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Report Card

By: Tushar Kanta Biswal

Page 1, A unforgettable memory...

When I was studying in class 8th; I had done some mistakes. The mistakes wear like; our second monthly exam was finished and we had got out report card, and most interesting thing was that; report card was in my hand and I was started praying to god that ''Oh God please save me from English ,Math and History and I will give you coconut'' after finishing my one minute of prayer I saw my report card, and I was little bit nervous . Yes you must have come across one proverb like''Tit for Tat''. The hard work which I had done before my exam obviously deserved that. My marks were like;
1) Math= 35/50
2) Eng=30/50
3) History=20/25 and the story was just begun
I saw my result and started scolding to God. WHY? Because till now I didn't say about my other results.
Hey please don't lough. It was one of the awkward moments of my life, then I went to my home the whole night I wasn't able to sleep, because I had to show this
to my parents, but as a creative lad I was started thinking what should I do for this? It was approximately 2:00 pm , suddenly I woke up from my bed; and I was trying to make my father's fake signature, and I successfully did that. I hadn't shown my report card to my parents. It was Thurs day , and eager to submit my report card to my class teacher. You know what? I felt some kind of uneasy that time so , I didn't have my breakfast , then I went to school. Prayer was over. Teacher came to class, and said “ Students Hand over me, yours report card. Hurry up! ”
please don't ask me how was my mood that time. I was shit scared. Well I handed over my report card to him, and after a little while I was amazed, because Sir was opening my report card, and said “Tushar(my name) come here” Damn it, What a moment that was!
Sir: Tushar , I didn't expect that from you. What do you think? You think you are
very smart ,but you don't.
Tushar: Sorry sir, this will not happen again. Please forgive me(I was crying
and then bowed down and begged him. The whole class was pin drop silent).
Sir: OK, calm down .let begone be by gone, don't even think to do like this again.
Tushar: Yes sir, thank you so much sir(Conversation was over).
Wow what a acting that was. I became HERO among my friends, any way that was awesome... huh! And I will never forget this moment in my life.

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