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Chapter 1: A Mysterious Gentleman

Book By: KatieGurtis
Literary fiction

Note: this is a very rough copy of a story I am working on. That being said, the book as a whole will tell the story of Ville and Mina. This chapter in particular is the chapter in which they meet at a club. I appreciate any and all comments. Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1: A Mysterious Gentleman
I noticed him as soon as I stepped into the club. He was sitting alone at the bar wearing an old Judas Priest t-shirt. His disheveled brown hair and badass tattoos only added to my attraction. I have a weakness for rebels. However, all these things paled in comparison to his fiery jade eyes. As he caught my eye I felt his gaze pierce through me. Chills ran down my spine.
From across the room, his powerful eyes put me in a trance. I slowly made my way across the crowded dance floor, those hypnotic green eyes never once leaving mine. When I reached the bar I smiled slyly and asked,
"Is this seat taken?"
A delightfully crooked smile spread across his face as he wordlessly offered me the chair.
"I'm Mina," I said, offering him my hand.
Although my voice was steady, my heart was pounding.
"Ville," he said in a velvety accent.
A beautiful name, I thought, exotic but somehow intellectual. I opened my mouth to ask him about his enchanting accent, but the bartender cut me off.
"From that guy over there," he said gesturing vaguely to a Meathead in the corner. Meathead winked at me. Ville snickered.
"You seem to have an admirer," he said deeply amused.
Normally I would have ignored the drink, but it wasn't just a drink. It was a "blow-job" shot. How very clever. Suddenly, a wicked idea popped into my head. Ville didn't miss the evil grin playing at the corners of my lips.
"You know what would be funny?" I asked innocently.
"We should pretend the drink was for you. Then you could down it, and give him a saucy wink. That would probably embarrass him enough to leave us alone."
He raised his eyebrows at me.
"I think you might be trouble Mina," he teased. I was secretly thrilled.
"You really should though, it would be too funny."
"You think I should, do you?"
I nodded.
"Ah, what the hell," he conceded.
He took the nasty shot-glass off the bar and waited for Meathead to look over. When he did, Ville flashed him a smile and gave him a perfect naughty wink. Meathead watched in horror, and then looked away with more embarrassment than I could have hoped for. I couldn't contain myself. Neither could Ville.
When our laughter died down, I caught him staring into my eyes again. I bit my lip and looked down. When I looked-up again he was still watching me. His face was a mix of warmth and intensity.
In the background, I noticed the music changing. One of my favorite songs was starting to play.
Well I know, I could be just another stranger,
But to you, I guess I'm just another fool.
And you swear you like to live your life in danger,
Yet you hide behind a wall of silly rules.
I was the kind of song that makes you feel dangerous, rebellious. Suddenly I wanted nothing other than to dance.
"I looove this song!" I exclaimed.
He looked at me skeptically.
"You like Ozzy Ozbourne?"
"Yeah well…don't judge a book by its cover."
He regarded me again, but I was not in the mood to sit and look at each other.
"Come on," I said grabbing his hand.
He looked torn.
"Fine then," I said dropping it playfully, "Catch me if you can!"
I felt his eyes on my back as I slipped into the throng of dancers. I felt the familiar rhythm fill my bones. Screaming guitar, pumping bass, perfection. But it got even better.
I felt two hands on my waist and looked up to see Ville there. I turned to face him and kept dancing. The atmosphere was electric. I danced eyes closed with him for a while, feeling the music pulse through me.
When the song hit the guitar solo though, I stood on my tiptoes to look him in the eyes. Then I kissed him smack on the mouth. A triumphant smile lit-up my face as I started dancing again.
My eyes quickly snapped open when I felt his cool fingers gently lift my chin. He gently pressed his lips to mine, and his arm snaked around my waist. If he wasn't supporting me I might have fallen.
Instead, I reached my hands to his face and traced the handsome features there. Then I twined my fingers in his unruly hair. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest.
Never breaking the kiss, I felt him slowly lift me off the ground and carry us off the crowded dance floor.
The next thing I felt was my head landing on a plush leather bench, and Ville on top of me. My heart dropped to my stomach.
"Wait," I said around his lips.
His lips moved to my throat. My self control was slipping.
"Stop," I managed.
He sighed.
"Why?" He spoke into the hollow at the base of my neck.
"I'm sorry…I just…not here…I don't mean to be a teas-," he cut off my frenzied apology with a tender kiss. He pulled me into his lap and said,
"It's alright, love. Let me take you home."
His smile didn't quite reach his eyes.
Once we were outside, he told me he would help me call a cab. When he opened the door for me he seemed to change his mind.
"Scoot over," he said.
I scooted, bewildered but ecstatic.
"So I take it your coming home with me?" I asked.
Ville misinterpreted my quietness.
"Don't worry," he said quickly, "I just want to make sure you get home okay."
As if I didn't feel horrible enough already. He was not only insanely gorgeous, but he was a total gentleman as well. I willed the moisture from my eyes.
It was starting to rain. I couldn't help myself. I leaned back onto Ville and he wordlessly wrapped me in his arms. The last thing I remember before falling asleep were his lips cool on my hair.


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