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Miscellaneous By: jonpelletier
Literary fiction

Tags: Albert, Walter, And, I, Come, From, Similar, Places, But, Are, Gravely, Different., Each, Of, Us, While, Young, Sat, Idly, In, A, Boat, Traveling, Safely, Over, Grandma’s, Blue, Carpet., The, Waves, Were, Cresting, The, Bow, Matched, Salt, Wind, Our, Hair., Across, Ocean, We, Did, Go, With, Only, Favorite, Wand, As, Paddle., There, Was, Safety, This, Knew, No, Other, World., As, Children, That, If, Told, Older, Folks, How, To, Play, Then, They, Might, Share, Secrets, Universe., It, Quickly, Revealed, Once, One, Finds, Answer, Question, Universe, Had, Enclosed, More, Beyond, It., Eventually, Got, Is, Unanswerable., This, Happened, Me, At, 18, Years, Age., 12., Exact, Nature, Intangible. We, Each, Found, Philosophy, Drink, Such, Nonsense., Needlessly, Would, Wait, Until, Two, Morning, Raise, Voices, An, Argument, Based, Solely, On, Drunken, Vigor., Always, Thought, Discover, Beast., Often, Quick, Make, Sure, Stopped, Asking., He, Said, It, Like, Opening, Wound, Psychosocial., Questioned, His, Reasoning., I’m, Not, Because, Mystic, Qualities, My, Questions, Deemed, Worried, About, Ethereal, Or, Whether, Those, Responsible, Heard, Half-crazed, Suggestions, Breathless, Gasps, Be, Wholly, The, Silence, Could, Have, Been, Response, Actions., Notorious, For, Shrouding, Concerns, Belligerent, Cold, Atmosphere, Difficult, Hear, Words, Let, Alone, Polite, Conversation, Regarding, Absurd, Political, Spiritual, Theories., Either, Way, Certain, Small, Community, Residing, Going, Keep, Blind, Realities, Any, Persuasive, Mistress., That, Why, Drink. I, Concerned, Summerland, British, Columbia, What, Be., We, Bored, Here, She, Drafty, Sweltering, Hot, Land, Brought, Forth, By, Wonder, Haunted, Mystique, Which, Led, Mindless, Wandering, Very, Much, Future, Days, Mind, Heralding., Life, Something, Special., With, Intoxication, Also, Grew, Past, Death., Summerland, She, Form., Intangible, Idea, Comfort, Home, Cement, Masking, Winter, Apathetic, Babysitters, Soviet, Reservations, Settlements, Within, Grounds, Music, Festivals., Those, People, Upheld, Their, Own, Codes, Conduct, Shared, Ethics, Expected, Bring, Wherever, May, These, Aimless, Around, Quiet, Street, Hometown., They, Wanted, Leave, See, World. Summerland, Begged, Her, Take, Up, Heavy, Drinking., First, Boredom, Reaction, Advertisements, Commercialization, Popularity, Parties, Drunkenness., Changed, Developed, Surrounded, By., Whiskey, Acted, Differently, Us., Albert, Muse., To, Him, Lady, Allowed, Love, Sky, Forests., Freed, Soul, Turmoil, Sunk, Spirit, Kind, Frightened, Letter, Written, Big, Curved, Symbols, Looked, Pretty, Amounted, Walter, Still, Believes, Menacing, Dire, Wind., Considers, Out, Dine, Felt, He, Hide, Relationship, Most, Dear, Him., Drunk, Common, Action, Man, Land., Reserve, Seat, Advance., Liquor, Just, Took, Beat, Left, Asleep, Alley., Third, Myself, Long, Ago, Given, Hard, Drink., Didn’t, Settle, Television, Care, Being, Dirt, Somewhere, Forest., Look, Good, Social, Resume. Walter, Quite, Contrary, Sense, Tell, (whether, Born, Not), Nurses, Bottle, Many, Times, Day, Water, Will, Lose, Its, Luster., By, Time, Chance, Child, Seemed, All, Liquids, Lost, Meaning., Laughed, When, Surprised, Water., Base, Coffee, Enough, Sustain, Health., Perversion, Concern., Although, Both, Seen, Stumbling, Down, Held, Afloat, Friend, Doing, Best., Chill, Air, Scared, Persuasion., Creating, Child