knows his mother has an opposite effect. “No, I didn’t say that. My wife said that to you. She made it up! That’s not true!” “You are enough okay!” The mother turns back to the wife and scolds at her. “You were the one who told me to wear this dress on. I put these earphones on and I couldn’t hear anything! Plus the makeup and the high heels! I’m sick of these things already! I rather not put these earphones on.” “Okay mom, if you can’t hear. Take the headphones off so we three don’t get tired and pissed off.” The wife interrupts and tells the mother to take the earphones off. The mother slowly takes down the headphones. “Can you hear me now mom?” The wife asks the mother. “SO much better than before!” The mother replies to the wife. “Oh god! See how well it’s now! You should have taken the headphones off earlier but you didn’t.” The wife complains to the mother. “Ha! Now you show your fox tail! Back then you bought the iPod. Now then you complain about it.” The husband mumbles to himself about his wife’s fox tail. “I hate those people who have two faces!” “You told me to put the headphones on so I look like gangsta. Everyone will afraid of me and not to dare harass me.” The mother says. “Plus that whenever I heard the rocking music, my body kept on shaking like this, and like this, and like this, and like I’m tired!” She shows the two how she shook her body whenever she listened to those songs that were not like songs. “It was just a joke mom! You are eighty two now, who would harass you mom? You are a broken Barbie. Like you wearing this dress, put on makeup, high heels, curled hair, and headphones on. You go outside, people they are running away from you and the cops haven’t arrested you; you need to bless god that they didn’t.” The wife explains to the mother how her appearance looks like. “Okay mom, the wedding ceremony is over now. You should take these things off. Whenever I look at you, I want to faint. Please mom, it’s time to take them off.” “Okay okay! I know and I’ll do it later.” She says, “by the way. Where is my granddaughter in law huh?” She asks about her granddaughter in law. “Um, she…,” the wife doesn’t know how to answer the mother’s question about the granddaughter in law. “She was very anxious and distressed about the debts. She left the house and went somewhere else,” the husband interrupts and cries about his new daughter in law. “She LEFT the house? Where did she go?” The mother cries and asks again about her new granddaughter in law. “Who knows where she went,” the wife says. “WHERE DID SHE GO? Oh my god my new granddaughter in law! Why did you guys let her go?” HAH?” The mother starts to scold at the two. “Don’t you worry mom, your grandson…,” the wife tries to explain but the mother interrupts with her a loud screaming. “I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T CARE! GO FIND MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN LAW!” She is yelling and jumping on the floor. The wife tries to stop her but the mother is so stubborn and keeps on jumping. “MOM! MOM! STOP THE JUMPING, AND LISTEN TO ME! Your grandson has gone out to find your granddaughter in law already. Calm down mom.” “Mom! Please stop the jumping! You don’t mind the neighbours they gossip and laugh about your attitude, and behaviour?” The husband asks the mother to stop the jumping on the floor. “I JUMP MA PAPA DOESN’T CARE!” She screams her throat up and keeps on jumping. “MOM! Please stop! Your skirt is going to fall down if you keep on jumping like that!” The wife says. “That would be a disaster and an embarrassment for all the new generations out there!” “GO FIND HER NOW!” The mom keeps yelling and yelling. “OKAY! OKAY! MY WIFE AND I WILL GO FIND HER, TOO! CALM DOWN MOM!” The husband yells. “If you guys don’t go find her! I WILL go and find her myself!” The mother intimidates the two of them. The husband is very worried and he promises the mother that he will go find her granddaughter in law. But the wife cuts in and stops the husband from going. “Hold that thought husband!” The wife stops the husband, “you will go nowhere. If you step out of this house. The people will think that you are trying to sneak out and not going to pay the debts! Stay where you are!” “But you guys have to FIND my granddaughter in law!” The mother still wants to find the girl. “MOM! PLEASE! I beg of you! Stay calm until your grandson has some news!” The husband begs the mother to stop screaming and jumping. “If you go out there, the people will think that you are an alien! Please! Stay in the house!” “YO GRANDPAPA! YOU