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She Said Nothing Chapter 1

Book By: whiteroses
Literary fiction

Can she find the happiness she is seeking?
Tell me what you think.
Let me know how you want the story to continue, I'm kind of new at this :P

Submitted:May 23, 2011    Reads: 75    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Samantha as she woke up from one of her old nightmares. It was nothing special; just the feeling of impending doom, no biggie. She struggled to free herself from the tangle that is her bed sheet. She stood up, feeling exhausted from the fight she had. Always fighting in my dreams she thought.

"Why can't I have a NORMAL dream for once?" She yelled at her reflection.

"Because you are not normal" said that obnoxiously insistent voice in her head.

"What do you mean I'm not normal?" thought Samantha.

Great! Now I'm talking to myself, as if I needed that on top of everything else. Samantha went downstairs after she put on that mask she always wears. She thought of the day when she finally takes the mask off, would she still be accepted? Because, the most important thing in high school was to be accepted, isn't it?

The smell of breakfast wafting from the kitchen as she climbs down the stairs makes her stomach grumble, but no, I'm not going to eat, I can't even think about it she tells herself.

"I shouldn't think about my mom's famous pancakes or the cheese omelet waiting for me" she moans. "Maybe if I just have a little---"

No! Snap out of it! If it will make you feel better, go to the fridge and get an apple, you don't need any more fat than you already have. She couldn't believe she almost had a moment of weakness.

"Hun, is that you? I made pancakes; come and eat them before they get too cold" said mom.

"No mom, I'm late for school, don't want to be late and besides, I'm not hungry" Samantha says with a smile she learned to put on whilst talking to dear old mom.

It was very clear that she had a very oblivious mother, or so Samantha thought.

"Sammie, are you sure? But I made them special for today. How about I pack----"

"NO Mom!!!!! I said I didn't want any! Why don't you understand me?" she yelled as she slammed the door of the fridge on her way out the kitchen and out the very expensive looking Victorian home.

Walking towards school, she quickened her pace and finally broke into a run, but found herself tiring easily. It's not fair, she thought wildly. Why can't I run 2 blocks without feeling so tired that breathing would be considered as hard labor? Why am I so fat, with a gorgeous, size 6 mom, who had 3 kids mind you and two brothers with perfectly healthy stamina and metabolism.

She couldn't believe that she snapped like that today. Was it related to the nightmare? Or is it something else? I should call my mom and apologize, yeah that's right, at lunch ill call and say I'm sorry and make up some excuse as to why I was rude today. Yes, that'll work.

She thought of the food at home then made a mental note to punish herself for the thoughts.

As she walked to school, she decided to put her time alone to better use. "Food, humph!" she snorted. She started imagining what her life would be like if she was skinny, would she have more friends? Of course, guys would be lining up to ask her out and she will be more than happy to reject each one of them like they rejected her. Especially that Michael Coleman, who does he think he is waltzing about like he owned the place? To be fair, his dad does own the school, but he doesn't so he has no right to be so pompous and proud, she reflected, no right!


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