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Rough description for a pending novel (untitled)

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, I just want some opinions on this plot/storyline it\'s rough so just bare with me if you can :) Please be honest with me because if you guys like it this will become a novel.


for untitled work


Lila McBrushe, friendless and fatherless, has been shying around alone for most of her life, all the while battling her disorder (GAD and social phobia) and depression, as if it they were people cursing her life. She later meets a boy (Jess Deamon) who is her complete opposite, (personality wise) and yet he is able to get her to befriend him later. He does not know about her disorders and at first assumes she is just a rude loner, but for uncertain reasons he cannot stay away from her, he is drawn to her, as if they were meant to be, so he steps outside his usual “type of girl box” and follows what his heart is so curious about.... her.

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