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A Step into Happiness Final Chapters

Book By: Chamorita1010
Literary fiction

This the final chapters

Submitted:Jul 27, 2011    Reads: 10    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter7: The big bling

6 Months later

I woke up to aroma of fresh baked cookies. I smiled, it was Christmas Eve. Pixie woke up from her pink canopy doggie bed. "Want me to make look like an elf or reindeer" I inquired while making my bed. Pixie raised her ears and laid down meaning she wants to ne dressed as an elf. I put the costume on Pixie. The costume had bell on the booties, hat, and on the matching collar "Knock, knock". "Come in" I uttered while fixing the hat on Pixie. Claire entered wearing some antler ears. "Awwwww, Pixie looks so cute in her outfit" said Claire while petting Pixie. "Merry Christmas sis" I said while hugging Claire. Pixie walked around us as if she was herding us then she scratched at the door. "What does she need?" inquired Claire. "Oh she just wants to go downstairs to show off her outfit" I replied while opening the door for Pixie. Pixie sprinted out the door as fast as a cheetah. Claire and I followed Pixie around the house until we get to the big pine tree. We found a bunch of gifts wrapped in multi-colored. "Wow I never had this much gifts" declared Claire while piling the gifts with her name on the tag. "Well Gina and James love you as much they love me" I replied. Dad popped out of nowhere with Paulina. Paulina was wearing mini red skirt with white puffballs in a row at the bottom and something similar at the top. "Ok let's open presents" declared Dad. Claire opened her presents first, then me, lastly dad and Paulina. Claire got a green hammock, Sims 3 video game, and much more. I got a Sims 3 video game too, a pair of fake nerdy glasses, and much more (including a coach bag). "You know Paulina let me present my gift to you" said dad while getting a tiny box out. My heart was racing, I kept thinking to myself "This is not happening, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING, IT'S NOT" but it was. This was like a nightmare, but before I knew it my dad was kneeling and blurting out the words "Will you marry me Paulina?". Paulina cried and nodded. They hugged and kissed each other. Claire must have noticed me acting strange and asked "What's wrong Jojo". I was about to answer until Paulina said "Don't worry about her look at my beautiful ring". "Shut up you worthless piece of slutville"I said confidently. "Excuse me what did you say about my bride" said dad while letting go of Paulina's hand. "You heard me grandpa and you too grandma. Now hear me say this I HATE YOU DAD AND YOU TOO SLUT.". Paulina walked right to me slapped my face. It hurt and left a big red mark on my right check. I still wasn't afraid of Paulina after that slap so I slapped her back on her check. Hard. "How dare you ruin my blush. It's all red now. "Hey she been ignored by you all the time mister cheater!!!" said Claire while walking beside me. I looked at her and mouthed the words "What are you doing?". "Going on your side what else. Duh." She mouthed back while she was clenching her fist. "Oh what do orphan" said dad while rubbing Paulina check. "Attention dumbos and poop heads if you want to settle this let's go to court and settle this situation".

Near the end of the session

"Ok I made decision Claire and Jojo go with all their possessions to foster homes" declared the judge while pounding his mallet down. Paulina's face was covered with black streams from her eyes. Dad was patting her back and was crying too. "Why are you crying dad you never showed that cared or loved me for seven years and karma strike back now you know how I felt" I said while tears stinged in my eyes. "How did I ignore for eight years?" inquired dad. "You know what you did so live it I know you rather live with an idiot girlfriend than your last piece of family I understand "I retorted back. I took one last stair then Claire and I left them hanging.

Chapter 8: Final Chapter

3 Years later

Jojo and Claire are placed in a wonderful home and they have a nice son named Taylor who is gay. They live in a gated neighborhood.

I picked the cardboard box and headed toward my s u v. I settled it down with my luggage and other boxes. "That's the last one" I declared while shutting the door. Mom's eyes (My new mom) began to flood with tears. Before I knew it I was crying too and mom was hugging me. Claire began too, then Taylor then before I knew it the whole family was crying. I began to hug each one of them until I was squeezing Pixie. "Pixie you be good, please be nice to Claire while I'm away at Harvard" I said through sniffles. "Well I guess I gotta now. You know I need to study to become lawyer" I said. "Wait right there dear." said an unknown voice. I turned around and saw a lady with brown eyes, a photo in her hands and a warm smile on her face. "May I help you?" I asked. "Yes you are my daughter Jojo I left you when your eight, your father was a brain surgeon, and I know that you're mad for waiting ten years for me. But all I want is your forgiveness please!!!" mom 1said. I nodded my head and hugged her goodbye. "Broom" made the engine as I started it. "Hello new future and goodbye past. I looked at my street and drove away.



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