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A Step into Happines Chapters 1 and 2

Book By: Chamorita1010
Literary fiction

Jojo is a 15 year old girl that basically never felt loved by her family. Her family is broken apart when her dad cheated; her mom promised that she would be back for Jojo. But the promise may never happen. It’s until a 10 year old girl comes into her life and changes everything.

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A Step into Happiness

By, Alexa Faith Cavarlez

All my life all I ever had, as my friends were Gina the chef, James the butler, and my sliver Shetland dog Pixie. My Mother left my father, cause he was caught cheating. I should have known my father was a womanizer from the start. It all happened when I was eight; my mother left me a letter it read:

My dearest Jojo,

You're the greatest thing that ever happened in my life I am so happy and proud that I am your mother, but with your father running away with another woman; I can't endure the pain. My intention of going away is to find myself to help me cope with the pain that your father cause.

I promise that you will not be waiting for long; I'll be back before you know it. When I come back, we will start fresh and we will live in the big house; and it will feels like we lived there our entire life. No more worries and the past will just be a faded fragment of our life.

I love you with all my heart and never forget it. Okay.



After I read the letter, I was practically in tears. Gina heard my cries and baked my favorite dessert apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. "Thanks "I mumbled as I sliced a piece of Apple pie. "Well I care about you and I'll take care of you until your mother returns" Responded Gina, while hugging me. "Really you will?" I asked, while looking up at Gina. "Of course I'll treat you like my own daughter' she replied. After that I hid the letter in my picture frame. It was before my dad cheated, it was before my mom left and felt sorry for herself and left for her own selfish reasons, It was all before everything went wrong.


7 years later

As I entered the corridor of my home, I inhaled the aroma of apple of pie."Gina you're busted, I know that's my birthday pie instead of cake" I declared while marching into the kitchen. "Oh man how did you find out' said Gina while pretending to surrender. "Oh miss Jojo here's your birthday present' said James with a British accent (he's British btw). James whistled and out came Pixie with a birthday hat and a present in her mouth she creeped closer and dropped the present. I bent down and picked the present up, I slowly unwrapped it. It was picture frame of James, Gina, and Pixie. "I'm touched, I love it, you guys!!!' Gina, James, and Pixie smiled. "I'll put in my room right now". I ran up the grand stair case and opened a door that lead to my room. I moved my family portrait on notice a bump on the side I took the picture out and out came a folded piece came out. Curious I opened the letter, it was about a few years old. As I unfolded the writing on the letter was so familiar, it was just like my mother's handwriting. Everything on the letter was so familiar, but I still didn't recognize it. Therefore, I began to read the letter to see if it rang a bell. The more I read the more I understood it was mom's goodbye letter.

Chapter 2: the birthday present

'Thud, I had fainted from the shock. When I woke up, Pixie was licking my face. "What happened?" I asked while rubbing my head. "You fainted for some reason" said James while entering my room."Really why did I faint?" I asked while petting Pixie. "That remains unknown or a mystery if you would like to call it that. So which one would you like to call it?' "Ummmm I like to call it unknown". As I began to get my balance right, my dad's girlfriend (the one he cheated with) screeched yes. My dad's girlfriend Paulina is a dream for men she has curly blonde hair, clear blue eyes ,an hourglass figure, and the best part is she's really dumb so that makes her a keeper. "Oh gawd, what lovey dovey thing did he do for her this time?" I thought. Except this time the surprise was for me, it was my birthday present. "Okay James put this is on her and leave the rest to me", demanded my dad. James went in my room and put a blindfold on me and guided me toward the patio door "Okay now you could take it off" said James. I reached my hand in the back of the bandana and slowly untied it .What stood before me was a 10 year old little girl,"Meet your new adopted little sister Claire". All I could do was stare, and Claire ran toward me and hugged me.


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