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Runaway (Chapter 4 Aunt Roseland's House)

Book By: thatdorkygal
Literary fiction

Tags: 1967, Love, Evil, Good, Drama

In this chapter Jimmy is trying his best to help Ella from afar, and Ella is trying to muster the courage to go back to the house she may never live in again.

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Aunt Roseland's House

Ella slowly walked up Chelsea's driveway. Chelsea opened the door and almost pushed her inside. Chelsea's Dad appeared in the doorway. Ella gulped. I can only imagine what he's got to say to me. Ella thought to herself. But, Chelsea's Dad looked sympathetic. "Listen, Mr. Carey, I'm so sorry that I took your money, and I will pay you backā€¦" Ella started saying.

"Ella, I really don't care about the money. I just wanted to tell you that you can stay here as long as you want." He squeezed her shoulder and strolled back into the living room. "I told you he wouldn't be mad at you." Chelsea said. Ella remained silent. So many thoughts were racing through her mind.

"I can take you back tomorrow if you'd like." Chelsea said. "No, what's the use of seeing my Mother selling my house. I'll go back once I'm eighteen and grab my things." Ella said. "If we go tomorrow, maybe we can talk some sense into her." Chelsea added, determined to cheer her friend up. Ella looked at her and smiled. "It's alright, Chelsea. I just- I'm just tired." Ella covered up her sadness.

Meanwhile, in Elora, Sheila Maclain was hard at work. She had sped out of court and into her car, her luggage pre-packed. She drove into the driveway. She smiled to herself. She would spend the night at the house, and get the for sale signs up in the morning. She smiled to herself as she settled down in one of the guest bedrooms.

The next morning, Sheila drove down to the store, where she bought 10 for sale signs. She spent the day strategically placing them around the property. By the afternoon, she was writing signs for the address where the house was for sale. She was smart enough to know that three months was not a long period of time to sell a house, so she had to move fast.

Jimmy sat at his kitchen table thinking to himself. "Excuse me, daydreamer? Are you planning to do any work today?" His Dad asked, leaning against the door frame. "Sorry, I'm coming." Jimmy said. All he could think of was what Judge Phillips said. Go home. He had said it with such emphasis. Suddenly, it hit him. The only way to help is to be here. He thought as he put his empty cereal bowl in the sink. People know me, and trust me.

Jimmy's smile broadened as he stepped outside and into the garage. Judge Phillips couldn't change the law, but he did help, and Jimmy knew who else could help.

Shirley lugged her suitcase into the back of her Mother's car. "Shirley, wait!" Jimmy shouted, still covered in oil from work. "Hey Jimmy, how's it going?" She asked, wiping her forehead. "It's not going the best, actually." He said. Jimmy explained the court case, and what Ella's Mother was planning. Shirley gulped. "I need a little help from a future lawyer." Jimmy said. "Jimmy, I'd love to help, but I'm going to college." She said. "I just have one question."

Ella stared blankly out of the window, watching rain droplets trickle down the window. Chelsea was concerned about her friend, but had to hope that she would get over it. "I'm going to school now, Ella." Ella nodded to her. "I'll see you later." Chelsea left reluctantly. It had been two weeks, and while Ella was trying to look cheery, Chelsea could tell all she was thinking about was her Aunt's house.

Ella got up from her seat and walked to the telephone. She knew that Shirley was probably on her way to college by now, and Jimmy was at work. She thought about calling anyways, but decided against it. She didn't need any more reason to want to go home. She peeked out of the curtain in the front room. There stood her old house, where her brother and sister were probably taking the opportunity to not go to school.

Jimmy went home to shower. He kept smiling through everything. As long as he didn't go on the property, he could do what he wanted. He marched in front of the long driveway leading up to Ella's house. He set up post there, which consisted of him waiting on the grass. After a few hours, a car pulled up. It was Mrs. Dutch. Jimmy smiled at the familiar face. "Jimmy, what are you doing here? I just came to look at this house it's advertised all over town." Mrs. Dutch explained.

Jimmy walked over to her rolled down car window. He had had quite a few hours to rehearse what he was going to say, and it came out perfectly. He explained to Mrs. Dutch what was happening with the house. When he was done, Mrs. Dutch shook her head. "Well, I won't be a supporter of something like that." She said, "Thank you Jimmy, you're a good kid." She pulled out of the driveway.

Jimmy smiled to himself. Maybe, just maybe this would work out. Jimmy finally went home at 8pm when he knew no one else would come to look at the house. When he went into the house, he bravely went to his Dad. "Dad, I want to take some time off of work." His Father's eyebrows went right up, and he turned towards Jimmy. "It's for a good cause." He said, feeling stupid for even trying.

"You still are trying to save that house?" His Dad said more than asked. Jimmy nodded slowly. His Father smiled. "Go on then." Jimmy wanted to hug him. Leave it to his Dad to be so unpredictable, in a good way this time.

Jimmy spent day after day, week after week in front of that house, without Mrs. Maclain finding out. He sat there all day, with nothing but a lunch box and a story to tell. His story appealed to most people, not to mention that everyone in town knew him, and knew he was a trustworthy young man.

One day, Mrs. Maclain pulled out of the long driveway. Her car was so quiet, that Jimmy had no time to hide. So he stood up and looked at her as she angrily got out of the car. "You, you're the one stopping people from coming to see the house." Mrs. Maclain pointed a finger at Jimmy. "Go away! You can't do this, it's illegal, leave!" She hissed at him. "It's not illegal; I'm not on your property. If anything, what you're doing should be illegal."

"Listen up, lover boy. I will sell this house, and you won't stop me." Mrs. Maclain growled and slammed the car door as she got back in her car. She sped back up the driveway and back into the house. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

On November 24th a woman pulled up to the house. Jimmy shivered in his winter coat and got out of his lawn chair. This woman was quite big, and had fancy looking clothes on. He knew right then that she wasn't from there. He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Still, he did the routine speech.

"Why should I care?" The woman pursed her lips. "Well, what this woman is doing is wrong, Ma'am." The woman laughed. "My name is Lila Dolan, and I don't care." She smirked, and sped up the driveway. The worst possible thing to happen had happened. Jimmy knew then, his fool proof plan wasn't so fool proof.

Jimmy went back the next day, just in case, and Mrs. Maclain was sitting in her car, waiting for her. "Hello Jimmy. I've just come to take all of my for sale stickers out." She smiled at him. "Whatever were you hoping for boy?" Mrs. Maclain remarked at Jimmy's solemn face. "Only one side gets a happy ending." She drove off at that, leaving Jimmy standing in the driveway. Jimmy kicked the fence and climbed back into his car. How could he be so stupid to think that a story would somehow touch everyone's hearts?

Ella walked through Chelsea's backyard. It suddenly hit her that only nine days stood between her and her house. The chances were that she would be going to the house only to pick up her things, but she tried to keep her hopes up.

Mrs. Maclain fidgeted at the dining room table. "You can move in in ten days?" She repeated. "At the earliest, and that's pushing it." Sheila Maclain straightened her hat. "The only way I can get you in is in nine days, or you won't get the house." She tried to say calmly. "Well then, I guess I'm not getting the house, am I!?" Lila Dolan huffed and left immediately, her nose up in the air.


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