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At The Empire Grille Final Chapter

Book By: meriddle
Literary fiction

A single night's events between close friends at the Empire Grille.

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Final Chapter

Months Later

Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote "That a mind stretched by new horizons can never return to its' previous dimension".

This could be said of Les Habdank. It could also be said of Robbie, Helen and BC, Snaggletooth, Trucker, Buster, Malcolm and anyone else for that matter who was witness to the events at the Empire on that legendary night.

The events of the evening still linger, especially in the mind of Les. He was the only one not seriously crippled by alcohol. This fact alone contributed to the authorities taking a more conservative approach to the handling of the situatation, particularly due to Les and his people skills.

There isn't a day that goes by when he doesn't think of Baron.

In a 'white knight' purchase, Les assumed ownership of the Empire with the promise never to change anything. The only exception was the creation of the E.B.B. Tide Club, an acronym meaning "Empire Book Bashing Club", the word "Tide" added as an afterthought and not having any particular meaning only serving to give the name a bit of creative 'zing'.

Essentially, the E.B.B. Tide Club is a weekly forum held at the Empire for budding writers to ply their craft and be critiqued by ones' peers.

The only other change agreed upon was the addition of hummus, pita bread, brown rice, honey and yogurt to the dinner fare for those who so desired.

Helen and Robbie amicably divorced and were immediately hired by Les assuming their original duties prior to ownership. A now sober BC was also hired to wash dishes, paint, landscape, and repair and as of late wait on tables. He is also a member and contributing writer to the E.B.B. Tide Club sometimes surprising everyone, including Les, with his disturbing and candid honesty when writing of the human condition.

Robbie dates, Helen does not preferring spending her time devoted to acquiring a law degree. Les is always eager assisting her in dissemination of information and enhancing her computer skills.

Buster married one of the waitresses and the two are expecting their first child. Robbie and Helen eagerly accepted the offer of being godparents.

Malcolm was christened the name Baron after he was killed in the jungles of Peru working for the Peace Corps.

He too is still being mourned.

Trucker left and has not been seen for months. After losing his best friend to marriage, Snaggletooth reported seeing him at a local biker bar named 'Louie's Nite Gallery' where the need for friendship is moot and acceptance is based solely on ones' pugilistic abilities.

Snaggletooth and his wife Toni finally afforded a house on the beach and occasionally the two show up tan and genuinely happy.

Les made a home of the Empire, remodeling Robbie's private office into living quarters where he now permanently resides. Recently, while rummaging through personal artifacts he found a picture of himself and the two patchouli scented bear cub women in Northern Iraq taken by their father, the Sultan. He had it enlarged and framed keeping it prominently displayed at the center of the mirrored liquor cabinet.

Rumor has it one night during a weekly meeting of the E.B.B. Tide Club he brought the photograph down and recited passionate poetry to the mute and smiling faces of the two women he left behind. He kissed each one before carefully returning the framed photograph back to its' proper place between the Russian vodka and Scotch, somewhere off the Southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

The End


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