DARE TO SAY I AM AN ALIEN! YOU GUYS ARE ENOUGH! YOU GUYS ARE SO AUDACITY! GOD WILL KILL YOU GUYS! AHHHHH!” The mother curses the two and goes back inside the house. While she walks, she screams and screams. “SEE! YOU ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING!” The husband jumps at the wife and yells at her, “MADE A WEDDING CEREMONY! AFTER THAT HOLD THE DEBTS ON YOUR TWO HANDS! ME THE HUSBAND IS GONE CRAZY! THE MOTHER WHO ALMOST BECAME PSYCHIATRIC! THE DAUGHTER IN LAW LEFT HOME! THE SON SKIPPED WORK TO FIND HIS WIFE! MY WIFE, SHE IS AS FRESH AS EVERYDAY! GODS DON’T BLESS US AT ALL! WHAT DID I DO WRONG IN MY PAST LIFE? WHY GODS PUNISHED ME LIKE THIS? IF I CAN’T FIND A SOLUTION FOR THIS! I WILL CHANGE YOU!” The husband has gone crazy! The wife is scared and all she can do is listening to her husband’s angers. Three days later at 10:35 AM. Today is a quiet and a peaceful day. The wife sits down on the floor and leans against the wall. For the husband, he is sick. He lies on the floor next to his wife. Their house is completely empty because they've sold all the things in their house to get the money to pay for the debts. By the way, they have found their daughter in law. But she left the house again; she couldn’t stand the debts anymore. The husband and the wife have no idea that she has gone out again. "Hey yah!" The sound of hopeless comes from the wife's mouth. "HAX XI!" The husband sneezes due to the sickness. "Old man," the wife calls her husband. "What?" He replies back. "Maybe my past life had had debts from you, so my life right now is trying to pay all those debts for you." The wife talks to her husband. "I beg of you, maybe my dad's past life also had had debts from you. That's why he died soon and let his son pay the debts for him. Where he didn't grab, he grabbed at you. Now we are all doom to the debts." He talks back to his wife. "Hey, listen to me." The wife says. "What now?" He replies. "Say the words, but at least you need to try to stay alive with me and handle the debts. Please old man, try to be strong and handle the house. I can't handle everything all by myself." The wife sadly says. "Handle what? There is nothing left in the house to handle." The husband says with a sick voice. While he is talking, he is also coughing. "Keep listening," the wife interrupts. "What?" He asks. "After the wedding ceremony, the debts are still flooding over our heads." The wife says, "right now if you die. The tail will continue to the next generations and your grandchildren will have to pay more debts.” "I'll slap you, what a wife like you! Crap mouth!" The husband is trying to yell at his wife but his echo is broken. He doesn’t have much strength like before. "What's wrong with that?" The wife asks. "God's sake, goodness. Me, the husband just got sick from the last two days. I just fell down on the floor and now my wife. She curses me to death. Does the word why exist?" The husband cries. "You've got me wrong, old man." She says, "I am worry for you. Because right now we have debts and you are like this. Sick up, sick down. I don't know if you can stand it anymore. You are weak now and then you will die. By then things will get tangle up." "Hey yah, I'm very tired." He cries. "Hey, how 'bout this? I'll go to market to buy some meats and vegetables to cook a soup for you." The wife says. "Take the garbage to exchange for the foods. The money is where but you go to the market and buy the foods? Goodness, please put that aside." The husband says, "try to eat the frogs' meats. There is no other ways for us to buy foods." "Well, if you want to. You have to wait for your son, Eric to go out to the farm's field and catch some frogs. I'll do the cooking part," the wife says. "Just kidding, my god. Three days of continuous eating frogs' meats! I can't stand the taste anymore. I looked at the frogs' skins, my soul wanted to vanish and vaporise. Our daughter in law, she ate too much frog's meats. Now and then every-time she went to sleep. She never dreamed about her husband but instead she dreamed about the frogs. Her mouth kept on saying, 'MEATS! FROG'S MEATS! THE FROGS!' Poor girl. I'm just saying, but please no more frogs." "Then what do you want to eat?" The wife asks her husband. "I think we need to change the recipe a bit," the husband replies. "How 'bout you tell Eric to go out the farm, and hunt for some toads.” "Goodness, toads and frogs' meats, they are the same old thing!" The wife nags at the husband. "I know their meats are the same but at least the name change. Sounds more like a new recipe." He