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Is my love just a game?

By: silentgummybears

Page 1, Never play with a girl\'s emotions it might just eat her up inside and make her want to die.


You Said You Loved, You said you needed me, You said I'll always be safe in your arms, but you lied. 
Am I Just a game to you? Do you think this is helping When I Just recently stopped cutting, Your the 
resource of my pain, Your the one who started this, and Im the one who's going to end this. 
I Said I'll take a bullet for you, But I Never realized you'd be the one behind the trigger, You Lied to me
made me feel beautiful only because you felt sorry for me, Im sorry Im not the Idea of perfect because 
There is No Perfection, You made me think I Was Beautiful, But then you Laughed in my face. I Was willing 
to change for you but you weren't for me. Why did you say you love me when you diddn't mean it? 
Saying those things just to spare my feeling's are like stabbing me a million times because they were lies. 
Sick, sick, Lies.....I Want to die Because of you, All this pain and suffering is cause by you, By midnight 
My heart dies were it lies, and my heart lies with you. Do not play with my emotion's because it makes me 
feel like Life is not living, I am Not Beautiful, I Am not perfect, and I am not special.....But that doesn't make 
me a wreck like you, Someone who crave's off the weak, and someone who wants to only cause pain and suffering 
but the funny thing is.... I Never thought that you'd be the one behind the trigger.

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