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Picture a world of where pumping hearts and heads of nuts and bolts collide. Well in Zaphrinia, that's exactly what happens. Mekka is a young girl. First of a kind to be built half child--half machinery. Fortunate enough to live in a civilized area where both races live alike. But she is soon to see an anonymous attack causing great peril. When the humans accuse all machinery. Mekka sets out prove their innocence. Will she be able to save her kind or be un-screwed for parts?

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'All done!'

The professor exclaimed. I wrenched up off my seat.

'How does it feel?'

I didn't know what to answer because there wasn't any change to my nerves. I looked down, I could see my new knee-cap; it had strange, grey-ish cogs moving up and down.

'Not very different at all professor.'

'Well that's good. Pull your socks up.'

He walked over to a cabinet. I stretched my socks over my new knee. I wasn't like other bots, or like other humans for that matter. I'm part of both races with my growth happening on my left side and my right side needing to be changed every few months.

'May I stand up professor?'

He shook his head. I looked around while waiting for him. The work-room was very large. I zoomed in to my x-ray results and spotted my leg work in one corner, my head scans in another and in a little section, my laser eye. I was one of his main projects therefore I needed a lot of attention. It wasn't always a comfortable position to sit through, kind of like being a lab rat really, but it was important.

'Stretch your legs out for me please?'

I did so. He adjusted his glasses before simply analysing the length.

'Professor, how long will it be till I won't grow anymore?'

'Well it's hard to say, but I've watched you grow over the years and you don't grow to fast ... I'd say about six to ten years.'

'Is that a long time?'

'No, not at all.'

'So... I wouldn't have to come see you anymore?'

I sighed. My eyes drooped.

'You'll still see me. Just... without having to check up.' He shrunk down to my level. 'You can always visit me here! You know that.'

I was displeased to admit.

'Hm... Your leg seems to be perfectly fine now. All I've got to do is check is your eye.'

I'd been through this process many times as well. I was to stay up right as Professor Likross pulled on some gloves and grabbed a torch and a pin.

'Look left... Look right... Up... Down... Stare into the torch... And now me... Good girl!'

He then took the pin and inserted it into my eye. I no longer had an optic nerve so I fully depended on mirrors and lenses. A normal eye has a pupil, but a pupil is just a hole which widens where there is less light. My eye doesn't do that, staying at one size at all times. It also takes a different fuel then the rest of my artificial side. It survives off sunlight, without it, I could go blind.

The doctor twists it, like a work of a key, it slides in and out. A small click is heard when a piece is un-hooked.

'Oh no!'


'Have you been feeling any irritation?'

'Well hardly irritation, just some minor scratches. Why?'

'There seems to be a crack in the glass.'

'Oh, Well c-can it be fixed?'

'Yes, in just a second.'

He wasn't lying, after finding the replacement glass, there wasn't an issue. He grinned. I liked to see him grin. it sent my stomach to over-heat.

I stared back up to the walls, I heard my eye sizzle as it zoomed and adjusted to the focused area. There were shadowed figures on the wall, I already knew Professor Likross's other works. They were good friends of mine but I never realised that he had more.

'What are those?'

He didn't stop what he was doing; it just rolled of his tongue.

'They are prototypes. I'm making new robots. Isn't it exciting?'

'Yes! It sounds amazing.'

I wasn't actually to sure. Who knew he would try this kind of thing? What could be so amazing about these new robots? Were they faster, smarter or more beautiful? Or maybe more like humans. Robots did always seem to have smoother yet oily skin and rubbery hair. Sometimes, new bots had perfectly tidy hairlines and looked as though they had freshly groomed eyebrows. Was he starting to take those old tricks from the other bot-makers?

'I think it will do great!'

He determined. I ignored his quote and went on. I have to admit to jealousy of these new formations. I didn't want Professor to forget about me.

'May I go now?'

He cleaned out his screws and large tweezers.


I grabbed my jacket and walked to the white, circular elevator doors.

'I'll see you for dinner Professor.'

I smiled and he watched me as the doors shut. I walked down a flight of stairs before hitting the pole, like the one they have in fire stations. Everything in Professors lab was very complicated, he had automatic doors and security checks (Those of which you must scan your eye and show that you're not a danger). Anyway, after going through all passes, I opened the glass doors and left.

