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Quench for love

Article By: Nabila
Literary fiction

To tell people that one sided love is rarely accomplished.....So if u are involved in one sided love , wake up and accept the reality....This article may act as an eye opener for u...........

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Quench for love

"Mom when I grow up I would marry him because I love him" , her mother was shocked to hear such words from a five year old daughter. Years passed….

He dated hundreds of girls and every time it was she who helped him to carry his affairs impeccably. Relentless , spurious Homo sapien he was. Did phD in using others for his motives. That was the charisma of his persona. The best thing he did was to patronise her. She didn't exist for him and he was the reason of her existence. As a termite manifests wood , love manifested her……….

She would go out of the way on his one call.All that she knew that she loved him and she had loved him for long. He hardly met her. They only met when he wanted favours from her. At that instant he would cajole her , as if she didn't comprehend , as if she she was still a 5th grader. Inspite of all this her love for him escalated day by day. 5 minutes encounter with him was sufficient to keep her jubilant for months……

What was she waiting for ? She should go and tell him about her feelings. She was waiting for the appropriate time. Authentic love and care were her desires from him. She would tell him let bygones be bygones. He had enough. Its time to be serious. And when you are with me you , you would have to stop multiple dating permanently.In all these years he must not have got his girl because we two were made for each other…She was sure of that……….

Love blinded that lunatic girl forgot the fact that there was no writer in her life to give a happy ending to her fairy tale, to mend her broken heart…….

One day he called to inform her that finally he found his counterpart and soon the wedding ceremony to take place. He hung up before she could say anything. News left her smashed and deserted ……

She faced serious health problems. Grew lean , pale and thinner. Didn't cry even once.Unaware of her health , he visited her home. Where is she aunty ? I wanted her to come along with me to choose wedding dress for my bride. Her mother informed him about her health issues . He was diligent about it and wanted to meet her. Her mother made the excuse of her slumber. That was the first time she didn' t meet him intentionally …..

Emotionless he was. Even if she was late in confessing , so what ? He had always seen unspoken love in her eyes. He was well acquainted with her feelings………..

Months passed. He went busy in his wedding preparations. Neither of them contacted each other…………

Finally the wedding day came. Her mother was reluctant about her attending his wedding but she insisted. Like always mother had to give up…..

Though bride was someone else ,but all eyes were on her. It was she who stole the show.She looked more beautiful than the bride , as if an angel had landed on earth. After all she had put on the attire that she dreamt to wear on their wedding. She didn't go near the newly wedded couple. From a far off site she constantly gazed at him. He looked flamboyant as ever. She couldn't speak but the language of her eyes interrogated him, " Why you did this to me " ? She was the last one to leave the wedding venue. She went there to bid adieu to her first love.

Are you all right ? ,her mother asked. She noded her head which meant yes. She went to her room to sleep. And then she started crying. Cried as hard as she can. Cried to the fullest.Probably the first time ever since she heard the news. Was tired of pretending to be robust. She cried , cried and cried. Even the mother earth accompanied her. It rained heavily though it was not the season………..


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