says and shakes his body at the same time because of his sickness. "Hey, listen to me. I'll try to bite my teeth and be with you. Let's handle these debts together. If today we can't pay all the debts but I know that tomorrow we will somehow get it under control. You, don't you die okay! If you die I'll have to handle all the debts all by myself. You are not going to die okay! Let me warn you, if you die. I'll die with you to skip the debts," the wife says that if her husband is dead. She will die with him so she doesn’t have to pay the debts. "My mom, she is so infelicitous to pick you as a daughter in law. I die; you die with me to skip the debts. Then my mom has to pay all the debts for us. Goodness, you hold the word evil all by yourself. Please share it to 7.5 billion of people on planet earth. Smart planned but you are evil," he yells at his wife. "I'll never die! I have to handle the debts. When I'm done with the debts, then I'll die. Like you said, today if we can't pay the debts, tomorrow we will get it under our controls." The husband yells at the wife for saying nonsense and unlucky things. "God! Do you think they will leave us alone? I’m just kidding with you. I'm sure that today they'll come by and try to get their money back. Wait for tomorrow, you kidding me. Do you know how much the debts go up now?" The wife asks her husband. "How much?" The husband asks back. "55,000 dollars!" The wife yells. "God! Where can we get 55,000 dollars? How can we pay the debts?" He cries. "Right now I don't know if I can get well. Can you please listen to my words? Okay?” "Okay, but before that, can you listen to mine first?" She asks back her husband. "What? Hurry up," he replies. "You sick less but you act more. You are just making yourself more sick. You are only sick for a bit but you lied on the floor shook your body and your mouth. It's like you are getting a super flu or something. Can you please stop pretending that you are really sick?" She mentions about the sickness of her husband. He is not really that sick, just a light cold. "Yeah, you are right at that part. I'm so fine but I lied on the floor and shook my body all by myself," he replies. "Sick only for a bit but act yourself up so much, that's why you are tired." The wife continues talking, "anyroad. I know my mistake from the debts. Just let it go and starts all over again. At least try to find some foods to eat and pass the days." "Oh. Hey, where are mom and Bella? I haven't seen them this morning," he asks about the mother and the daughter in law. "If I know, I die immediately." The wife says. "Men! I hope nobody is bothering them," the husband cries. "Wait! I think I saw them this morning. I saw mom sneaked out with Eric. Both of them whispered to each other and went outside. I don't know about Bella but yeah, I saw Eric and mom," the wife answers. "Oh, okay." The husband says, "for you. You say whatever you want to say but please, I beg of you. Never says the word debt in front of me." "Don't you worry! If you get well, I will never, ever say the word *blank* in front of you. Promise! If I break my promise, the *blank* creditor will look upon me." The wife makes a promise for her husband. "Oh YEAH! See! I feel so refresh and relief! Just like a new spring season!" He sits up and yells out with an excitement. But then, there is a female person who stands in front of their house's door. "MRS. WILLIAMS! ARE YOU HOME? PLEASE SPEAK UP! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" A strange female person stands out in front of the door and yells out. "Can you go out there, see who's yelling so annoying." The husband asks the wife to go outside to see who's making those noises. The wife's face is swelling up when she hears the female person's voice. "MRS. WILLIAM!" The female person keeps on screaming. "Man! That's Mrs. White, the debt creditor!" The wife freaks out. The husband hears the word debt from the wife, he then falls down on the floor and makes a pose like a frog. "Eat a lot of frogs, now faint like a frog. OH NO!" She yells out and then makes a fake faint, like a frog, too. "MRS. AND MR. WILIIAMS! OPEN THE DOOR!" The door is unlocked and Mrs. White opens it. "Anybody home? Mrs. and Mr Williams?" She walks to their room and opens the door. "Oh god. Why you two are making a pose like a frog huh? Mrs. Williams, Mr. Williams." She whispers to their ears and suddenly, she yells out. "OH MY GOD! I BEG OF YOU TWO! MY MONEY WHEN WILL YOU GUYS GIVE THEM BACK TO ME?" "Mrs. White, please talk to my wife. She borrowed your money not