I admired my perfectly made legs; it showed when I skipped through town. The work that had been put into them took hours and hours but it's worth it if I'm going to be able to stand up straight.

I decide to leave the lab from time to time to go and visit a friend from out of the village. I'd pace for a while to get to the hover trains entrance. A hologram of a women dressed in a white, plastic dress and a small hat like a flight attendant stands in my way.

'Hello. Welcome to the Over-Air. Where would you like to go today?'

Her voice is lifeless. Her red coated lips are never seen moving, even when echoed speech comes out.


I spoke clearly, facing up and into her face. She is controlled by real people, people we don't see and if we do not speak clearly, they decide to give us a higher and more expensive pass.

'One. Stop. Ticket. To. Gloomsville. In. Process.'

A tiny machine rolls out a shiny piece of paper with fancy gold writing.

'One stop ticket to ... Gloomsville'

The stairs that lead upstairs were white and felt like there was no end. They swirled up with clouds surrounded with white walls. I then entered a room. Like everything else, the walls were painted with a few train tracks. I stood in a line with people of the same ticket. I watched the first train fly past. It hovered a few inches of the tracks with the magnetic field of green.

'This you're train?'

A voice from behind. I turned to see a man, late twenties to early thirties wearing a suit and tie. He had dark brown hair and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen.

'No... erm, not to seem rude but... who are you?'

'I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself. Xavier Kane.'

He gestured his hand forward and I tried to shake it with out showing my face to much.


'No last name?'

'I don't know.'

He looked at me as though I was a freak. I would too; an answer like that wouldn't make sense without explanation.

'I'm kind of... half robot.'

'Oh! That's possible?'

He obviously wasn't from around here and I was eager to find out where he was from and where he was headed.

'Well, I'm living proof of it... If you don't mind me asking. Where are you headed Mr. Kane?'

'Please, call me Xavier. Gloomsville. What about you?'

I was for some reason quite pleased to hear his answer.

'Actually... I'm headed the same way.'

'Any particular reason?'

'Not really. I'm just off to meet a friend. You?'

'Well I live there.'

'That must be fun.'

'Not for me. I work quite a lot and get nagged by my wife.'

'Married! It couldn't have been hard to find her. Gloomsville people are usually beautiful.'

He laughed.

'You think so?'

I nodded and watched as another whoosh of colour came by. This time, the magnetic field glowed a federal blue colour.

'I guess this is our train.'

We both got on to the same cart and watched the sky as we took off.

'You're more human then other robots I've seen.'

A few shiny faced people stopped their own conversation to eye him from the corner.

'Well... I am only half of one.'

'It's extraordinary what they can do with you these days.'

'Yeah, I know.'

'If you don't mind, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but... Why did they do that to you? I mean, you must have been like me once, a hundred percent human.'

People were starting to eavesdrop and pull faces so I moved seats without saying a word. I didn't watch his face but he followed me. I hid by the toilets.

'It's a little bit... to public there.' I hissed 'Not everyone knows about my robot side and quite frankly I don't want them to.'

'Sorry, I understand.'

'But I'll tell you.' So I began the story of a very long story.

'At the age of fourteen, I was in an accident, I had fallen off a cliff and was severely broken. I wasn't able to function. Someone had saw me. A human, he was hunting in the woods and called for help. Doctors and surgeons said that they had never seen such an accident, a torn body on one side. My right side was completely unfix-able.' I watched his face drop. 'My leg had twisted back, My Jaw was cracked and my arm snapped off.'

'Oh God!'

'I know. They checked for brain waves and fortunately I was going strong. They took me to the best Professor they knew. Professor Likross and he built me up again. I'm lucky to be alive. They all said that if it wasn't for my heart, I'd be dead.'

'But a heart needs blood.'

'I have a thick, warm oil running through me.'

'Were your parents okay with this?'

And then he brought back a horrible thought. Something I'd never thought about.

'I don't know who they are. I'm just a lab rat now.'

After talking for a long time, I heard the train give a loud thud back down onto the tracks and watched the open window. A sign red 'Gloomsville' and waited for us to get off.

'Is your friend expecting you Mekka?'

'No, not at all.'


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