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A Step into Happiness Chapters 5 and 6

Book By: Chamorita1010
Literary fiction

this is Jojo 15 b day

Submitted:Jul 14, 2011    Reads: 14    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Chapter 5: Meeting the others

After swimming endless laps in the pool and playing fetch with Pixie, I dried myself with a towel and put on my blue floral fluffy robe. "Aren't you going to take a shower now?"Inquired Claire. "Oh we'll take a shower later, but first let me introduce you to the others before my birthday party "I replied while whipping my feet on the old beaten up rug. I went upstairs to my room while Claire followed me. As I entered my room I scanned it for a yellow button on the wall. It took about 5 minutes or so but at least I found it. "Bink" the yellow button lit up for a few seconds until all of the cooks, maids and butlers arrived. I introduced all of them until I was on the last maid. "Okay this last maid is Cindy very helpful and nice", Cindy smiled and left. I went on my hammock and laid down. Claire walked over and joined my swaying second bed. "So how old are you turning today?"inquired Claire pulling the blanket up to her chin. "Today's my 15th birthday." I replied. "Wow you're almost grown up and ready for college". Claire simply asked more question about me like:

What's your favorite color? :Sky Blue

Do you have any pets besides Pixie? : Nope, just her

What's your favorite show? : Wizards of Waverly Place

What's your favorite nail polish color? : Violet

Favorite dessert? : Easy apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top.

She asked me more questions about me the she said at the end "I'm not annoying or anything?" "Nope I kinda enjoy them. What why are asking if the questions are annoying me?"I replied "Oh ummm" Claire looked uncertain for a moment then said "No it's just that I asked Paulina similar questions like yours. "Then what happened?" I asked. "She said that I was too nosey and that she was the queen of the house and she was the boss of everything". The hammock kept swaying and it remained silent for a few minutes until I broke the silence. "Yeah I really don't like Paulina too, but we better get ready for the party it's almost time you have a bathroom in your room." "Wait a minute what do I wear to the party?" asked Claire while trying to get off the hammock. "Oh you wear dancing clothes if don't have any look for a yellow button in your room and say I need dance clothes and say your size." I instructed while getting my clothes for the party before I take a shower. Claire nodded and left for her room to take a shower. I went to the bathroom and turned the dial to the left and began to take a shower.

Chapter 6: The birthday party

As I descended down the grand stairs a group of people were already down there with dance clothes of all kind. Silk scarves flying in the air, clogging shoes hitting the floor rapidly, and tutus twisting and turning in the air. I saw Paulina and dad dressed in a ballet clothes. I was wearing traditional Moroccan clothes. It was Blue with gold bangles dangling on my arms. "Look it's the birthday girl is here" called out Gina while pointing to me from the kitchen. Everyone cheered. Confetti flew in the air, music boomed loudly from the amps, and everyone was chanting "Happy Birthday Jojo". I was ecstatic; I was shocked on the amount of people who had arrived. Normally it's just a small party with James, Gina and Pixie. I strolled around the room to greet the people. Some were relatives, some were neighbors, and some were dad's co workers. I really didn't know most of them. Since my dad didn't really introduce me to my aunts and uncles. I walked to the sweets that Gina made. I was about to grab the last lemon square until a white hand quickly snatched it away. I looked up to see who the thief was, it was Paulina. "Next time be a little quicker for lemon squares" said Paulina while taking a nibble out of the yellow square. She knew that I envied her, so she went like "Wow very lemony". Then I did something unexpected, I quickly grabbed it and took off the part she bit and shoved it in her face then hid in the kitchen. "What's up" Said Gina while opening the pantry. "Oh hi Gina I just shoved lemon square in Paulina face. So right now I'm hiding from her and don't bake anymore lemon squares." I replied while scanning the room to see if Paulina was I sight. "Paulina really dumb so say you always wanted to shove a pastry in someone's face and says she's special if she asks why" replied Gina. I smiled and walked away.


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