me." The husband points his finger at his wife, and talks to Mrs. White. "Mrs. Williams! Sit up and let's talk about this! Can you please explain what's going on? You borrowed my money and now you don't give them back!" Then Mrs. White accidentally sits on the husband's back while he is still in his frog pose. "I know but I need time. I, I don't have an enormous amount of that money to give back to you. Please," the wife begs Mrs. White, the creditor. "PLEASE WHAT???????" Suddenly Mrs. White feels something that's quite not right. She then startles because she sits on the husband’s back, "OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HECK!!? Goodness, sorry! Oh whatever, he doesn't care." She turns back to the wife and continues yelling at her about the debts. "You told me that after the wedding ceremony, you promised me that you will pay back all the money you've borrowed from me. But now, not even one cent! What is going on? I know that you are not that rich either, right? Because that I am a neighbour, you opened your mouth and asked for some money for your son's wedding. Of course I would give it to you because it was for good thing, right? But you promised me that after the wedding, you will give me back my money." "Um, yeah.... I, I, I borrowed money right? Right? And I, I, I what? OH! I planned a funeral, I'm mean, wedding ce-ceremony. Heh, right? The wedding was really happy and crowded, you, you remember, right? You went there too! Remember, remember? The foods were delicious.” “Of course I did go and yes of course the foods were delicious! 500 dollars a table! My money!” Mrs. White interrupts the wife’s mouth. “Yeah, yeah! I loved the crabs a lot, sea-food. You loved it? You loved it right? Yeah, yeah. We, we drank, beers, and water, and stuff...." The wife can't speak really well since she is scared of Mrs. White. "Yes! Of course," Mrs. White replies back. "Yeah! The wedding was really big! The biggest wedding in this town, town ever!" The wife struggles at talking. "Yeah! So big! So splendid! My money!" Mrs. White says. "But after that, we lost everything. You see, right now my house, there is nothing left here. Not even some fishes or chickens." The wife cries, "now, no money." “NO MONEY! HA HA HA HA HA!” Mrs. White starts to laugh. “HA HA HA HA HA! What’s so funny? HA HA HA HA HA!” The wife also starts to laugh with Mrs. White, too. “HA HA HA HA HA! YOU’RE FUNNY! STOP KIDDING ME! HA HA!” Mrs. White keeps laughing. “HA HA HA HA HA! No, I’m not!” The wife also keeps on laughing. Then Mrs. White hits the floor with her palm and yells, "NO MONEY!? RIGHT NOW YOU LOST EVEYTHING! ME WHAT? ALSO WITH YOU LOST EVERYTHING!" Mrs. White yells. "Now I don't know what to do," the wife cries. "THE WEDDING YOU PLANNED, YOU COULD PLAN IT CHEAPLY! GOODNESS YOU PUT IN TONS OF MONEY AND MADE IT LOOK SO SUPER SPLENDID! ALL THE COLOURS! RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, AQUA, BLUE AND PURPLE! LIKE A FESTIVAL OR SOMETHING! WHITE ROSES WERE FULL ON THE WALLS! THE BRIDE’S DRESSES WERE SUPER LONG!" Mrs. White hits one breath to her throat, "right now what to do?" "No money," the wife cries. "No money no needs to pay? YOU DON'T PAY?" Mrs. White gets really mad. "Um, no money how can I pay?" The wife cries. "Even my husband he, he is, is sick and I don't have the money to, to buy medicines for him. Plus we hunted frogs to eat and now we are all, all, like, like frog. Tell me where is the money to pay to, to you?" "Funny! Your family knows hungry! My family also knows hungry! I need the money back fast! Right now what to do?" Mrs. White keeps yelling. "Right now I don't know what to do," the wife cries. "What to WHAT now?" Mrs. White asks the wife. "What to do right now!" The wife replies. Then Mrs. White stands up with a muddy face. She pulls her two arm sleeves up. Something isn’t right. "Sleeves up, that means almost get punch!" The wife cries. "Hah hah! Please!" "Please your mother! Let me talk to your husband then I will DEAL with you!" Mrs. White then talks to the husband, "MR. WILLIAMS! WAKE UP! GET YOUR BUTT ON THE FLOOR NOT IN THE AIR!" "I told you! She borrowed your money, not me." The husband turns around and talks to Mrs. White. "YOU GUYS ARE WIFE AND HUSBAND! RIGHT?" Mrs. White says. “YOUR WIFE BORROWED MY MONEY! YOU ATE THE FOODS AND YOU WORE THE COLOURFUL DRESSES! THOSE WERE MY MONEY!” "EH! EH! You made me awake now! What are you thinking huh?" The husband starts to get mad and also his wife. "Right now two of you, husband and wife want to bully one person. You guys stand the