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children remembered,as they learn by eyes,action to them speaks louder,is up to each parent to be aware so that when they grow rosed a praise and reget and sadness,birthday we all know the meaning.

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by charles mongoe


the way you treat other, body,punishing,abusing.they says, silence speak louder than words.your actions your deeds,clear indicate what you try to say.The way you listen to others,words and attention,participations in discussion,they speak your word without knowing you are saying a thing,is the foundation of the finished work


the preacher speaks the words,his communication towards congregation,those who heard the words surrender themselves by giving they lives to Jesus,they become the believes of the gospel

woman give themselves to a poor somebody,after hearing words of love. a man thing he had in simple words,this word had given me this chance to know all thing, around the world but sitted here, on my chair,the knowledge,power it has,from school,home,society,word you can find it everywhere power of communication is seen after its initiative and hard work,where a person speak and you listen,its a work of wonders,the work of words can change your life.


The good channel to human life and groeth and understanding.well many know nothing of me,as I know nothing of them,equal,i know that you are a human,alive made by God,well that is not enough to know,and tell another person about,is through communication that enable us to know each other.so you start to know me and love or hate me because what I had said to you.You seen the lack of communication ,i seen it too,where I live,some how I get punished without being told where had I done wrong,may be is a mistake I have to learn to fix it,they fail to show me how to do it better,they responds for wrong is a stick,so I have to find out that it is because i'm wrong that I get punished but how can I correct it ,i don't know.

They should had sit down with me and set the record straight.you see my child coming home at this time is wrong,it keep us worried,better come early and tell us what you need to go,and do later

that show that there is a communication break down and I am like for not running away from home.the way like was,i thank God,you see all kids on street in is because of communication break down,it damages famies.


sticks and stones may or can break a person's bones but not heart.

If a person is wrong ,don't fight with stick rather fight with words,words can win,sit down and talk,if a person have ears,there will be a communication between the two,remember you only can punish a body not a heart,to punishs a heart you needs words,from a heart,just talk and tell where should be corrected next time.

As proverds 23:13-14(how to discipline a child and a man.we interprets this verse wrong)other are abused because of this,is a stick bulid family,use verbal not a non-verbal communication, you are a man ,you are not a man by beating your kids or wife,please you mis it just join boxing ,just like BABY JACK MATLA,fight some one like you

i'm not saying don't take charge of your family,be responsible,punish if there is something wrong but fight sit down for that person to know where he wrong and correct if possible,need to be Retiefy .kids are afraid to sit down with they father,talk,may be i'll say something wrong and my father will punishs me.if there is a communication ,i can go to father and say ;father I don this wrong ,sorry and the father know how to responds on that,son you have to be careful when you handle something like this,if not it will break.don't do this again go play son.

Communication break down created many unsolve issures,fears and more problems.les us learn to speak the words,do the talk,we are together because we need eachother,mother,father and that son we are all family

I must respect my parents not to fear them as my boss at work even at work or jell communication is needed.i must fear God not my pastor,father and my mother,how do you like them to trat you treat them the some way,then they will remember and show it back to you some day

communication is asecurity in a man a stability and it brings order and protection and freedom from fear.think about the children may be we can make a better place for all of them ,for me and for you,less not fight but learn to sit down talk


we can build eachother through-planning,good foundatin

by mongoe charles

thinking about all divorse,streetkids

make me write this----------------------------------------------------------------------------------




by mongoe charles

rejoice highly favoured one,the lord is with you:blessed are you among all woman'that is mother

woman meaning -a well organised managers and addmistration nature (luke 1)

you are who look after someone ,in a kind and gentle way.your characteristics are:caring,protecting and kind.

You are a blessed person on earth,your mind,your heart prove who you are on us.the way you are soft and simple is your defination ,it explain who you are how you came on that state living with that man,on that family.that is not mistake,you rise your hand one day and said ; "even is tough I will trust lord" man may be managers and addmistration of nature but with God's purpose you are well organised man.you came after man that God created,as to be a helper that is how you are comparable to man but in you comes strong loving and caring brothers and sisters.on you is c lear to say love is mind,for you are the defination of love.

I seen womans before but amongest all woman comes a mother







being mother is not the number of children that you nurse but passinate love of caring that come ffrom withinis the clue,adless being.when your husband is sick of an sickness that leads even to death,you don't quit on him.you say "it doesn't mather lord,i trust you lord"when childrens get crazy,i trust you lord ,you keep fighting to take care of them and not abandon them.

To forget this all I must be mand or beside myself,we didn't have a lot but our momther keeps us alive fight to bring something mon our stomach.even mother could die now,but her heart we still live on us,we will never forget her,her life is a story to tell and others listen.the day you and me we where sick,remember on that hospital,doctors abandon us.yes coming home to mum ,mum pray for us ,take care of us,even when we fail at school ,struggle to get work,mother did couranges us not to loose hope.she was there to comfort us and streanghtern us

she is truly a angle. Her kindiness will always live on us,so we can tell her great gran childrens.that we had have mother who was a nurse,nurture,pamper,spoil,caregive,cuddler,cherisher,teacher,lover,a keeper and lauguage master that is how we know her.

