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Becoming My Crush

Book By: olivejuice
Literary fiction

Tags: Crush, Teen

Penelope tries to find out how she developed a crush on her best friend.

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Chapter 1: How does a crush start? Is it the way the person smells, how they make you feel? Are they attractive, funny, or even nice. What draws you in to someone to have such an impact on your life to give you butterflies in your stomach when you think of seeing them again? What makes you blush when your friends talk of you and him? Why does it matter if it just makes you happy?
These questions came to me when I fell head over heels in love with my best friend. My best friend!!! I was not suppose to be attracted to them, I was suppose to confide in them about the person I liked. That's a little hard to do when they are that person. Maybe it was my fault for having my best friend be a boy, or maybe it was their's since they were so attractive. It didn't matter the crush came and I didn't know what to do with it. At first I thought it was just feelings;they would go away right? Wrong!! Those feeling grew into the biggest crush I had had in years. I don't know why they got so out of hand, they just did.
His name was Harrison Stelt. Harrison was a tall, dark curly haired womanizer, he was only a sophomore when he had dated half the freshman class, and a fourth of the seniors. There was no doubt he couldn't get a date. His parents; Cindy Stelt and Robert Stelt lived a wonderful life. They were millionaires since they were 20, his mom was a famous singer at one time, and his father was a successful entrepreneur. Their house was the biggest in the neighborhood, which means it is pretty big when you live in Beverly Hills.
I have never scene the entirety of the house just his room, the living room, and the backyard. They never let guests see the rest of the house. No one knows not even Harrison knows why they won't let guests visit the other rooms. He says that they look like any normal dining room,kitchen, den would look.
Harrison and I have known each other since kinder garden, we were each only other's friends. I was fat and ugly, my brown wavy hair was so thin you could see straight through it. He wasn't ugly it was just the way Harrison acted; he was very into reptiles and would always pick up lizards from the school playground and chase girls around. He tried scaring me once before we knew each other but when he ran up to me with the lizard in hand I just sat there with a blank expression on my face. He thought I was the bravest girl ever and decided he liked me but what he didn't know was that I had eaten a rotten apple and my stomach was twisting and twirling.
That day of kindergarten was the best day I could ask for, we never stopped talking. He needed me just like I needed him. All throughout elementary school we took by each other's sides and talked about random things like what happens when we die, favorite colors, Santa.
By middle school my hair was thickening out and I was developing like any normal girl would. But, Harrison hit puberty hard, by the end of TH grade he was 5'9". Which was very tall for a 11 year old. He became very popular,but he never left me. Even when he had a girlfriend he would always sit with me at lunch. She would eventually get mad at him and claim that he was cheating on her with me. He would always deny, because nothing was going on with him and me. We were just really good friends.
In 8th grade Harrison always had a girlfriend, when he dumped one he immediately got another. I think he may have had a problem. He wasn't much on long term relationships. When he got tired of one he took after another. Once he came over to my house and invited one of his girlfriends over. I was furious, but I didn't say anything because I just wanted company.
Harrison lost his virginity the summer before TH grade, he hosted a party for the begriming of high school and invited everyone he knew. I showed up halfway through the party, I wanted to be fashionably late, but no one cared to notice. I tried to find him throughout all of the party goers.
When I finally gave up I went to his room, I would just wait there until the party was over to see him and tell him I came. When I opened the door he was on the bed with some girl, probably just a random chick he met at the party, his tounge was down her throat and they were naked. I just stood there shocked and embarrased. They must not have heard me come in because they kept going and I just stared. I couldn't help it, I have hormones I am a teenager, its only natural right.
I did leave before they noticed me, and I was forever changed, because after that I became reckless with my own sexual behavoirs. I lost my virginity later on that year and dated the quarter back of the football team. Harrison and I never looked at each other in a romantic way. But that view changed one day in me, it was so random; I just became jealous when he got a new girlfriend and I got upset when he said I was the best FRIEND he has ever had. Why did it change I don't know, but what I do know is I am going to find out, and possibly get a boyfriend in the meantime.


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