more, warn the less?" Mrs. White says. "What!? Right now we don't have money what can you do to us?" The wife starts to get her breath and thoughts together. She gets ready to fight together with her husband. "Okay! Let's get it straight! PAY! We will pay to you later. We just need some-time to get the money! Sit down please Mrs. White. Whenever I pull my sleeves up, someone will throw up blood! I will use my bones to hit you. You got into my house and you threw your throat up to the ceiling. Yelling and yelling! Your body is just like a tadpole, but you fight with toads and frogs. This is my house okay? Right now let me talk to you. We are the neighbours, right? We need to deal everything slowly, step by step. Here, you don't throw up blood while I'm talking okay. Here listen, night light goes out. If I can help you with a problem just ring me up. For example, if you feel tired just call me up. I'll go to your house, take your clothes off and massage for you...." The husband says. "EH! YOU SAY IT CLEARLY! DIRTY WORDS!" The wife and Mrs. White, both interrupt the husband. "Hey! HEY! Your wife is here okay!" Mrs. White yells. "I'm not finish yet! It's just an example of night light goes out. That means we need to help the people when they need helps. We are the neighbours right? We live in this town day by day with each other. Right now if you are caring for my son that also means you are caring for your nephew. These were all out of planned. Let me ask you, whoever wants debt after the wedding? Nobody wants right! But the situation was pushing! It just happened random like that! Who knows?" The husband explains to Mrs. White. "Okay you shut up and let me tell you Mr. Williams," Mrs. White talks to the husband. "SHUT UP WHAT! TELL WHAT! Let me tell you something Mrs. White!" The wife interrupts Mrs. White. "I borrowed your money then I said I will give them back. Right husband? I said I will, I WILL give them back! I didn't say I steal the money!" "CORRECT!" The husband stays with his wife. "Why did you come here and yelled at my face so BADLY!" The wife yells back at Mrs. White. "YOU TOLD ME THAT! After this wedding, you will try to gather all the money together and give them back to me. I'M POSITIVE THAT YOU DID SAY THIS SENTENCE! YOU BEGGED ME SO MUCH!" Mrs. White shoots the words back at the pair. "You! Old now, that's why you forget stuff so fast! Just a second ago, you said that but no, it wasn't right! I said you please let me borrow some money. After the wedding, IF I still have the money. I'll give them back to you. BUT after the wedding, LOSS! Where is the money to pay! RIGHT?" "YEAH!" The husband yells out. "Right? Right? Right? Right?" The wife points at Mrs. White and asks her. "Right now you two ‘speak opposite’ and ‘speak nonsense’!" Mrs. White says. "It's not ‘speak opposite’ or ‘speak nonsense’. That's ‘speak logic’! Here, listen. My wife, she went to your house and begged for your money. Right now you went to her house you need to beg back for your money! That's a fairest way! But you keep on yelling at her, that's not right!" The husband explains to Mrs. White. "That's right honey! You are my best husband!" The wife yells out. "Right now beg for your money back! "Right now, I let you borrowed my money. I myself is also at the least and risk. I need the money for my children too. Please give the money back to me, I beg of you two." Mrs. White says it in a nice way. "See! This is so much better! Last few minutes ago, you got into my house and started yelling at us. If you want your money back you must say it nicely," the wife says. "Right now if you have gold, I'll take gold. If you have silver, I'll take silver. If you have dollar, I'll take dollar. If you have coin, I'll take coin. Basically anything that belongs to money," Mrs. White says it in a nice way. "I have some rocks, do you want it? Oh my goodness! Inside the house, front and backyard. There is nothing left! Let's conclude that we don't have the money to pay!" The husband yells. "You two say it one more time! PAY OR NOT!?" Mrs. White yells. "NO PAY!" They both yell out. "NO PAY? I'll strangle your wife's neck!" Then Mrs. White starts to choke the wife. "PAY OR NOT PAY!? HAH? I NEED MY MONEY!" "OH MY GOD! HELP! KILLER! MURDERER! THIS IS SO WRONG! SAVE ME PEOPLE! I'LL NEVER EAT MEAT AGAIN! I'LL EAT VEGETABLE FROM NOW ON! AH! HELP!" The wife screams. Then the husband tries to pull Mrs. White out. "OH MY GOD! STOP IT! I AM GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK! MRS. WHITE! PLEASE!" "HEY! YOU GUYS DARE TO BULLY MY