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i just wanted to sumbit a book idea of something i may write or for someone else with better literary knowledge than me could write.

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I have been having an idea for a book about to friends who meet in childhood. They become the best of friends while each havin humble beggings and your regular all american childhood. As a kid you dont think the way older adults do. as you see appearence as everything and peer pressure of fitting in. as time goes, one friend has the all american dream of being a jock and getting girls while the other isnt so lucky but still has good intentions and tries his hardest. After highschool, the 2 still socialize and reconcile because of their great childhood past. The jock and ladies man goes on to get married and live the american dream, having kids and making good money, while the other experiences disturbances of his mind of being mentally ill and living out years of being checked in and out of mental homes, trying different meds that dont work and losing contact with others. as time goes on (as it starts in present day and ends up in the 2040s), scientist find the cure for mental illness and the boy now turned into man lives the way his friend did and sees all the beauty in the world, while the happpy go lucky highschool jock develops brain cancer as there is no cure and ends up dying, but lives his whole life happy as the other oversomes his illness and lives to a very old age n enjoys the same amount of happiness as his friend but starts later in life.. as the tables have turned for him and he sees the appreciation for life he never saw. hangin out with his buddy while hes suffering from brain cancer they reconnect as they once did as children and its like a miracle to both in a way. each got what they wanted only opposite ends. life is full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns. i just thought this would be a great plot for a book and possibly a movie


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