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Our Perception is our Reality. When guilt is diminished and devil echos in the heart. That is the time when mind looses it's control and heinous Crime becomes an Art.

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From the gallery of a tiring roof, a beam of light drew me into her brightness. The voices of joy and rapture enthralled my heart and moved me off my senses. As for an environment in which I was caged, they were like melodious harmonies. Something that I hadn't heard before.

I walked towards the gallery to have a glance on what was happening on the main ground of the central jail in, Mathura, where I was locked. As I looked down, I saw something staggering, it was an awe-inspiring visual. The story of a great Indian Epic "Mahabharata" was being narrated and re-enacted by the prisoners, and the authority officials to embark the festival of Janamashtmi.

Those scenes were not ordinary. Everyone from the highest ranked official, to a constable, was present in the torture chamber, to hug, congratulate and celebrate the birthday of the beloved, Shri Krishna. Everyone present on the ground was clapping and chanting the name of the lord. There were laughter and smiles, all over. The pets and their masters---Yes, that is what it was, they were all united and enjoying the moment that was well decorated with artificial lights and music.

For the first time, of my stay in the prison, I saw these crooked, heartless, evil spirited and socially unfit criminals gleefully celebrating any festival; forgetting about their past, without worrying about their future. I was in this human zoo for more than a year, but hadn't seen anything like this before. Prison was a hard place to be in; I will be honest about that, though it was safer than the 'civilized world' outside, but still; yack food, rotten walls, and steel bars, makes you and breaks you into something you are not.

But those scenes of celebrations in the main park were more like a shock, than a surprise. I saw a solidarity emotion among all the beasts and their ring masters, their non-stop cheering and mutual respect for each other triggered a question about that night, what was different ? What was that one thing that brought together these monstrous beasts. I questioned and kept questioning myself, till the time a spark of intellect brightened up the barren Imagination of my mind, suddenly everything was crystal to me, and I had my answer. My friends, that was the first time in my life, I realized the power of GOD. Yes, it was him for who they perfoming and behaving and dancing and laughing. He was the one, from who over powers them and control them. It was a sudden realization, a realization that changed my life, my world. Ever since that thought, my life hasn't been the same.

2. Poorna Janama

Something strange was happening to me, after that night of Janamashtmi. As if something, which was destined for future, was slowly revealing itself in present. For some strange reason, I was inveigled by a thought of 'God', never before in my life, till that point, I had thought about him that seriously, but things were little different now. I had this strong inkling that I had to know more about this incredible phenomenon, which without, any word or work commands such a highest authority. Untill that day, I wasn't aware about, who is was and what he do. I knew, he was super-rich, but apart from that, my understanding about him was pathetically sour. I knew that I had to know more about him, I mean there he had everything that a ordinary person works all his life for. Name, money, fame, power, command, worship. Everything that everyone dreams and desire was with this unseen, unheard being. I knew, if I could understand even half what he was and how he does, what he does. I can pull my life out of this deep, dark hell.

I knew that ordinary understanding was not enough, I wanted to dwell deep into this ocean, to find it's hidden treasures, the only problem that daunted me was that I didn't know how to swim? I mean searching a Holy man, in this Unholy place was difficult. I needed a guide, a teacher who was aware of this rich wisdom, who can tell me everything that I needed to know about God, who can introduce or can certainly show me the path on which I can walk and get blessed with all the power and fame. I thought hard, scanned every face in the prison, dived back in my memory to pull out incidents that can help me zero in my search. Fianlly, after an hour of serious memory excerise, I did spot my Guru - Kantilal.

He was a head chef of the prison and use to serve us the most pathetic food which i have ever tasted in my life, but he was a very popular figure among the fellow prisoners. He was there serving for last 14 years, although his term for imprisonment was over five years ago still he voluntarily opted to stay back and help fellow prisoners, to earn some good 'Karma'. Everyone in the prison from jailor to a hardcore criminal held a very high regard for him. But I was least bothered in knowing about him, all I knew was that he can help me improve my understanding about the powers of God. He was known for his knowledge in relegious Texts, he was the one who organised and planned everything on the eve of Janamshtami, I knew if there was someone in this mad house who can lead me to sanity, it was him and i need to get in close contact of him.

Friends, before i proceed let me open a little secret about 'Politeness', it's a sharp edged sword that can peirce your heart in such a way that you can easily examine and pull out a secret from every bleeding peice. This is the reason why I decided to adopt an extra polite approach, resolute in my will I approached him with a decorated smile on my face. Uptil that moment i was ignorant about my relegion but a strong voice inside me repeatedly assured that my faith was about to be rewarded.


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