WIFE!" Mrs. White's husband, Mr. White gets in the house and yells out. "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!" Then he takes out a phone and calls. "Yeah! Honey! Call the cops to come here! Call 911!" Mrs. White yells. "Hello? Ian, Steve! You guys come here quickly! At Mr. Williams' house! Okay!" Mr. White talks to the phone. "Oh my god, we are all doom." The husband cries, "it doesn't need to be like this!" "Don't you guys worry! I just call my minions! They'll come here and pick up my psycho wife. They will bring her to the hospital!" Mr. White says. "WHAT!? BUT HONEY! I'M THE VICTIM! I'M YOUR WIFE!" Mrs. White cries. "Ha Ha Ha! Hit 'em don't let their mother know, know, know, know their mother know how can we hit 'em! I sing too well! Don't worry! You will be the victim!" The wife laughs out loud and turns against Mrs. White. She strangles back at Mrs. White! "Ha Hah! YOU CHOKED ME! I CHOKE YOU BACK! HA HA! BET THE EASY BABY!" "Goodness! They need our helps! We need to help them! Why did you come here and yelled at them! We need to spare them some money. Huh! My minions are almost here to drive you to the nearest hospital! You are also having a psycho! I go outside and wait for them. You two keep an eye on my wife for me," Mr. White says. "NO! I'M NOT A PSYCHO! I HAVE TO GET MY MONEY BACK! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!" Mrs. White keeps yelling. "Oh! My minions are here now! Let's get you out the here!" Mr. White then picks his wife up and pulls her out to the van. "OH MY MONEY! LET ME GO! YOU CRAZY MAN! LET ME GO!" Mrs. White yells. Then from the mother's room. She hears all the noises; she comes out from her room and yells the two. "OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING AT THIS MORNING TIME! SO LOUD!" "Ah, um..., we, we play with each other! Play really and very fun." They pretend like they are playing some games. They play rock, paper, and scissor. "Mom, I though you went outside with Eric." "Yeah, I went out at seven o'clock and came back at nine o’clock." The mother says then she looks at the wife's face. "Why is your face so pale? You too Williams! What happened?" "Oh, we played this game called choke the heck out of it. We choked each other the heck out of it. That's why we have pale faces." The wife explains. "Don't you lie to me! I heard everything in my room. You think that you bought for me an iPod so I can silent myself? This thing I never used it. I put the earphones on just for fun. Let me tell you two know something. YOU TWO HAVE HAD DEBTS ALL OVER THE HEADS! BECAUSE OF THAT THE CREDITOR GOT IN AND WANTED THEIR MONEY BACK RIGHT? AM I RIGHT! WILLIAMS! WIFE OF WILLIAMS!” "Hay ya! She knows everything. What is the point of hiding?" The husband says it out loud to the wife and the mother. "HAH?" The mother can't hear him. He needs to whisper to her. "Mom you know everything, no need to say right?" He then whispers to the mother, "whisper in order for you to hear right?” "Yeah! Right! You guys listen to me. This morning, me and Eric went to my granddaughter in law's house, and talked to her parents. She was so sad that she had to leave the house again and went back to her parents’ house. You guys were so careless and didn’t even know that your daughter in law have had left the house again. We tried to console her to come back to our family. I told Eric to stay there with her for a while. I told him to talk to her and then bring her back here. They'll be here any soon." The mother explains the situations of the daughter in law to the pair. "Oh my god, sorry mom. We didn’t even know that she left the house again,” the husband and the wife cries. "WHAT!?" The mother yells out. "I am sorry and will they come home?" the husband whispers and asks the mother. "Yes, they will come home." The mother says, "I've been there a bit. I've heard your daughter in law and your son gossiped about you guys a lot. They said that you guys had a lot of debts. They felt desperate for themselves and you guys. That's why your daughter in law moved back to her house and stayed there for a while. But no worries, like I told you. Eric is now bringing her home." When the mother is done talking, they both feel really guilty and unhappy for their children. The wife covers her face with her two hands and cries. The husband head is down with a regretful face. "What happened? Why are you guys crying? Really! What is going on with you two?" The mother asks. "I'm so sad mother. I'm crying!" The wife talks to the mother. "HAH?" Yes, of course the mother can't here if you are not