’s, View, World, Exists, Yet, Not., Cycle, Wrapped, Natural, Procession, Humanity, Steps, Away, Door., In, Case, Wonderful, Tells, Rather, It. The, Shelter, Himself, Light, Comes, Remains, Awake, Father’s, Cries, Festive, Spirits., Can, Break, Even, Strongest, Person., Has, Knows, Little, Else, Endless, Cycles, Alcohol, Broken, Dreams., Yet, Strong., Strength, Cycle., Dreams, Filled, Everything, Wished, Had., For, Some, Reason, Does, Father. It, Alien, Feeling, I., Paused, Moment, Retribution, Try, Notice, Who, Crying, Alleys, Smallest, Cup, Coffee., Admit, Majority., Because, Sheltered, Town, Wondered, Themselves, Return, Same, Stoop, New, Jaundiced, Skin., Concern, Greater, Theories, Their, Perspective, Blurs, Sees, Needed, Food, Provided, Vacations, Spas, Satellites, Waterfalls, Dreamed, Place, Possibly, Fathom, Near, Have., We, Assured, Proper, Amount, Clarity, Luxuries, Become, Available, Sickest, People., And, Live, Lap, Luxury, Birth, Point, Find, Hungry, Unable, Sleep, Need, Cause., Believe, Balanced, Fatalistic, Hope, Experience, Time., My, Old, Friends, Cannot. It, These, Paradoxes, Perhaps, Serve, Balance, Allow, Awakening, Travels., Dripping, Melted, Twice, Worn, Show, Nonsense, Stop, Acting, (what, Horrid, Be), Reflect, Upon, Cannot, Know, Do., As, Citizen, Add, Communal, Paranoia, Suggesting, Silly, Methodically, Major, Media, Interests, Canada., Seems, Involved, Intoxicated, Angry, Article, Must, Think, Country, Than, Intoxicant, Setting, Citizens, Minds, Upright, Procedure, Save, Souls., Posed, Worrisome, Abstract, Fingered, Trying, Them, Out., While, Drifting, Horizon, Sobriety, Miss, Important, Factors, News., Should, Note, Alcoholic, Sponsorship, Preceded, Events. Why, Well-predicted, Vancouver, Riots, Occur, Soon, After, Announcement, Canada, Bombing, Libya, Indefinitely?, Should, Either, Hockey, Game, Caused, Anarchists?, Election, Won, Tough, Crime, Platform, Well, Voter, Disinterest., Serves, Example, Governing, Party, Use, Build, Prisons., Explains, Lack, Interest., Perhaps, Drunker, Population, Easier, Govern, Them., God, Invented, Irish, Ruling, History, Shows, Blame, Laid, Directly, Ancient, Britain., Notwithstanding, Change, Word, Phrase., Eerie, Sentiment. Albert, Men, Simply, Towards, Rhythm, Measure, Minds., Neither, Panic, Nor, Tremble, Hands., Subtle, Difference, Between, Want, Taught, Do, Told., Another, Type, Story, Surely, All, Characters, Touch, Wish, Carefree, Listening, At, Last, Ten, Touch., Sort, Apathy, Feels, Grand., Okay., Best, News, Proving, Interesting, Changing, Better. But, Remain, Closed, Minded, Paranoid, Sober, Now., Now, Belong, Unsure, Where, From., Worries, Does., Along, Sands, Eyes., His, Eyes, Peer, Into, Meaningful, Meaningless, Roped, Tired, Promise., Begin, Answers., Dream, Everyone, Really, Looking, Interests., Someone, Watches, Silent, Hidden, Messages, Control, Meant, Trapped, Jests., Meaninglessly, Drop, Lowest, Detail, Hopefully, Brighten, These, Never, Create, Nothing., Means, Drugging, Crime., Choice., Might, Charade, Important?, Or, Fault, Don’t, Listen, Care?, Part, Animalistic, Reality?, If, Fun, Night, Healthy, Blamed, Ignorance, True, Am, Beast, Looks, Acts., Every, Person, Able, Avoid, Wrath, Ill, Natured, Power, Mad, Bureaucracy, Keeps, Nearly, Million, Made, Law., One, Thankful, That.

A history of writing back to the beginning. Lots of stuff that is on booksie, mostly a blog full of drafts. Worth it for the history.

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