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A short story of my feelings.

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When you're younger, you think that the ocean goes on forever. When you grow up, you realize that it actually does. You learn the statistic that oceans cover about 3/4 of the entire planet. You go back to the beach and look out at the ocean with a new sense of perspective. What you originally just thought, you now know. You comprehend that the ocean is a major part of the world. You think, "The ocean can never run dry."

Sometimes I feel like the ocean. Like I am full of such power and that people marvel at me, amazed at what I am capable of doing. I can be tranquil, allowing my waves to be still for a moment. I can be peaceful, calm, serene. But I can also be a force of nature. I can thrash around, I can literally drown in myself. The skies can become dark and I can become something I dislike.

Sometimes I feel like the ocean. Like I go on for miles and miles and miles. Like there is something bigger in me, something that I'm unaware of. I know I have control over some things, but then there are things beyond my control that may happen.

Sometimes I feel like the ocean. I feel like I can never run dry.

But then people start to interfere. From time to time, they take things. Little by little at first, but then they get greedy. They keep draining me of my parts, until my whole self is compromised. But that does not stop them. I give and I give and I give and they take and they take and they take. They keep draining me. They take until I am empty. I have nothing left to give.

Sometimes I feel like the ocean. But sometimes I can run dry.


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