whispering. "She said she is very sad," the husband whispers to the mother's ears. "Why do you have to be sad?" She asks back with a loud voice, "It was your entire fault from the start to the end now you say that you are sad. You want people to know that you are rich? You are poor, just make a cheap wedding! But no! You always play with real stuff. It is a loss, now you are crying! Regret or not?" The mother scolds as the wife's tears fall down on the floor. "She knows it, no needs to yell too much." The husband interrupts and whispers to the mother. He wants the mother to stop scolding at his wife. "I WANT TO YELL! SHE IS BEING WRONG! I CAN YELL HER!" The mother screams out with all of her energy. "STOP COVERING YOUR FACES! THEY ARE HOME NOW! TELL THE KIDS TO GET IN HERE! HURRY UP!” "Yes mother! Kids! What are you guys doing out there? You guys are finally home! Come on get inside!" The wife cries and calls the kids in at the same. "Why didn't you go outside and called them? You sat in the house and called them like that! Hopefully they’ve heard you!" The mother points out the mistake of the wife. Then, the kids start to walk inside the front yard. "Let's go inside Bella," Eric talks to his wife. "No! I don't want to go inside!" Bella insists upon her husband. She is not ready to face the problems yet. "Why not?" Eric asks his wife. "If I go inside. Mom, and dad will scold at me from leaving the house without their permission." Bella worries and doesn't want to go inside to see her husband's parents. "Don't you worry! I guarantee mom and dad will not scold at you! Grandma will protect you, so no worries!" Eric consoles his wife. “Plus that if you live with your family, the people will gossip about you. They will say that why you are a married woman but still live with your parents. They will suspect you!” "I’m not really afraid of that,” she says. “The only thing that I’m afraid of is that you will cook more frogs for me to eat.” “No, no more frogs!” Eric says. “I will give you something new!” “What is it?” The wife asks. “TOADS!” The husband replies. “EW! They are the same! Goodness!” She cries. “Wait! I’m just kidding! Don’t act up!” Eric tries to calm her down but it doesn’t really help. “I don’t like you to kidding that way!” Bella says. “Okay sorry, let’s get inside. Don’t you worry, grandma is in there. Mom and dad will not do anything.” Eric says. He holds her hands and sees that there is no ring on her finger. He immediately asks her about the ring and her jewelries. “Hey Bella, where is your ring?” “I put them in my pocket,” Bella replies. “Take them out and wear them on!” Eric scolds at Bella. “Honey! I have an idea about these jewelries. How about we sell them and use the money to help mom and dad.” “Great idea! Why didn’t I think of this before?” Eric yells. Then the wife yells out to tell them to get inside. “YOU GUYS! WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONG? GET IN HERE!” “YES MOM! WE’LL BE INSIDE!” Eric yells out and talks to his wife. “Come on, let’s go!” They both then walk inside the house. “Finally you guys get in here,” the mother says. “Here, sit here with grandma.” “Yes, greeting grandma, greeting mom, and greeting dad.” They both greet the three elders. “Okay, you two apologise to your parents about you left the house.” The mother talks to her grandchildren. “Yes grandma. Sorry mom and sorry dad that we left the house without your permission,” they both apologise to their parents. “HAH?” The mother can’t hear her grandchildren. Then Eric yells to his grandma’s ears. “GRANDMA! I REPRESENT FOR MY WIFE, HERE TO SAY SORRY TO MY PARENTS!” Then the husband interrupts and whispers to the mother “mom, he says sorry to us.” “Oh! Okay!” The mother says. “Um, mom, dad. My husband and I, we have an idea. We want to sell these jewelries and get the money to help you guys to pay the debts.” Then Bella takes out her jewelries, two rings one from her husband, and three pairs of earrings. She puts them on the floor and tells the wife and the husband to take them. But grandma jumps in and takes them. She looks at them and she is curious what they are for since she can’t hear anything they’ve said to their parents. In order for her to hear, the person who is talking needs to whisper to her. “Oh no! You guys keep them! They are for you guys, don’t sell them.” The wife stops them and tells them that they don’t need to sell those jewelries. She can find another way to solve these problems. “Yeah! Keep them! Your mother is right! We can find another way to deal the problems.” The husband