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Runaway (Chapter 5 Fire Part Two)

Book By: thatdorkygal
Literary fiction

second part of three parts to chapter Five of my book Runaway, please read and comment!

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Fire Part Two

As Jimmy approached the house, he realized why Ella's Mother had been speeding. The house was burning bright, with orange flames climbing higher and higher. He thought of going to call the fire department, but knew that the chances were, Ella was still somewhere in there. He raced up the hill and got out of his car. He lost count of how many times he shouted her name.

Black smoke was starting to cloud all around him, and he thought of getting back in the car when he saw a flash of pink. He covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve. Ella was lying in the grass, unconscious. Her hands were bleeding a lot. He knew from the amount of blood on the grass around her that she couldn't afford to lose much more.

Jimmy coughed violently as the smoke around him became more and more dense. He shook Ella's shoulder, continuously repeating her name. Suddenly, a piece of burning wood plummeted to the ground a few metres away from Jimmy. Jimmy coughed again, his lungs filling up with smoke every time he breathed. He picked up Ella, who was as limp as a ragdoll.

Jimmy used all of his strength to start walking towards his car. But he couldn't find it. Finally, he saw his car, dangerously close to the flames. Jimmy carefully placed Ella in the front passenger seat, her head leaning on the window. Jimmy quickly jumped into the other seat, and backed down the driveway. He didn't turn around, because he had no time. He just reversed down.

Jimmy finally stopped as he had another coughing fit. He felt like his lungs were burning. He bent over the steering wheel, and continued coughing. He knew he had to get Ella to the hospital, but he couldn't stop himself from coughing. The smoke had affected him badly. He went through all of the things his Mother had warned him about. She constantly reminded him that he was allergic to nuts, but this wasn't nuts.

Jimmy suddenly remembered the story his Mother had told his Great Aunt that one time. "… And when my little Jimmy was born, he had such weak lungs they thought he wouldn't make it." Weak lungs explained a lot. Jimmy glanced over at Ella. Her hands were still pouring with blood. He also saw her breathing pattern. It was as if, even in her subconscious state, she was having trouble breathing. He knew how much blood she had lost.

Pull it together Jimmy. Get to the hospital. He told himself. The other half of his brain said where are the firefighters? Surely people have seen the fire by now. Jimmy suddenly started to feel light headed. Suddenly, fire trucks and ambulances pulled into the driveway. The fire trucks went right up into the smoke, but the ambulance drivers must have seen Jimmy's car in the fog, because they stopped.

Two men approached the car, and opened both doors. "Are you okay?" One man asked Jimmy. Jimmy suppressed a cough. "I'm fine, help her." Jimmy replied, allowing the man to help him out of the car. The other man was carrying Ella into an ambulance. Jimmy suddenly went into another coughing fit, falling to his knees. "Alright, come with me." The man said, helping Jimmy to stand up. "No, I…" Jimmy tried to protest, but he was already being forced onto a bed. A mask was put on his face, and the last thing he heard before passing out was a conversation between the paramedics. "What's wrong Greg?"

"Quickly, guys, the girl is bleeding out! She's going to die."


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