Mother does not run from trouble but face it even if you she may live with a wrong bull man and abuser as her husband but she try by all means to protect her kids.no one I know can take the part she play on this world of being a mother above all.you don't abandon your kids but you stick with them till help from above come. And say I trust you lord weather it hurt.

As my self the writer charlie mongoe

I say to all womans mothers up there,your greatines had being notice on earth.They

thanks for bringing us on this world

thanks for loving us even if it hurt

thanks for taking care of us ,even when it was painfull in all condition

you did not quit on us because you love us,we did make your life a living heal but you did keep showed love on us. Thanks for watching over us day and night

thanks mum,people may see you difference,calling by names but in us you are a super star.you will all be beautiful in our eyes.you are the hero a goddess in us.

Thank and thanks again for the chance you given us to be amoungs the living today.

Mother you will be praise till the ends of our age.you're the reason we understands that therer is God .we give him gloryy for you in us,you look like a grasshopper to many who hates you but in us you like mount everest.you are all we see around us.how would bd like in this world without you.you are a God's guest on us your importance has being discovered your talents are natural.the reason you came to live with us as a friends and helper.mother you are above all woman I say again.you don't need a man to courage you,you where born with it.your life are a luxuriate in this world.we are proud of you. You are the best,be cause you born of a good loving mother,God's hands and eyes and ears on us.no wonder you are full of compassion,generous,unique you are.you get it from God the giver of all things,yes you are total quite a mother.

All mothers living or dead

you are all recognised

your important to us

your special in our lives

you are what words can't describe.

Mother you teach us to crywhen we are hurt.you shoed how to love and care for others.we will always be a child in your eyes even on thhis ege.i hope for your quote,my quest to live.because of your supplementary streangth,i will never fall

for you are topmost to me

your are topical for my success

your tool to work,work that taugh for you is me now

because of your utmost everyday are mother's day------------------happy mother's day a good one,without any fear. I will forever remember this day as happy mother 's day



By Charles Mongoe



This day it may look number on the calendar

But is a day of your birth,a special one


On this day a mother,woman of courage cry out louder,when you come out her ties roll

down over you, the ties of joy, her generous was identify

Out of lies comes a smile from the heart

Out of smile comes a love,kind from the mind,soul and spirit

luck she did not give up on you ,reason she did loved you-thoou it was painful

The pain she bear and suffered only a woman can tell

Your first cry was a song that she hadn't dance,from a mind

Your hands was holding a man can see but was a gift of love that you have

Iwish you to see yourself all what God given to you on your birthday

That day you wewr beatiful more than down (morning) more than diamond I can say

I have live to remwmber all early days but the memories of you keeps ringing like a

song I love so much how can I forget this day a happy birthday

That brings laughter,all smiles together this day

Happy birthday,lve not to forget this day

And when you remember think about your mom that love she gave

Think of all days you passed till now yesGod loves you

Words can't desscribed,the important of you living today or breathing

Friends give gift but nothing greater a person can give than self to you

It takes me to hink this words,how I see your birth

It is not how much we have,but much we enjoy that makes happiness

Lie is crazy,it changes everyday,so if something doesn't go exactly your way

don't worry everything will be okay

Why me and you haven't born at the time but we all being born at the time

God's way to keep everything from happening at once

Take time and think about yourself it's a walk to remember

Happy birthday,happy birthday

a thousand times

'Train up a child in the way he should go and he is old he not depart from it''(PROVERBS 22:6)


No person want to be seen as bad even to be ignored or perceived flaw-your tends determines what you want to treat you or listen to you st Paul of the Bible,who lives to hates and kill Christians but he changed and became a powerful Christan.

Aperson may do all bad ,kill,steals from others but when change comes,would he change from bad to worse.The only change that I had seen is from bad to good and hates what's was his favorites.That is what we hope believe to see in a man.

Even if others gives praises in doing wrong or bad habits.No one wants to be treated wrong a killer wishes not to be killer but wish to live.Many believe that when you are older and do wrong simple means that when you were young you never experienced wrong,you were aiways agood person.

No way,no one enjoys trying to do wrong;the memory of what you did before will always comes to you. Goodness will always be in your back yes experience is good but not wrong experiences:is giving birth to child without a father a good experience or want to be tried?

Is smoking,stealing and taking girls virginity a good lesson?Look at the memories of that you will regret please.


If in life you had done well,treat others good if you found yourself in a joke that leads to fight or steal.Your conscious comes back.Right before or after that incident,telling that is wrong that is utterly wrong for you to do.

Many try to ignore it people does not want to be told when they do wrong,but when correction comes after wards,you start to regret .''i shouldn't have done this''but you can't reverse now.Just imagine if you have killed aperson or have a baby in a wrong time telling a person you love.i kill and sleep or have sex with many people.But I did this to have experience and know how I can treat you right.But now I have HIV in my experience let start a family.And this my love I did not sleep around but I waited for you for this moment,to tell you how much I love you.

Just analyze it and engage in doing well,don't emulate wrong.Dod gives a second chance,but don't wait,it may not come to you.Do right now,you will not regret I future.Each test left a person with a memory of that thing.

Interpret your life,crucial forrbids others to distorts you in doing wrong treat others the way you like them to treat you.



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