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Runaway (Chapter 5 Fire Part One)

Book By: thatdorkygal
Literary fiction

Part One of Chapter Five, FIRE. Ella has her house, but it can't be that easy.

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Fire Part One

On December 3rd 1967, Ella Maclain got a taxi to her home. She expected the worst. She smoothed her pink polka dotted dress down as she climbed out of the car. The winter had been so strange that year. It hadn't snowed yet, but it was still cold. Ella shivered in her suede boots as she walked towards the big wooden door. She slowly let herself in. Her Mother was sitting at the dining room table, drinking a cup of coffee. She was dressed in her usual dressy attire. Ella just shut the door behind her, and kept quiet.

Mrs. Maclain finally got up from the table and faced Ella. "You've won, the house is yours." She said quietly. Ella didn't hide her happiness. "Thank goodness." She said. "Well, you can go now." Ella's Mother looked shocked. Ella looked over at her. "What did you think; I would invite you to stay for dinner?" Ella scoffed. Mrs. Maclain grabbed her purse. "You still owe me, She said, you ruined my life when you left." Ella furrowed her brow. "I ruined your life?" She raised her voice.

"Yes, you did!" Mrs. Maclain said. "Get out of my house!" Ella shouted angrily. Mrs. Maclain swung her purse, and as she did, it hit a tall lamp. The lamp tipped over, and smashed near the long living room curtains. Mrs. Maclain gasped as the curtains suddenly set on fire. Ella tried to splash them with water, but it was too late. The curtains were now completely engulfed in flames, and the beautiful wooden floors started to burn. "Call the fire department!" Mrs. Maclain screamed, backing up. "I can't the phones over there!" Ella replied, pointing to the direction of the curtains.

Mrs. Maclain started heading for the door, but Ella ran up the staircase, dragging her suitcase behind her. "Are you crazy? This place is about to go up in flames!" Mrs. Maclain called up to Ella. "Just go, then!" Ella said. Mrs. Maclain thought about staying, or even waiting for her in the car, but she could go to jail for this. She sat in the car, and when she saw the front door starting to burn, she sped away, knowing there was no chance for her daughter now.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was about to climb in his car, when he saw Ella's Mother's car speed by. He thought that she was just mad because she didn't get to sell the house. He smiled and climbed in the car. He started driving to go and congratulate Ella.

Ella noticed the smoke rising up the stairs, and started running. She knew there was no way back. She ran to her room and stuffed as many clothes as possible into her suitcase. She looked at her bedside table, where two pictures sat, one of her Dad, and one of her Aunt Rose. She stuffed them into the suitcase, and zipped it up. Then she realized how much she was coughing. The fire was spreading very fast. Ella ran to her Aunt's room, and looked out of the window.

Her Aunt's window faced the front yard, which stretched all the way down the hill. Ella tried to open the window but it was stuck. The temperature was getting near to boiling. With all of her might, Ella swung her suitcase through the window, and ducked as the glass shattered. She looked outside, and saw the two storey drop. The grass didn't look too comfortable.

She knew that it was either grass or fire, so Ella climbed out of the hole in the window. The pointy glass was all she could hold onto. She hung from the window, screaming as she felt the stabbing pain of glass in both of her hands. She closed her eyes, took in one last breath, and let go.


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