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Country: Philippines
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Favorite book: A Song of Fire and Ice by George r. r. Martin
Member Since: Oct 11, 2011

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Time Swept Character Profiles

Book by katquincy23
Posted: Feb 2, 2012
These are character profiles (and photos!) of the...


Rosewood character profiles and photos

Book by katquincy23
Posted: Jan 29, 2012
These are just character photos that I think suits my...
Tags:rosewood, photos character, photos historical, romance fiction



by katquincy23
Posted: Jan 25, 2012
This is a very short spoiler for my upcoming novel THE...

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Time Swept Character Profiles

Book by katquincy23
Posted: Feb 2, 2012
These are character profiles (and photos!) of the...

Rosewood character profiles and photos

Book by katquincy23
Posted: Jan 29, 2012
These are just character photos that I think suits my...


by katquincy23
Posted: Jan 25, 2012
This is a very short spoiler for my upcoming novel THE...

Cucumber and Tuna Salad

by katquincy23
Posted: Dec 4, 2011
My dad and I tried this recipe after watching this on TV....

Pasta a la Pobre

by katquincy23
Posted: Dec 1, 2011
This is a simple recipe I would like to share. I made...


a frustrated writer and an avid reader. A self-proclaimed bookworm.

My real name is Kaye. I sort of dislike my name because it came from a dictionary (I think my mom is lazy to think about other names). If you want to know about that story, just ask me. I am 23! Yes, I am in my early twenties so don't be fooled by my photograph. I just look young. LOL! My friends claim I don't belong in the 21st century. They also say i'm outrageous, a loon, complicated, mysterious, and a whole bunch of contradicting personalities . I can be childish at times (if it would suit me). 

I am overly protective of my friends and family and would rather sacrifice myself to keep them from harm (I am that good!). 

I am short...petite...cute(LOL). I am only 5'1" in height. I am proud that I am has its advantages.

I love to dance aside from writing and I had won third place in a Latin Dance competition in school. My fave is the Samba. I like swimming better than running (have fear of stress related fractures).

I like all things kawaii (that is "cute" in Japanese).  *Why am i telling you all this?

I LOVE THE RAIN! Frolicking in the rain, standing under the rain and getting soaked to the bones...  Love it...






I absolutely adore cameo necklaces.






I have been writing since I was in the first grade but i didn't have the guts to publish any of them. Most of the poems I wrote either got lost or my mom threw them away. I am a fan of young adult books, historical fiction, historical romance, suspense, mystery and the occasional kids books. I read my first historical romance when i was twelve--or thirteen-- entitled MY HEART'S DESIRE by Andrea Kane. Over the next few years, I have been frequenting my fave bookstore to buy historical romance books. Over the next few books i had purchased, i had expanded my interests to the genres i had mentioned. My room almost looks like a mini-library; it houses over 100 books--and counting! My friends constantly tease me about it.

I do not like to read anything that has vampires or werewolves in it (blame Twilight). I dont like to read anything that has the typical helpless female as the main character. They are stupid and senseless and just plain annoying. I don't like anything that is soooo overly sexual or too corny or just plain too much. IT SPOILS EVERYTHING!

I had written my only surviving short story when i was in the 8th grade and i will publish it here soon( i just need to find it--misplaced it somewhere). Its funny that i am having difficulty writing a contemporary piece but when I write historical fiction, it is so easy.

I believe that patience is essential when writing and it is quite normal to have "writer's block" every now and then. As the old adage goes: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.



1. Zero-Two (Fave script) by MrV

2. Seven Gates (fave historical novel) by atomick

3. Lovers (fave poem) by Eileen McGuinness

4. The Road (fave zombie novella) by Christine Devowitz

5. Hour of The Witch (fave fantasy novel) by Pencil

6. Destinations (fave drama) by ponytricks

There are others but I couldn't recall any of them...HAHAHA! Sorry guys. 



I was born on the month of the Scorpion in the year of the Dragon. 


Ken Follett, Jonathan Straud, Catherine Coulter, Celeste Bradley, Johanna Lindsey, Judith Merkle Riley, Libba Bray, Sarah Dunant, Kaye Gibbons, Brenda Joyce, Andrea Kane, Kat Martin, Paolo Coelho, Jane Austen, Sandra Brown, Patricia Cornwell, Robert Jordan, George r. r. Martin

FAVE COLORS: Purple and Pink...any shade will do

FAVE FLOWERS: Carnations and Baby's Breath...Roses are so overrated

FAVE ANIME: Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Kuroshitsuji season 1 and 2, AVATAR: The Last Airbender

FAVE TV SERIES: CSI, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory

FAVE MOVIES: POTC, The Perfume, Robin Hood, Clash of the Titans (2010), Gladiator, Troy, 300, Salt, Centurion, Resident Evil


1. The Wheel of Time Series (fave Fantasy) by Robert Jordan and A Song of Fire and Ice (fave Fantasy) by George r.r Martin

2. (Fave Historical Novels) The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet; The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant; In the Company of a Courtesan by Sarah Dunant; The Oracle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley

3. (Fave Romances) Sherbrooke Bride series by Catherine Coulter; De Warrenne series by Brenda Joyce 

5. (Fave Classics) Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen; Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


BUCKET LIST *may or may not be related to Booksie

1. Get at least 200 reads on first novel

2. Finish TDL-NV

3. Get at least 50 reads on second novel

3. Finish TS

4. Have at least 15 fans

5. Have 20 fans

6. Start on third novel by end of December 2011*

7. Enjoy a hot bowl of Korean Ramen

*Third novel will be posted by early 2012. I hope.....




I am open to reading requests but I apologize if I dont get to them soon. I am busy with several things in life (esp. my novel). I will read your works and if I dont like it I will either leave a comment or I wont. It entirely depends on how good your work is. I am not into poetry, though (i had read some and commented on them because they are damn good). I encourage everyone to indicate what you have liked/disliked in my work and state why it is so. I really much appreciate constructive criticism. 

With all this said and done, I hope you enjoy my work as much as i have enjoyed writing them.


~Hugs&Kisses~ Kat






3. The Thief *Coming Soon- After leaving England after

Evangeline's wedding to his cousin, Christopher begins his responsibilities as

the new earl of Mountjoy. He vows never to love again...until he meets

Francesca Riley.


4. Courage *Coming Soon-Orphaned at the age of twelve,

it was time for Maria to grow up. Join her in a country where the

Spaniards had occupied for more than 300 years as she searches

for the courage within.


5. The Viscount and The Pauper *Coming Soon (Tentative title)-

Beatrice Pettigrew is Cinderella come to life working in her uncle's farm. The work is

back-breaking and she is seldom being allowed to rest. But all this has changed when she

attracts the attention of their wealthy neighbor, Viscount Carlisle, Stephen Carrington. 



I would like to thank Google Images for providing the photos. I do not hold claim to the photos I have chosen as a book cover for each of my novels.

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