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A Step into Happiness Chapter 3 and 4

Book By: Chamorita1010
Literary fiction

Jojo is a reguler 15 year old that never felt loved by her family

Submitted:Jul 5, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Chapter: 3 Claire

Claire was an average girl with jet black hair, emerald eyes, and had tan skin. "Hi I'm Claire, and its pleasure to meet you Jojo "said Claire, while squeezing me. I didn't know what to do, whether to hug her back or just stand there, but standing will be kinda rude. So I slowly lifted my arms up and wrapped right it around her. After a few minutes later, Claire let go of me. I was trying to make a good first impression. So I said out of nowhere "Would you like to meet the others inside?" Claire looked uncertain for moment then said "Sure I would love to meet the others inside, but first let me unpack my bags ". "Oh don't worry about that I'll have Clara put them in your new room and unpack them for you" declared my dad while trying to signal to get Clara. "Oh its okay I can do it myself, I don't want this Clara girl to do my work "said Claire, while her hand was still clinging to the leather handle of the suitcase. "Are are you sure Clara is one of my top maids?" Claire nodded. "Okay but take the elevator its hidden in the basement and, click level 3 it'll take you to the hallway and go to the first door on the left and that's your room and once your done meet me in the pool and Jojo will help you okay?". Claire nodded and slowly began to walk toward the door. I opened the door for and began to lead the way. I went near the garage and opened the locked cherry door. Claire stepped inside and so did I. Her face was shocked she as if she never saw an elevator her whole life. "What's wrong Claire your acting as if you never saw an elevator your whole life?"I asked, while vigilantly watching the numbers goes up on the elevator. "No, it's that your father so rich I never been in a house with an elevator

In it "retorted Claire while she scanned the area."Well our dad is a brain surgeon and they make about 2 million a year "I uttered, for some reason it felt right to say our dad. After I said that, the rest of the trip remained silent. "Dink", made the elevator meaning that we had come to our stop. "Okay here we are in the hallway" I announced, while the elevator doors opened. Claire rapidly stepped out of the elevator as if she was closterphobic. "Ok your room is here, and I could help you unpack if you like?" "Ummmm, ok and what did dad mean meet him in the pool when were done unpacking?"inquired Claire. "Oh he just wants to know how you want your room designed and he'll hire someone to design it for you". We turned to the left and opened the hickory door inside was nothing more of a bed and a closet. "Ok let's start unpacking" declared Claire. "Oh and when we met dad at the pool wear your bathing suit"

Chapter 4: The room idea

We meet dad and Paulina swimming. Dad was wearing his red Quicksilver trunks and Paulina was wearing her white Victoria Secret bikini. Claire was wearing a regular bathing suit and I was wearing my blue polka dotted juicy couture bikini with a skirt. Claire looked uncertain on what to do. My mind was racing should I let her stand there and do nothing or tell her "come on let's jump in the pool, but dad probly knew what I was thinking and said "Claire your probly sweating righting now, come on I told you to come to the pool for no reason". Claire stood there for a moment then jumped right in. "Splash", the water made ripples which the ripples turned into waves. I ran back and cannonedballed into to the pool. "Hey you almost messed up my makeup" nagged Paulina while shoving her Mac lipstick in my face. "Sorry I'm just having a little fun you know on really hot days. It could get really hot in Florida" I apologized, while gently pushing away the Mac lipstick in my face. "Oh never mind that what design do you want for your room Claire" inferred my dad while swimming laps around the pool. Paulina looked as if she was a lost puppy and begin to follow my dad. Speaking of dogs Pixie came out nowhere and jumped in the pool. "Ohhhh the room idea I want like a Costa Rica Jungle" said Claire while bobbing up and down to the waves to the waves Pixie made. "Wonderful that's more creative than Jojo beach room" said Paulina. I just rolled my eyes, I knew Paulina didn't like me at all. Once when I was going downstairs to say goodnight to my dad (when he cheated with Paulina) I secretly watched Paulina taking with my dad. "You know your daughter Joan or Jojo as you call her" said Paulina while giving my dad a shot of vodka. "Yes what's wrong with her I mean she's gorges for her age with her brown slickly straight hair, her long legs, and the way she could work an outfit" replied my dad while gulping the last drop of vodka in the cup. "Honey I think you were talking about me not that homely or scrawny girl and I have blonde hair not brown hair". My dad just answered oh sorry .She said more mean stuff about me, and then she even said she wanted me sent to military school. Then my dad said he'll do anything to make her happy. I was just shocked he rather choose his sluttly girlfriend over his last piece of family. "So I'll hire a great intier designer to do your room Claire" declared my dad. I shook my head I was back to reality.


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