has a same thought with his wife about the jewelries. “Just take it, mom and dad. We thought a lot about these jewelries. Right now, just sell them and pays the debts. We will work hard to help you guys and we will save some money to buy a pair of new rings.” Eric explains to his parents. He is trying to convince his parents to sell those jewelries for the debts. Then the wife starts to cry. She is touched by her son and her daughter in law. The mother is also in a same case but a bit different than the wife. “OH MY GOD! HU HU HU!” The mother cries. “Grandma, why are you crying? Grandma?” The two kids ask their grandma. “OH MY GOODNESS! THESE ARE THE DOWRIES FROM MY GRANDSON AND MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN LAW! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS? ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO DIE? DO YOU GUYS HAVE SICKNESS? WHY DO YOU GUYS GIVE US THESE DOWRIES! OH MY GOD! I’M THE ONE WHO SHOULD GIVE YOU GUYS MY DOWRIES!” Grandma misunderstands the two kids and she cries for no good reasons. “NO NO! GRANDMA! YOU MISUNDERSTOOD US!” Eric tells his grandma to stop crying. Then the wife tells the husband to explain it to the mother. “Oh my heaven earth! Explain it to mother! She is crying her tears off!” The wife says. “Mom, no. These things are for the debts. Not their dowries for us. Don’t misunderstand. They will live a long life. Nothing happened to them or will never happen to them. Don’t you worry mom, do you understand me now?” The husband whispers to the mother. “YO PAPA! I’M ONLY DEAF FOR A BIT! PLUS I’M NOT EVEN STUPID! DO YOU HAVE TO LOWER YOUR VOICE SO LOW AND SAY THAT DO I UNDERSTAND? IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A SPECIAL TREATMENT OR SOMETHING!” The mother yells at the husband for being too over acted about the whispering. “Hey! Listen! I have to admit, I just found something really cool about you!” The wife talks to the husband, “if you are died. In this family, nobody can translate to mom what we are saying. I have to say you have a special skill.” “Yeah, I have to translate. Goodness!” The husband says. The mother talks to her two grandchildren about the jewelries. “Here, you two take these back and uses them. I have a backup, don’t worry!” Grandma says, “keep them, keep them! I have these things!” Then from her pocket, she takes out a cloth envelope. From inside that cloth envelope, there are some expensive gold and earrings. When the wife sees them, her two eyes are glowing up. Then the husband whispers to his mother and asks her. “Mom! Where did you get these expensive jewelries?” “These are mine! I saved them from a long time ago just in case!” The mother says. “Why didn’t you use these for your grandson’s wedding?” The husband asks his mother again. “Am I that stupid? If I gave them to you guys, your wife would have destroyed them!” The mother replies. “See! Even mom knows about you!” The husband yells at his wife. “These expensive jewelries, I planned to give them to my granddaughter in law. But in this case, I give to them your parents to take care of the debts. When they have their money back, they will give back to you two. Okay?” The mother talks to the kids about the expensive jewelries. Then she pushes the jewelries to the husband and the wife. The wife immediately tries to get the jewelries but the husband slaps the wife’s hands. He then gets the jewelries safe in his two palms. “I’ll keep them! If I give them to you, you will make more coloured dresses! Sure that we are all going to DIE!” The husband yells at the wife. “Okay mother. Let me clarify this to make sure. You wanted to give to your grandchildren these jewelries but in this case you give them to us. I will sell them and pay the debts. Then later when I have some money, I will give them back to your two grandchildren, right? YES! FINALLY WE CAN PAY OFF THE DEBTS!” The husband whispers to his mother. At the last sentence, he screams out his happiness. The mother can’t hear the last sentence, “WHAT?” The mother asks. “Finally we can pay off the debts,” he then whispers that last sentence to the mother. “YEAH! Finally huh!” The mother says. Then they all laugh out to the miracle the mother has brought to the family. The wife laughs a lot and then four of them stare at the wife with the eyes of anger. The wife feels embarrass and turns away to the corner. Yes, she knows what she did to the family. What do you predict to the family if the mother doesn’t have those expensive jewelries? The End

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